One day, I logged into Animal Jam and went into Aldan, as usual. My membership was close to expire, so I tried to get some nm betas. When I was in Crystal Sands, there was this person yelling out, "TRADE ME IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!" I clicked on the person and the username was, "FatalAJError". The person had 3 achievements, 1 animal which was a bunny. The name was, "Super TheBunny". When I looked at the list, the person had a 2nd Glitched Ring on it. I wasn't interested in the ring. But since the person said, "Trade me if you dare", I traded him a necklace.

He declined very quickly, too quick. Then he disappeared after that. Nothing else happened really. I then shrugged and went back to trading. Then the screen went in static a bit. Not the computer screen, the AJ screen. It then said, "You were out for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!" I thought I was being hacked and quickly clicked on OK. I then logged on and when I got on... I cannot say anymore, I'm dearly sorry. Or else he will get me.

I will only say, beware of FatalAJError, he is out there. Do not trade if he says so. I cannot tell anyone what I saw. He will be very angry.

I'm sorry...

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