Part 1: How it all started...

(Please note that THIS STORY IS NOT REAL!! I made this for fun, and don't try looking for Juniper because she does not exist. If you do find her, well...I don't know what to tell you!)

Juniper Snowyninja, an artic wolf, decided to buy a polar bear from the diamond shop. It appeared that the game was glitched, and the polar bears had 'wings'. Juniper didn't care, and bought the polar bear anyways, and ended up with a flying polar bear. The bear was a glitch, and it would be the only one of its kind. So after Juniper bought the polar bear with wings, the polar bear glitch was removed from the game.

Juniper is the only one who has a flying polar bear.

Below are the stories of jammers who have spotted this rare sight.

The Flying Bear

Hey there!

My name is Happy Majoreagle.

I am an eagle, yes, and I was hosting an eagle adventure one day.

AN EAGLE ADVENTURE. I figured out it wasn't only for eagles, it was for bears.

Bears? Yeah, BEARS! A polar bear joined mine, so I decided to go ahead and start the adventure.

Me and two other eagles playing the adventure were the only ones to see this sight, and when we saw the polar bear, it had WINGS!

Big angel wings, not small ones. It flapped its wings constantly to keep itself above ground, and actually helped us get a SPIKE!

After the adventure, we never saw the flying bear EVER AGAIN. But we got her name. Juniper Snowyninja.

A Bear With Wings

I saw a bear.

A bear with wings.

I thought it was,

Really boring.

But then the bear walked up to me,

And said, "I am not really boring."

Her name was Juniper, who had big wings.

To see a bear with wings, was such a thing.

But she left soon, and didn't say one thing.

But she left me with some angel wings.

-Crashing Goofyhyena

its a poem btw

A Rare Sight


My name is Crashing Rainymoon.

I was walking around Mt. Shiveer, minding my own business, when I saw a polar bear.

I knew it was one of the new animals around Jamaa, and when I looked closely, I saw that this bear had wings!

"Hello," I typed in, hoping to catch the bear's attention.

"Hi!" the bear typed back, which to me, sounded rather cheerful.

We talked, and she even sent me a gift! It was these yellow angel wings.

After that, she was gone.

Her name was Juniper Snowyninja, and that's all I know.

Juniper The Bearfly!

Flying bear

Hi! I'm Major Thecat!

Here is a picture of Juniper Snowyninja for you!

Juniper is really really nice! I met her ONCE, and I never EVER saw her again.

Hmm, I wonder why! Well, Juniper's a flying bear, or a 'bearfly'. She's the only one of her kind, such a shame, because I wanted to own a bearfly too!

Hmm, where do bearflys live? What do they eat? Do they live in groups? Do they live in dens? Do they migrate?

Please, please, PLEASE! Juniper, tell us what you bearflys do!

From a Jammer's blog.

Part 2: Juniper's Return

Juniper has decided to return to Jamaa for a short period of time, hopefully for the Jamaalidays!

Many videos have been recorded about her sightings, and some even got her username! (Username will not be shown for security purposes.)

Juniper has been bombarded with Jamagrams, many of them containing items such as rares, and messages saying, 'Juniper PLZ BUDDY ME!!' or 'Plz be my buddy Juniper!!'.

Juniper Snowyninja has agreed to return to Jamaa for her fans. But little does she know that she has a rival until she spots him...

Infinity Rainyrobot the uniwolf.

Uniwolf vs. Bearfly?

Juniper has returned to Jamaa as expected, but in Juniper's absence there has risen a new animal:

a Uniwolf.

Uniwolves are said to be wolves with a permanent unicorn horn item on their head. It is customizable, and has its own tab next to the 'patterns' tab. However, there is known to be less than 50 uniwolves in Jamaa, since during the hours of 11 pm - 1 am Central Time, Arctic Wolves were replaced by Uniwolves in the Diamond Shop and few bought the Uniwolves. Infinity Rainyrobot, one of the uniwolves, has risen to fame in the first few minutes Uniwolves were released. He was the first to buy a uniwolf, and the first uniwolf to appear in Jamaa. He showed off his impressive uniwolf and his unicorn horn. Jammers thought the horn was a 'rare' and was accidentally released on a Sunday. Infinity proved to the jammers that the horn was not a store bought item by putting every clothing item he had on his trade list (Infinity was a new jammer). Just then, Jammers started going wild, and Infinity gained more than 100 fans that day.

