It was a normal day at the Jamaa. I clicked the Activity Board to see some drawings of other users. I found a user named "Victory TheCroc" who posted many drawings including thanksgiving and Halloween. I was amused and I thought I will make more drawings like him. 

I went to the Coral canyons and walked straight into the inside of the Canyon. I clicked the drawing board and started to draw. The first one I drew was Christmas , featuring a snowman, christmas tree and gifts. I logged out then opened again in the another day to see the one I drew , But I didnt see one of my drawings, not even a trace of it. So I tried again. This time, it was a thanksgiving like one of the others. I drew a cornucopia with fruits and veggies in it. I logged out and then opened again , But again, i didnt see it. I tried and tried again, but nothing happened. One day I decided to give up because i am wasting my time on it.

One Saturday morning i logged in again just to play again. I was teleported to Coral Canyons. The Coral Canyons looked gray and white , not rich color like oranges and blue. I thought my computer has gone glitching again , so I ignored it.

I played Best dressed to get some gems to buy some stuff for my den. I was shocked that everything haven't any colors except gray and white. And no one was playing , But It seemed normal. I was given a message , like the best dressed game normally does , but something isnt quite normal. Instead of saying like "Dress like a tree,food , your den etc.", it said "DRESS LIKE A SERIAL KILLER". The text is in blood red and realistic blood dripped in my computer screen. I was shocked so i left the game.

I was teleported back to the Jamaa Town. Like the coral canyons, it has no color except gray and traces of red. The huts look like that it was destroyed by a tornado, but the activity board is the one that is left. I clicked it and I was horrified by the board. The howls are in completely dark red and was dripping realistic blood. Some are saying "HE IS THE ONE WHO DOOMED US ALL" , "HE NEEDS TO BE KILLED" and "HELP US".

The Gallery was also in pitch black, but i saw something in there. I cliked it and it showed some drawings. One of them is that i was dancing near a tree full of hanged jammers and alphas.some said "It is near" in a faint red color. Others was me eating the flesh of my favorite and best cousin, named "jewelrykaye0726" , and strangling her with my star cape. The one that i cant forget the most is my real faced reaveled , and beside me is my hanged jammer, smiling insanely, revealing bloody teeth. All of them wasnt made by me , but it showed my animal name "Sir CleverTiger" in all of them. I logged off and didnt opened for 4 days, enough to forget them.

Dec. 1, 2015

I reopened again. AJ is now nornal. I saw many jammers, traders, Roleplayers, young players and old ones. All of them are in rich color. And finally i saw my christmas drawing. I started playing that game before and now, almost 3 months. But i could remember them. 

-Fieldrylee310 "Sir clevertiger"

(Ps i also forgot. The things in the best dressed  is a bloody red knife, a psycho hat, chainsaw,axe,and a chopped of head. 

Dont be so rude saying my firstly ever made creepypasta story Piece of crap or other bad words, use kind words for example

"Sorry but this is bad. I shall give you 8/10. ")

By Green Creeper, the author

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