The eyes, so hollow..

They're always watching me............ Wherever i go, they follow..

.... ................................... WHY WON'T THEY LEAVE ME BE?!


The War Jester sat at the campfire, along with Mythical and a few other friends.

The War Jester suddenly lynched forward and whispered the words she loves to hear herself: "Wanna hear a story..?" Her tone hinted that she planned this whole thing out, just for a story.

The gang reluctantly agreed, knowing that the War Jester wouldn't scare them that much. Would she?

The war Jester began with a classic starter:

"It was a normal day in AJ. A certain blue and yellow cheetah was prancing about."

Not a bad start, eh? Little did the gang know, The War jester only told true stories.

"There were normal animals all over. It was so peaceful that day. No scammers or gifters in sight."

"The cheetah was surprised at their quiet attitude, so she asked what was happening. They all replied with 'The eyes are there'. The cheetah saw no particular eyes, so she continued about."

"She came across wolves with huge eyes, but that was in the eye selector already, so she didn't worry. But one of the wolves caught her eye. He had light blue eyes, which obviously weren't on the selector. She asked the wolf how he got that color, and he simply replied 'The eyes are there'. The cheetah was getting angry. Why was everybody talking about eyes?! They're normal things and shouldn't be noticed that much!"

"But no matter how hard she tried to ignore the jammers saying 'The eyes', she got curious herself."

"So she walked around a bit before she eventually reached Mt. Shiveer"

"Only a panda was there. He had normal items on with gray and orange decorations. He was shifting around uncomfortably before earning up the courage to say something to the cheetah. The panda leaned in close to the cheetah's ear and whispered 'The Eyes are here, watching you, you intrigue them'."

"The cheetah whirled around to face the panda, as she had many questions, but he was gone. As if he vanished into thin air."

"The cheetah continued on to crystal sands and to her surprise, nobody was there."

"But she knew that couldn't be right. She had the strange feeling somebody- or something was watching her."

"She turned slowly the other way, knowing it would trick whoever was watching her, quickly spun around the other way, and saw what was watching her."

"Two bunnies that both had white with blue decorations were watching her. They were surprised to see that she saw them, so they ran away as quickly as their legs could carry them."

"She then continued on to The Temple Of Zios, and that's where the fun starts."

"She turned around every so often to see if anyone was following her, and to her surprise there were 2 wolves. With wide eyes, but smaller than the ones in the selector."

"They looked as if they were paranoid. But they didn't leave like the others. They both stayed firm in their spots."


"They inched closer to the cheetah, scaring the cheetah a bit."

"Then in a quiet, hushed voice, they asked her these simple words: 'Are you running from them too?' "

"She responded with a slight nod. The creatures then asked a bit louder 'Will you run with us?' "

"She nodded again, unable to speak. They ran all around Jamaa, afraid of "The Eyes' maniacs.

"One day while running, the creatures stuffed the cheetah in a bag. They then leaned in close to the squirming bag and whispered..

You are the most intriguing one so far, weird Creature."

The War Jester said the most horrible words to add to a horror story.

"Based on a true story"

Everyone's eyes shifted curiously from one place to another. They were all paranoid, except for mythical. Mythical just said one word, "Typical".

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