You know about the Forgotten Desert. You know, the one for eagles and owls only?

Will you allow me to tell this story?

There used to be an adventure for Wolves only. It was called "The Wolf Cavern". I had played it once. It was horrible! I started off in Greely's den, which was a Crystal Palace den.

Outside stood Cosmo and when you clicked on him he asked,

"Will you get me a knife and pistol?"

When you got them both, you would have to go in a cave. There were corpses everywhere. Foxes. Rhinos. Llamas. You name it. Then Liza would appear and chop your animal into a million pieces (literally) and say, "Everyone dies at one time or another, no?" And your screen would go black. 

The Forgotten Desert replaced it due to violence. I tell you, do not ever hack into the Wolf Cavern. Ever. Or you could end up like me.



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