A big fat frog rested on his lily pad.

He sat there every day, catching ants and flies to eat.

Then a hawk flew down and grabbed him.

The frog turned into a dragon and burned the hawk.

Then an alligator turned into Optimus Prime and beat the living daylights out of the dragon.

Aliens abducted the alligator as he returned to normal form.

The aliens blew up because they forgot to change the oil in their spaceship.

Hannah Montana appeared underneath the exploded spaceship and got squished.

The world started spinning the opposite direction.

All the months and seasons went in reverse, so it was Christmas again.

The alligator got to meet Santa Claz.

Santa Claz turned into a gorilla and flew away to the moon by propelling himself with farts.

The alligator was sad.

Then a wolf appeared.

They got married.

They had kids.

Wolf alligator hybrid kids.

Then Sweet Bro appeared and put jelly on them.

Sopor slime pies.

The kids went to a different dimension.

They caught a shiny Giratina.

The Giratina was sad because he has no tea.

The kids went to Britain and bought fancy tea.

They gave it to Giratina.

Somebody threw a remote at their TV screen.

This story sucks.

The end,

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