(Warning, this creepypasta contains gore. Proceed with caution!)

Chapter 1


Commander Spiritclaw was a greedy jammer. He would scam innocent jammers of their most valuable treasures, like headdresses and spiked collars. Being obsessed with becoming the most rare, he asked some of his friends for how to get more rares than a basic scammer would.

"Commander, how about you do some adventures?" suggested his friend, Prancing Sunnyfox.

Walking away, Commander was deciding whether he should do an adventure or not. He had heard rumors about how many jammers had gotten good betas and rares out of them, but he didn't like doing adventures. Commander thought they were an absolute waste of time, but he wanted the rares.

Chapter 2

Into the Adventure

As he skipped delightfully into the adventure base camp, he spotted that AJHQ had made some changes to the camp. The alphas were standing next the "tutorial" adventure portal. They were just... there. Commander shivered as their cold eyes stared at him.

Animal Jam thing

He shook the feeling off and walked over to an adventure portal. The portal was for the adventure "The Hive". This adventure seemed the most interesting out of all of them. He slowly walked towards the portal and heard a scream. He turned around to see what had happened, but he tripped and fell into the portal.

Chapter 3

The Cave

The blackness faded as Commander woke up from his "passing out". He slowly got up, pain surging through his entire body. Commander wanted to scream, but kept his muzzle shut in order to seem brave.

He looked around this adventure and saw darkness all around. Cold air circled throughout the cave he was in, making Commander shiver.

Suddenly, a dim light appeared in the distance. Commander ran towards it and saw a torch.

"Good, something that will keep me safe," Commander thought.

He walked into the darkness ahead and found what looked to be Cosmo, the koala alpha.

"Hey, Cosmo! What do I do in this adventure?!?" Commander yelled at the small koala.

Cosmo just stood there, not moving a muscle. Commander shuddered. It was kind of creepy. Cosmo was usually lively and outgoing, which was not happening here. Commander carefully walked towards Cosmo. But then, Commander yelped as Cosmo suddenly looked towards him. Commander squinted his eyes to adjust to the darkness again and was horrified at what he saw. Cosmo was mutilated at his right wrist, covered in blood, and smiling.

Chapter 4

The Glitch

Right as Cosmo turned to him, the adventure started to glitch out. The floor started to disappear and the walls started to show random pictures of horrified jammers. Commander was stuck on a piece of floor that didn't disappear and stared in horror as the alphas all started to appear, each covered in blood and mutilated in different parts of their bodies.


Greely slowly started to walk towards Commander, despite the floor being gone. Commander screamed in fear because of the guts hanging out of Greely.

"Hello, Commander. I just wanted to say you've been doing a good job," Greely whispered into Commander's ear. Commander started to back away.

"W-what have I b-b-been doing a good j-job on, Greely? I j-just don't understand," Commander stuttered. He was shaking now.

"Well, Commander, you've been scamming. You want lots of rares and betas, correct?"

"Err... correct, Greely."

"I just wanted to say that-"

Greely had paused, his sprite twitching. Commander backed away a bit more. Then, Greely's sprite started to distort and twist.

"ssjdfy67r764782764572hsyuaye-8=djua," Greely started to blurt out. It was all complete nonsense to Commander. Greely started to walk closer, while Commander was taking steps back.

Suddenly, all the alphas lunged towards Commander. Peck landed on him and dug her claws into his stomach. Commander's face twisted in pain. Peck then tore off the skin on his stomach. Commander was now screaming in pain. The alphas all started to mutilate Commander as his screams filled the entire server.

After this torture, Commander let out one last gasp of air and looked up at Greely. Greely smiled and leaned down to whisper,

"This is why you shouldn't of been a scammer, Commander."

Commander's head fell to the ground, his body now cold from death. The alphas threw Commander's body into the holes that covered the floor. They heard a thump from his body landing in the pile of other bodies and grinned at each other. The adventure server went back to normal and the alphas went back into the shadows. They were waiting for another scammer to join this server, ready to tear them apart.

Animal Jam Greely-0

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