Reader, the story you are about to behold is one that many don't live to hear. I have gone through countless hours of research to find this information.

Read at your own risk.


The Beginning Of My Awful Story

Professer Irwin is my name. I come from a small town in Missouri to tell you about what evil resides in that awful, horrible, dreadful place. I have defied death all too many times I can count, and I don't know if I'll make it past tonight.

The Girl

Lexi was her name I believe. She was about 10-11 years old, and she owned a small puppy. She was kind to most people, and she was always generous. She enjoyed reading about different types of cultures, and she particularly liked Japan. She loved her parents most of all, but then everything changed.

The fire that killed her parents.

Here is the newspaper article about it from a few years back:

Young Girl's Parents Killed In Devestating House Fire!

Lexi, age 10, was walking home from school when she smelled smoke. She raced back home and was shocked to see her own house up in flames! Firemen and an ambulance were already there. Police reports say... cont. Page 42

Over the next month or so Lexi was sent to her grandparents. They abused her, forbiding her to come out if her room, and neglected her, by not sending her to school.

The only thing Lexi had from her parents were a red Japanese fan, and her now full-grown ginger dog.

The Dog

The dog's name was Sparky. He loved to do normal dog things, like rolling around in dirty stuff, fetching things, and burying bones.

He and Lexi were very close, one of the reasons why Lexi didn't kill him.

Sparky was playful and fun to be around, and he always obeyed orders.

If Lexi told him to sit, he would.

If Lexi told him to lay down, he would.

If Lexi told him to bite someone, he would.

You could say he was part poodle part boxer, but that'd be incorrect. You can just call Sparky a mutt.

The Unofficial Real Beginning

As you all know, Lexi's parents were killed in a fire, she was sent to live with abusive relatives, and she also went insane.

Lexi's madness started the second month she was at her grandparents. She woke up and had a feeling that she wanted -no, needed- to kill someone to make sure that her parents death wasn't just a hoax.

She quickly grabbed a kitchen knife off of the rack after breakfast. She slipped behind her grandmother and POW Lexi slit her throat.

She repeated the same manuvere as she murdered her grandfather.

Lexi murdered fifteen more people after this. Newspapers called her the youngest murderer in history. Researchers say that her dog ate the flesh off of the bones and then buried the bones in the backyard.

The Unofficial Ending Of My Awful Story

I closed my laptop, thankful for getting that weight off my chest. I can now sleep again safely knowing that the story has ended, and my time here is done.

Author's Note

Thank you all for reading, this only took me about an hour to write over the course of two days. It's really bad and short, I know, but Creepypastas really aren't my thing. This was just a test run to see if I could do it. Oh and I needed a place to put this.
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I needed a place to put this beautiful masterpeice.

No hate, just constructive critism please. We're all friends. Oh, and everyone please pray for I'm Still Alive and to hope that she wins her war.

My first creepypasta so... yeah.