It was September 10th 2012 I was playing animal jam and my mom called me down for supper I came down and ate my supper I went back up but strangely I was not logged back out I shrugged my head and continued playing after I kept playing for a while I was logged out I tried to log back in but I was suspended for 1 hour I waited for 1 hour to go by and logged back in once I logged back in I had 100 jam a grams saying "Here now leave me alone please" I was confused they were all gifts one had a spike one had a headdress and one had a cami i saw a new animal in my change animals it was a bunny except it was blood red I clicked on it and my computer restarted when it got back on a horrifying image of a bunny showed up and a laugh played I went back on to animal jam but the animals were gone there was only my bunny I tried to log on but it kept playing the sound of a scream I finally got on and all the animals were gone I saw a new place in coral canyons it was a building with a logo of a animal head on it I went in and animal jam cut to a cutscene it was pitch black then that bunny that showed up on my computer screen was in there the bunny said "OH JOLLY GOODY YOU CAME JUST IN TIME" My animal looked around with fear there were bodies, heads, and legs the bunny said "Lets play" My animal ran in fear but the bunny grabbed him the bunny said "No you bad arctic wolf" he came to my screen and showed my animal to me I was shocked then the bunny threw him and pressed a button on his controller the walls were closing in I was scared my arctic wolf was scared the bunny said "I am forgotten maybe if everyone noticed me I would not kill them but oh well" my arctic wolf said to me "these are my last words before I die I wanna let you know that you made a good choice on choosing me for your animal" when my arctic wolf died my computer shut off I was crying I heard that word that the bunny said in my head all the time even to today

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