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4 Hours of Emotional Music04:00:51

4 Hours of Emotional Music

The Game of Life

by: Rigby Raccoon


It was dark. The single flicker of light from the candle near me shone dimmly. The sound of chains clanging filled the cell. Voices were floating in my head, making my eyes fill with tears.

" Why did you do this, Boss? "

" I trusted you."


" Please.. stop.. please. "

I could remember the fear in her eyes. The agony she felt. I couldn't stand it. This is how it would end: chained up and heartbroken. If only I could just change my actions in the past, none of this would have happened.

" How did it come to this? ", I said to myself, " How...? ".

Chapter 1

My name is Boss. I used to be a member of the Animal Jam Wiki, a peaceful place, or, at least sometimes it was. They had a giant mansion, where they all lived together as a family. When I first joined. I was just the average new user: unknown and lonely. My first week was just wandering, trying to make friends with other users. I was mainly avoided, though. I didn't know why. Was it my name? My personality? Just before I tried to give up, I saw a live chat room, with a total of five users: PuppyGirl1244, NunyaPie, ~Chief~, Ademar Estevez, and Diamonddragon88. That day, I should have just left the mansion, for I didn't know what the future held.

I joined the chatting room, being warmly welcomed with waves and " hello "s. I was shy, and I didn't know what to say. This one user, though, NunyaPie, seemed extra kind. She gave me a private message welcoming me. I wrote a smile face back. I left the private message and stalked the chatroom for a while. There was mainly talk about cookies and random subjects. That moment, I knew this was the wiki for me. My first words in the chat were " That's funny.". I slowly started to fit in, day by day. They taught me how to be random, have fun, and live life to the fullest. It was fun there.

Later that day, NunyaPie gave me another private message. As I remember it, it went something like this:

" Hi again! " Nunya said, grinning ear to ear.

" Hi. " I said, making an awkward smile back.

" So ... you watch Futurama? " Nunya asked, trying to start up the conversation again.

" Yes! It's my favorite show! " I yelled.

" Cool! Do you like Bender? " she said.

" Well, I like Fry more, but yes. " I replied.

The conversation continued for a while, until I had to leave back to my non-existing home. I said goodbye to my first friend on the wiki, and left the manison, feeling thrilled. I have a friend. I thought to myself, smiling, as I walked into the pouring rain.

Chapter 2

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