This happened in 2016... Day 1: Hey guys.. This is a true story it happened just today..

I logged onto animal jam and created a new account, as I am a creepy pasta fan I created the user.. Decomposed1.

I logged on and decided to go ahead and troll people when, the screen went black and it read “You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!” I was like, what? At the time I was chatting with my friend on Google Hangouts and I showed it to him, I logged back on and it happened again! With the same message..

I logged on again and again..

Then my friend was screaming, he told me to look on google hangouts as I was sharing my screen.

My screen was still black on my computer but on google hangouts my character was at my den, typing out “Hell”..Then the screen cut off to my friend’s face.

I was screaming out bloody murder! I have screenshots of this!

I logged back on, my friend started to scream again.

I saw his screenshare and I was like omg, I was like what?

He replied back with saying my animal jam character changed colour from the spots being red, to black.

I was like OH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK! ANd I was screaming! SCREAMING I TELL YOU!

Then he got a notification of a buddy request in his mail, he looked and he shouted “OH MY GOD” and I saw.. A black wolf on his buddy request from a new jammer with no eyes.

My friend instantly declined the request and deleted it from his mail. Then I went on google hangouts again. The screencast on my friends screen showed my character saying “Never change my name… Again” which you couldn’t type that as a non-member, I checked later. I logged off then logged on again, the name was changed to Jammer0gn5. I hadn’t even gotten reported! Let alone talked to anyone on the account! I checked the status of the account and it said it was okay. You can’t change your username in Animal Jam! Unless the username was inappropriate! But it wasn’t, there weren’t any swears in the username. Then my friends screen blacked out and he left the call. I went offline later…

Day 2:Later the next morning my friend told me he had logged on to his account after I went offline and saw his name greyed out, and his wolf being black with no eyes, his username was gone and his animal name was Awesome Sunnybrave. And to top it off he was in the Untitled Room, he told me it was full of animals, both member and non. All their names were greyed out. Afterwards he said that he was pranking me at the time since he’d seen the password for the account. Then that was when things got creepy. He never planned for the rest of the things that happened, just the logging out for too long. Then when he stopped it continued the logging out. Then the creepy things happened.

Day 3: My friend tried to log on in the morning onto his account. AJ said it didn’t exist, by this point I was getting scared. To be continued

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