I did it.


I glitched into the empty land next to Mt. Shiveer. I have done many hours of practicing, coding, and trying my best not to get yelled at by my parents. The land had no name, but the land was very interesting, it looked like AJ was working on the land.

It was a rich forest, with a huge mountain. There was another side that was blank, completely gray. There was also some kind of shop, it had a name. "Shop_code_890^612=0". Yeah, what a dumb name for a shop.

I decided to go into the shop. There were interesting things there. One of the items was a feather necklace, but it had no name. There was all nature themed clothes, such as leaf tails, multi-colored headresses, and flower crowns with ribbions. I exited out of the shop since it wouldn't let me buy the items.

Suddenly, there was an all jet black wolf with red eyes.

"I see you came to.. the forbidden land.", it said, and it ran into the gray part of the land. "Get out of here!", it yelled.

"Why?", I typed to it, clearly confused.

"You don't know what horrors happen in this... sick land.", it said, then a half-dead Peck came over.

"Silly jammer! Why did you come here??!??", she laughed insanely, and she seemed cuckoo.

"I wanted to see this place!", I replied firmly, I was getting a little freaked out.

"O-oh well! We'll just have to p-p-play a game!!", Peck came over and put my Arctic Wolf on a tight leash. Peck wrapped it around a tree.

"STOP, WOLF, DO SOMETHING!", I yelled, scared.

"I'm playing the game too! It's fun, you'll see!", it laughed, then it threw a knife at me, it hit my wolf's stomach. Blood poured out of it, then making a pool around the creepy looking tree.

"Stop!", I typed, trying to X out, but I couldn't. Peck plunged another knife into my wolf's neck. I screamed.

"Sorry friend, we had to!", they both said, then grabbing the leash and swinging my wolf around, blood was everywhere.

"STOP!!!!", I said, pounding on the computer, crying.

They stuffed my wolf into the claw, and mixing it up with other toys. "You look like tomato soup!", Peck teased, then wrapping it up and it coming out as a claw gift.

"Hey.. you still there?", the wolf plunged his claw into it's eye. I just watched in horror as they stuffed my wolf into a plushie.. which they sold as a plushie in the store. It was called "Awesome Coolstar's wolf"

Boy, I regret ever going there.

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