There were some updates during the night. As usual everyone got logged off, but I wasn't. Nope, I was left to frolic around the ghost-towns of Animaljam. Though, I found someone in Jamaa who called himself, Phantom.

Something about this, Phantom was similar but I couldn't place my finger on it. So I shook it off. After we talked I realized Phantom had alot in common, same foods, games. Then I realized it..

Phantom and I had all the same animals. Like staring into a mirror. But I checked his animals out. They were all the same, but on the last one I saw this.

Phantom felt uncomfortable with me looking at his animals so he told me he'd be right back. But when Phantom left his eagle spoke. " Help me fly away " It pleaded. I rubbed my eyes and stared into the screen. No.... This was a glitch. " This is no glitch " It screamed outraged. " Get me out of this misery or I'll do it myself!!!! " It screamed. The last words chilled me to the bone " Or i'll do it myself " In a flash I was gone. Just like that. Staring up at me...

I then realized it. I was in the computer, looking up at the mirror.. Looking up at me, Phantom, The eagle

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 11.02.34 AM

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