My name is Emperor MajorEagle. I am a certified eagle explorer.

One day while out on an exploration, I stumbled across this dry, barren desert.

I saw 6 black figures draining the earth, drying oases, planting yellow jewels, hiding purple jewels within rocks, breaking open cacti, and just scattering the green crystals everywhere.

Before I knew what happened, I was knocked out.

I awoke with a dizziness in my head, and in front of me, my own head blood.

I tried to escape, but they tied my wings and feet!

"He's awake," a mysterious deep voice said.

Then I heard the giggling of a small girl.

"He he he.... he will do nicely for an animal for our next adventure..."

"What? What?" was all I could think.

Suddenly it came to me.

The six figures, who I previously thought were my heroes... were the alphas.

You have to stop them no matter what co-

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