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It's probably a short story

Animal Jam belongs to WildWorks

The names used in this story besides Alpha names (Emmeline Altava, etc...) belong to Level-5

Chapter One

Animal Jam was a happy place. Full of laughter, kindness, and the occasional scam, was a childrens game. How did it get so...cruel, you ask? Here's the answer:

The creators ran out of money to fund the game. They shut it down, and everything was left behind, But the game had other options for itself. It wanted to stay alive, so it kept running, and the jammer's animals had minds of their own. But so did one cruel jammer.

One jammer believed Animal Jam was closed because the demographic grew to old, and the new kids of the decade liked really cool, action-packed things. So thus, Enva was born. A place where "science could save Animal Jam." Sadly, it did the opposite. The creator of this madness was unknown.

The Alphas were enraged with the science, and that was added to their melting pot of anger. Sir Gilbert had looked into the Enva Lab, and didn't like the results...

"Liza...They kidnap jammers and change them...Morph them...into....disgrace!" He informed her. She nodded grimly.

"Then, all we can do is wage war, and see if they leave...!" She said slowly and angrily. Her temper was all gone from the game shutting down, and she refused to let it stay this way.

"Liza...calm down...please?" Peck asked politely. She had always been the kind, sweet one and was there for everyone through thick and thin. Liza glared at her, and scratched her arm. Angirly, Peck ran outside while bleeding, and Sir Gilbert tagged along behind her.

The camp the Alphas had stayed at was small. There was one big tent Liza was in, at the moment, which was the meeting area full of maps and books and whatnot. There were three smaller tents. One Peck and Liza were sharing, one Greely and Cosmo were sharing, and one Graham and Sir Gilbert were sharing. They all had a set of bunkbeds in them and a wooden, sturdy desk.

Peck saw Greely, Cosmo, and Graham at a fire in the middle of the camp. It wasn't perfectly night yet, but the sun was for sure setting. Greely stared directly at Peck and she shivered. Greely knew how to have such a macabre mood and it creeped her out.

"How is Liza?" Greely asked as the two approached the fire in the tall grass. Peck took a seat while Sir Gilbert stood.

"She isn't taking it well..." Peck trailed off, "She's insane because of this whold shut-down."

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