Sealz888's POV

I got up as usal but something wasn't right. Wikimain street is usally busy, I got up and dressed and then walked outside with my phone ready to play some "Animaljam GO!" as I stepped outside a wild fox apperead but as I went in the battle scene behind it. Imstillalive laying their just dead or playing dead as I thought.... "Nikki this isn't funny" I said while trying to catch a fox "get upppppp..." I groaned but nothing I shoke her franticly I saw Kat2Wind2Archer grab me by the paw

"HEY! WHATS THE BIG IDEA!" I yelped as her navy hair " I was playing Animal GO!"

"Follow me to live" She whispered "and the Animal GO! servers are down"

"at least I got the fox" I said following her

- An hour later grabs tardis and hops in c1ome on!-

Iluvmycat's POV

sitting by the fire... fragment of it crackling not focusing my mind was running else where... soon i was in a trance mira came up to me

"Come dear story writer... i have something to show you" she wispered happily

I follow her mira grab a picture book and showed the end picture a seal, a pug i can't make it out a....? A wolf with horn...? A human..?!?! and a anphermorthic cat...? And a happy looking. Wolf? The sand cleared off Sealz888! Is that her! I thought she was dead.. Lone Was here! Wolfypearl! HAPPY! Kat and my self....? In a desert waste land all sweating? But ovouisly lucky was playing animal GO! What is it with Animal GO!

-end of day dream-

I woke up..... lucky was sitting battling Kat a random wikian screamed PIKACHU kat and lucky raced over and got the pikachu while her kat's fox evolved into a pheniox fox, lone was sitting ona log sharppening her spear and sand lot of sand blew over us

"Uhhhh..... i think theirs a sandstorm" wolfy said

"I just used sandstorm agianst a wind animal it was super affective" lucky replied

" oh yeah well any ideas?" Asked lone wimpering

"Maybe lets go to the wikimain street and enter a building" Said happy

"But their a animStol me must and and if a animal appears can please catch" asked kat

"Fine, Alright follow me" i said

Kat's POV

Dead wikians. DEAD WIKIANS. Everywhere D E A D

"Looks like all theese people had a bad time..." Lucky said with a worried tone in her vocal coards

"I wonder if our rulers dead ya'know Asgore and their are lot of empty streets.... story streets...." lucky said while looking at her streets... Experiment 47 and project zodiac

I smelt something... Cheesecake! FOOD

" I smell food!" I yelled with joy

Lucky ran over faster then she had ran before....

"INFINITY AND TECH!!!!!!!" Lucky screaming

" where!?!?" We all yelled while lucky xomong around a courner infinity a anphermorphic wolf came with her headsets blasting and her lollypop and tech another anphermorphic animal walking holding lucky

"Told you so!" Lucky yelped

Lone's pov

we walked... having the of being followed we insisted its just an animal... but boy we were wrong half way their we stopped for supplises but as we pasted lucky's apperment nikki's body was gone not their anymore we continued walking untill we found a safe house... aka the gun wepon shop the owner runningthe show was dead on the floor lotted of all his items

"Oh look a colt M16 riffle" lucky picked up the gun and grabbed some ammo and tested out at the shooting range behind the back i watcher her carefully then Nikki walked in the shop her dress torn but with the fabrib covering a massive cut

"Hello" nikki said with a nuteral tone in her voice her blue hair waved as the wind lucky walked in with a her colt M16

"This is my wepon" lucky in a passive tone it not like to kill or injure anyone if their threating her of course shes not that type of seal

Chapter Two

Happy's POV

I look in my bag for any type of wepon i couldn't find anything but i did find my homework from 2 years ago. Their was a page for practicing a dangeerous sinario "How to handle a bully." UGH! No hardly bully nor hates on this wiki welp... their one case of a hating and bully sinario. Soundless. Lucky hardly KNEW about soundless. But she did stand up for someone.

-hops in tardis Come on!-

We all left heading of to the unknown. The sandstorm was hard to get though but we made it to the blog post state. Some street which first appearded was Dear diary with a picture of Fancyhorse, another one with the same title but by the same person with different account, one with soon with a picture of sealz (lucky) and one with This is NOT the end by moon. I miss her. We passed empty message walls.... on this land, Shy star and kawaii.

Chapter Three

Iluvmycats2's pov

I walked my paws padding holding my scottish crossbow, Tech A grey hound had her nailed baseball hat, Happy a tazer, Her antlers will do good aswell, Inifinity, A hunting rifle and lone a bag of throwing knives, we outran the sandstorm and the eclispe, Thier was nothing, We each trotted down the dusty path and looked, we look at the sun and moon, making a nice image but blinding, lucky an anthromorphic white cream seal, looked. She knew the most about space... I marvalled on what she yelped cover your eyes!

Ending chapter

After a few months, the sandstorms stopped, animal so and new visitors arrived. This land replenishes with creativity, Some have came and gone. Occosi

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