The Forgotten Desert It was 6:30am, I was going to get ready for school, and then it came to me, “Oh! The new updates on Animal Jam!”

I ran to the computer ready to log on. “I hope the new adventure came for the eagles!” I quickly searched ‘Animal Jam’ it loaded and I

clicked the tab. It opened I typed in my information and clicked ‘Play’ I did the daily spin and checked the news, “The time has finally come

Jammers! The new adventure is out! Go to the adventure base camp and check it out! Don’t forget to buy the awesome eagle!” I sighed,

“Just as I expected.” People were freaking out and shouting “I GOT THE EAGLE LOOK AT IT OMG OMG OMG!” I had 14 diamonds and bought the eagle.

I changed the colors and put items on it. “I think I like that look.” I clicked parties and went to the adventure base camp.

No one was there. “Just as normal, no people! They are probably at the portal waiting for people to join.” I clicked my animal to where the portal was, no one was there.

I clicked ‘Host an adventure!’ I clicked play. It started. I collected all the green and yellow. I got the items of the name ‘Die now’ and ‘Try again’ “Seriously?! On a kids game!” I quickly left the adventure. I went to my den noticing there was a

1 sign on my den. I looked around my den. No one was there. I went up to the very top of my den. There was a cut scene. “Well I didn’t

read all of the Jamaa Journal so that must be another update.” It went to my eagle. Liza came out and chopped my eagles head off. I

almost screamed. Blood was splattered all over my screen. “What the heck?! Who would make this an update?” I heard a whisper from the

sound of Liza’s voice “Why did you play the adventure? You should have read the rest.” I typed “There was nothing left!” The Jamaa

journal popped up blood everywhere. I cringed in terror from what I saw the writing was red and the rest of the Jamaa Journal was black

where it was normally beige. There was writing saying “Every animal that enters never comes out.” I had a feeling that someone was

behind me. I ignored it. I wish I didn’t. Everything went black. I woke up in the hospital. My laptop was with me. I tried logging on animal jam

it said “Sorry that password does not match our records. Please try again.” I tried my password again it loaded and went back to the home

page. My jaw dropped. All the shamans/alphas where lying on the ground with blood oozing out of their eye sockets. Liza had a knife to

Grahams neck. I looked away. I am glad I did. I looked back, and there it was. Grahams head lying on the ground. I felt like I was about to

puke. “What the heck?!” I screamed. I clicked login once again. It worked. This time, my animals had no heads. Except for my wolf. She

was bloody. I went to click her so i could change into her. I walked around Jamaa township, to see something horrible! Almost every animal

was hung. But Mira came. Her text said. "Good job spirit. You did good at killing them all!" Mira's eyes turned red and blood was all over her

beautiful feathers. "I am sorry my dear, but your life has to end at some point. Doesn't it?"My animal nodded. I was scared out of my skin!

I heard a faint banging at the window. I didn't want to but I did.

Mira was there. I wanted to cry. I grabbed a knife.

She bursted in. I stabbed her and she cried a eerie cry.

Never trust the eagle adventure. Or you could end up like me...