Juniper returned shortly after 2 am Central Time, greeted by the sight of a flooded Jamaa Township, everyone crowded around Infinity. Few noticed the famous Bearfly and started typing in caps lock, 'JUNIPER IS BACK!!!' The crowd hurried and went completly out of hand, some on Juniper's side and some on Infinity's side. Both of them engaged in an epic duel, the most epic in all of Jamaa, greater than the Alphas' grapple with the phantoms in the early days of Jamaa.

-from a (well known) Animal Jam Blog.

The Battle

(written from a jammer's point of view. Do not read if you are sensitive to blood, or death.)

I was there when Infinity and Juniper fought.

An epic battle it was, their fans supporting them and attacking the other team.

I was there, in the safety of a bramble bush, just at the edge of the big clearing in the centre of Jamaa Township.

My name is Little Spiritivy, and I am a bunny, if that's what you prefer to call me. I was a survivor.

The animals didn't strike out at once, just circled each other, growling and snapping insults at one another. Their teams could only watch wide-eyed at their leaders. I was watching in horror, why couldn't these two just talk it out? But there's only space for one sherrif in town, isn't there?

"You dare invade and take over my place in Jamaa, doggy?" Juniper sneered, her eyes gleaming with hate. She had an advantage over Infinity, since she was larger than the wolf.

Infinity was a bit nervous, I could tell, as he faced the bear, but he managed to stand, growl, and point his horn at Juniper. "I am not trying to invade your place in Jamaa, Juniper. I quickly gained popularity and it's not my fault." His voice shook a bit with fear, and Juniper could detect it quickly.

"Well, doggy. I guess there's only one animal who can watch over Jamaa," she growled and raised one giant, furry, paw with blunt claws at the end, ready to strike. Just as Infinity backed away a bit, she slammed her paw against the uniwolf, sending him flying and smashing against a tree.

Infinity's followers gasped, and so did the others. I gasped as well, watching in pure horror as Juniper slithered silently towards the hurt Infinity, with blood coming out of a gash in his side. She smiled and bared her teeth at him, swiftly striking at his neck to finish the job.


I found myself squeaking as she froze in mid-lunge.

She turned her head to look at me and snarled.

She stalked towards me, and I could feel the blood pounding in my ears.

Just then, Infinity got up, gathered all his strength, and lunged at Juniper, teeth bared, paws outstretched, and landed on her back. He bit down hard on Juniper's neck, injuring her but not killing her, and snarled, "Attack!"

I scurried back under the bramble bush, watching the battle between the two teams, between Uniwolf and Bearfly.

I closed my eyes for most of the battle, not wanting to see all the blood and jammers lying on the ground. I heard Juniper roar and a giant thud on the ground.

I opened my eyes, and stared at what had happened around me.

Jammers, both of the teams, were laying on the ground, some covered in blood, some whose bones were broken. And in the centre of it all was Juniper the bearfly, whose teeth were bared in a snarl, whose arms were outstretched and ready to attack. Blood rushed out of a wound in her neck, and her white fur was smeared with red.

A uniwolf lay next to a tree, and I could notice the weak rise and fall of its body. I rushed over to Infinity, leaping over Jammers and avoiding all the red I could.

I suddenly stopped next to the wolf, his beautiful aqua and tan fur now covered with wounds.

He managed to raise his head weakly, and say,

"Leave me here. This battle was unnecessary. Juniper knew that Jamaa could be shared between the two of us, but her mind was clouded and her only desire was fame. My only desire was to alert Jamaa that uniwolves were in the Diamond Shop, and I gained fame and popularity that I did not need. All these Jammers' lives were wasted in this battle, and only you, I guess, shall survive to tell the tale of this, this battle. But, I'm afraid I don't have much time left..."

He lowered his head on his paws, closed his eyes, and I only saw one last rise and fall of his body before I knew, he was gone.

