NOTE: This story may have deep stuff like attemted sucide and bullying read at our own risk if you are sensitive to theese topics and english may be different to american english, please do NOT change theese.

The daughter of Zios and Mira, Feather, was sent to Jamaa to protect. She was banshed to her own kingdom, she sends jammers who still believe in her to the skies above her to Mira's sky. "Many say she still protect us from dragons and creates new souls, heals corrupted soul, make people fall in love and give them children" Yelped Glider for her school project she was interrupted before she could yelp.

"HAHAHAHA" shouted a arctic wolf mockingly.

"Thats only just a baby's tale!" another yelped.

"Thats an F!" The teacher yelped.


I ran, faster and faster chased after the teacher I ran, back to home I sprinted into my mum's welcoming arms... it feel like she was the goddess the arctic wolf stood on her hind legs. I smiled and she gave a warming smile

"If the school doesn't agree that your believing in a different being its okay. Do you want to move schools?" She asked anxiously while the light colours of her body started move, another condition of the almighty goddess...

"Yes could I please move to another school" I replied

"Sure, I'll put you into the newly built Feather school"She yelped while she looked on the website, I had a glismp of the emblem, A feather with the picture of the Feather Goddess holding a feather, the light lemony creamy tip and the light lime main and the rest plain white

"I better return to school, it was before the lunch bell" I said, She gave me a Paper bag, I opened the bag

"love you!" Mum yelped she hugged me as I hugged her back

I exitted and saw an elderly koloa Possibly Cosmo who had dropped his bag, I raced up and helped him, Their was atleast 20 jammers near by,

"Thank you, You have the trust and blessing of the Feather goddess" He replied

"Thank you have a good rest of day" I replied

"You too!" He said warmingly

As I walked I looked in my bag I saw a feather charm It looked, I put it on and trotted back

_a few minutes later_

I walked into the gates taking the last bite of my sandwhich and finishing my lunch and threw my rubbish in the bin and put the paper bag in my pocket of my white jacket and entered in my room.

"FEATHER DUST! FEATHER DUST! FEATHER DUST!"One student yelped followed by 5,10,15,20 students only to be tackled and by two teachers, one my history and the other the gym both strong animals, One a snow leopard and a wolf. I heard nothing, my visual lost and only hearing.

"Feather dusters are so stupid"

"Ugh, You don't believe in Mira and Zios, die in a hole and burn in hell!"


I wanted to commit sucide knowing that my mother would follow and glide with me

"GLIDE! WE'RE TAKING YOU TO THE OFFICE" My history teacher yelped

I felt nothing, Smelt nothing, sight and hearing lost, my touch gone funny and I lost all sense.