Hey guys! Before editing, please ask me on my message wall. Thanks! P.S. This is not a creepypasta and Sparkle and Countess are real, Sparkle is my friend, I am Countess.

We all know the phantoms. "Every phantom is evil!", says the typical Jammer. Not all... I think to myself. This is the story of the good phantom.

A little penguin named Countess Daisyturtle was waddling down the walkways in Jamaa with her best friend Sparkle Glamflower, an arctic wolf. As they were walking, Countess slipped on a patch of phantom goop.

"Eww! This is disgusting!" Countess exclaimed.

Sparkle gave Countess her paw to stand up.

"Are you okay? That's phantom goop!" Sparkle said.

Countess slipped on the goop, struggling to get up. When she got up, Sparkle was face-to-face with a phantom. Countess's eyes opened wide. Sparkle stammered, which caused the phantom to speak.

"I am SO sorry! My goop just slips out sometimes!", the Phantom said delicately.

Sparkle stared at the phantom as if to make a comeback. Sparkle was too nice to do that so she ended up saying "Oh, it's fine! Countess is okay, right?"

Countess adjusted her cheese hat and said "Yes, I am fine." The phantom looked happy, which was odd because phantoms are evil.

"I'm so glad!" Countess didn't want to be rude, but she ended up asking "Why are so nice to us? Aren't you supposed to, like, destroy Jamaa?" Sparkle acted like she heard nothing to avoid hearing the phantom's anger.

The phantom had no expression and said in its gentle, kind voice "When phantoms came to Jamaa, I was just a happy animal. When phantoms came to turn me into one of them, I stayed good somehow. The other phantoms were trying their hardest to make me evil, then they eventually gave up. I've been hiding in Jamaa, but it's always been a problem. I just wish I was an animal again." Sparkle fainted in surprise.

Countess stared over Sparkle and whispered, "We have to save that phantom. Even if it turns evil, we're saving it." Sparkle's jaw dropped down in horror.

Sorry it's short. Comment for a part 2! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!

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