I looked around me, absorbing what he had said to me. This battle was unnecessary. I agreed that his fame was also unnecessary, only trying to tell Jammers that uniwolves had appeared in the Diamond Shop had only led to instant popularity.

I looked around at the main clearing. The music no longer flowed from the speakers tied in the trees, or installed on the shops. No, instead, the clearing was  silent and drenched in blood. I scurried away, hoping to find help, and hoping to get these Jammers back to their friends and family, if they had any.

I ran straight towards Kimbara, knowing that the Jammers who had survived would remain scarred forever.

The Real Battle

Well, the real battle was this:

Infinity and Juniper slung insults at each other, their fans supporting them as well.

Yeah, I was there watching, I didn't get involved in anything that was happening, just hid behind something there.

I watched intently as they slung insults at each other, and as their fans slowly disappeared, noticing that this insult battle was a pile of cream cheese and they could do better things on Animal Jam.

So in the end, they had no fans supporting them, and Juniper left and said,


and she never got on Animal Jam EVER AGAIN.

So I came out of hiding and went over to infinity, who was laying down in the middle of Jamaa. Luckily, the server had nobody on and we were the only ones on.

He told me this battle was a waste of time, and it was a lot to take in, and he was about to quit animal jam because of this cheese.

So he added me as a buddy, and he logged off animal jam and didn't come back on until one month later.

So I went on another server, one that was full, and went on with my Animal Jam life, y'know, trading, playing, having fun, not participating in insult battles, all that stuff.

-After the 'Battle' story, the Jammer adds this at the end of his blog post, to notify his readers that the story he wrote before this post was not real.

What Happened After? (Two months later)

It appears that the famous Bearfly, Juniper Snowyninja, had quit Animal Jam, because in her blog she had posted,

"I am DONE with this little game and people trying to steal my fame. I AM THE ONLY BEARFLY IN JAMAA, and that UNIWOLF is NOTHING like me! Yes, he did defeat me in this little BATTLE of ours, but I promise you, THAT IS NOT THE LAST YOU WILL SEE OF ME!" - Juniper Snowyninja

Infinity Rainyrobot had saved Jamaa from this flying bear and her constant attacks on Jammers, by scamming them, hacking them, and being mean to them, leaving them heartbroken and scarred by her words.

Infinity Rainyrobot is the true hero of Jamaa, sending Juniper into exile, probably not forever, but long enough for Jamaa to be in peace and for jammers to have fun. Infinity disappeared after the battle, jammer Little Spiritivy says, but returned one month later and was greeted by jammers and jamagram spams containing rares and items saying,

'You're our hero,' and 'You're the best!'

Infinity replies to all his fans with gifts and jamagrams and even surprise den visits.

"Juniper started a battle that everyone didn't want or need," Infinity Rainyrobot says. "She's had her eye on fame and popularity for a long time, and with her goal achieved, it was like living in paradise for her. While her fame drained away slowly, she suspected someone had stolen her place while she was gone, and when she came back she had seen me, and picked a fight right then and there, starting the one hour long battle of insults and of hate and of 'attacking', or roleplaying. Just like one of those 'warrior' fights in Sarepia.

"Luckily I had won the battle and 'exiled' her from the game. I was tired and was fed up with her insults and all the stuff that had gone on. Little Spiritivy, a jammer who was on neither side, came up to me, talked to me, and we became buddies. I decided to take a break from Animal Jam for a month and I come back now, and was greeted by so many jammers, including Little, who was happy to see my return."

Jamaa has returned to its peaceful state, and with Infinity 'protecting' Jamaa, what phantom or evil Jammer would dare pick a fight with one of the most epic Jammers in all of Jamaa?

-From the same well known Animal Jam blog.

Epilogue: One Last Note

Jamaa now lives in peace again, and you are one of the Jammers who 'lives' in it.

Jamaa is in your hands, and in everyone else's, and if you don't take good care of it and don't play fair, who else will?

Will you be a scammer like Juniper, or a jammer like Infinity?

Only you can decide what you want to do, or who you want to be.

I wish you the best of luck in Jamaa, and I want to remind you:

This is only a story.

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