The Eww Jammer is a gross jammer, rude and jumping every's tails under of anys jammers.

These have a story of them :


That was in Jamaa, that in beautiful day. In 2014, who started the rude Jammer, named "Daniel," like Jammese. The Eww Jammer started jump to tails of everyone woman's dens. Liza and Greely checking all journals of Jamaa-Town. After these adventure start... "Every! Every QG!" Liza Say. Everyone is crying by a eww jammer! Qg ban the eww jammer and he have the responding peace in Jamaa. But, phantoms have eww disgusting photos nake. "Don't do that!" King Phantom Say. That was a virus ! After the die of Fman122, the eww jammer living in real life, and have the peace forever. And together, Jamaa didn't like that and GOT BANNED FOREVER!


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