PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE NOT COPIED OR INTENDED TO COPY (I'm noting this because there's loads of stories called 'the error' or 'glitch' ect.). Other Notes:

  • May be disturbing for under 10s.
  • Creepypasta
  • Not intending to copy any companies (the Animalated Reality stuff)
  • If you are about to read this, please evaluate and criticise =D We'd love to know how we did, or what we can improve on!!!

The Error - Introduction

Now this is just a day in Jamma, not Jamaa. Jamma is the version of Animal Jam designed for a console. What are you talking about? Is what you are probably thinking. Well, Animal Jam designed equipment to create almost an automated reality-style experience. You have a headset, gloves and boots with installed technology. Why? So you can literally play as your animal. You see through the headset lense from your animal's view (alike an Oculus Rift, the headset is seen through the main base.), and use movements to make your animal do humanly things, such as you raising your hand, your animal will raise its paw/hoofclaw, and so on. The bodysuit, despite being expensive, provides unique experience for the gamer. You can actually pretend to fight like a warrior rather than having to narrate out your movements, and anyone just 'powerplaying' to wriggle out of when you pin them down. Anyways, I'm getting nerdy, so let's begin the story.... By the way, people nickname this equipment the 'Animalated Reality' set, despite it can be used for other games.

Animalated Reality - Day one.

Mel screamed, It was here! She stampeded down the long staircase and shredded the package. "Mum! It's here!" She whooped, dashing up to her room and putting on the Animalated Reality set. She impatiently waited for her console and TV to warm up, and connect to play the game. She plugged her keyboard to the console, and typed in her username and password. She logged in. Putting down the keyboard on the carpet, she looked around. "Woah! It's like I'm my fox!" She said aloud. her animal actually said it in her voice, but more high-pitched to cover her identity.

"Hey, Flora!" Grinned her friend Snowflake, a black fox with a white tail and bright magenta pink moons as a pattern. Her top hat swayed gently in the wind, Jamaaliday scarf swishing melodically. "This update is awesome!" Snowflake grinned, her fox beaming, recognising the actual girl's face expressions. "Yeah. I'm gonna go to sarepia forest and see what's up!" Flora smiled. She jogged on the spot, changing directions so her animal bounced to sarepia. Mel happily edited her fox. Dark red fox hat, brown non-member sword, black leaf necklace and leg armour, matching the colours to her fox. She sat near the fire, curled up, and watched. A silver and blue wolf treated an abandoned kit's wounds. A phantom monarch fleeing dramatically, absorbing the attention of the "Nobody understands the ultimate true ultra cool power me! Blah blah blah..." Tactic for sympathy. Suddenly, an arctic wolf yelled out to another arctic wolf.

"You thought you could scam me?" He snarled to the smaller, red and white Arctic.

"I just asked if I could have a donation... I'll give you the username and video proof I got scammed!" The little Arctic wolf wailed pitifully. Everyone stopped roleplaying, and watched. The big, black and forest-green Arctic wolf drew its sword. "Don't say a word..." he spat. "But..." A scream echoed through the forest. What? Flora took a step back, covering her eyes with her small leaf-covered paws. The red arctic's White ruff was drenched in blood, his eyes rolling back into his head, showing the veins. He was rasping, trying to get some air through his nostrils to hopefully keep him alive. His bare legs jerked, his mouth foaming a menacing ivory yellow. The gash on his back showed the bone that cracked along his spine, breaking it. The slash on his throat tore deeply enough to see the flesh blowing in the wind as he struggled to breathe, half of his lower jaw wiped straight off his terrified face. The black and green Arctic wolf stared manically at the nearest animal. The 'phantom queen'. He merely stabbed her with his sword, impaling her, blood gushing from her stomach, forming a maliciously painful pool of her flesh and blood. "Die quickly, it will all end soon!" Snowflake called. She had probably followed Flora, having nothing else to do. The wolf thrashed, jerked, and stopped altogether. Mel took off her set, and tried to clear her mind. "It didn't happen." She said to herself. She put it back on hopefully, expecting a peaceful forest once more but... Her screen was black. She blinked. Flora got up shakily, and limped over to the Medical Center. Dozens of other jammer's had came, too, hoping there was some kind of NPC that could heal their broken avatars. "I can't switch!" Jammer's cried. They made for the door, scrambling over the little shop and scrabbling over each other in a flurry of claws and paws. "Yes! It's open!" Cried Snowflake, she must've been following Flora. Again.

The Seven Symptoms

Flira dodged a snap of teeth that belied to Snowflake. "What are you doing?" Flora squeaked. "he bit the cr lodge help me ra!" She could make out. Flora backed away, and joined the crowd.

"Im hungry. I can feel it in real life!" Moaned a solid black raccoon.

"Me too. But I can life. I got some milkshake hats?" Suggested a brown and blue bunny, pulling out the odd accessories. The jammer's scrambled to devour them like pigs, flora joined in though, just in case. "What?" Mel said aloud. Her screen was black, and red writing appeared- '3 Days Later..." The screen faded, and the jammer's could see again. "God! I'm so hungry I could eat a... A..." Trembled the brown bunny. Just before she could scream out the word, guess what lay dead, amother one feeding on it. A Player! "What are you...?!" Began Snowflake. Flora observed that Snowflake was struggling to focus, her eyes darting this way and that, staggering to stay still. "You okay?" Murmured Flora. "Yeah, I just feel really dizzy and I keep seeing two of everything..." Sighed Snowflake, sitting down. "Sorry about then, I don't know why I keep acting so mad, y'know, the biting and stuff..." Flora nodded in forgivement. She turned back to the carcass. Other jammer's were copying, Tearing at each other, diamond shop gauntlets blazing and stinging, tearing out the smaller animal's organs, arteries and muscles. Their eyes rolling with pleasure at the taste of food, searching for more. "I... I... There's nothing else to eat but..." Whispered Flora to herself fearfully. Her bones jutted out, just skin and bone, no flesh. But she decided not to kill her fellow jammers. The bunnies, koalas and otters were wiped out easily, lynxes just about alive, owls relying on grabbing the ceiling with their bony claws, hoping not to fall to their enivitable, savage death. "One wrong move and the next one dies..." Stated an Arctic wolf. Flora was teamed up with Snowflake who was turning to cannibalism, but didn't dare hurt each other. "Flora, you need to eat something. Here, have a liver, I found it just lying there and I snatched it from the black raccoon!" Snowflake pushed it towards her. It slithered, but Flora had no choice if she wanted to survive. She gingerly nibbled it, and finished the organ in disgust, but yet it was satisfactory. There were so many jammer's killing all the time, but it wasn't ever a rowdy war, it was quit pursuit, a squeal and a swift bite to their necks. Flora hated to watch, but then she remembered. "Everyone! The door is open! Haven't you noticed?!" Calied flora. The jammers laughed and sighed with relief and they scrambled once again to the door. The ceiling shook. Debris and bricks blocked the door, too heavy for even the lions to move. "Nevermind. theres still rabbits left." Grumbled a careless Lynx.

(WIP! Made by KoishiKawaii) Please don't edit this without my permission, please also tell me how well I did so far! Thanks! ^_^

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