Hey guys! Please enjoy the part 2. This is not a creepypasta. Wanna edit? Private message me (if i'm chatting at the moment) or ask me on my message wall. I'll get back ASAP. Please enjoy!

Sparkle stared at Countess in fear. "No. No. No. No. No. No." Sparkle stuttered. Sparkle took off her spiked collar to breathe. She was so surprised, she almost lost her breath. Countess face-palmed herself. "Oh my God, Sparkle. The phantom is so nice. We'll be able to help her." Sparkle wasn't convinced. "She could've been tricking us! I'm sorry Countess, but I'm just too scared..." Sparkle walked away sadly. Countess was shocked, more than she'd ever been. "I have to catch up with her..." Countess whispered.

Sparkle was hiding behind a tree. "SPARKLE!" Countess boomed. Sparkle looked up, then looked down, as if disgusted. "I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!" Countess shrieked again. Sparkle lifted up her head and kept it there. "What?" she muttered. "IF YOU DON'T HELP ME, JAMAA WILL BE IN DANGER! PLUS, THIS WOULD BE SUCH A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT WE'D BE REWARDED WITH RARES AND BETAS! I'D BE A MEMBER AND WE'D MAKE A GREAT TEAM!!"Sparkle seemed convinced. "What a minute... maybe I should reconsider helping you." Countess beamed. "YASSSS!" Countess grabbed Sparkle's paw and off they went to find the phantom...

Countess waddled over to the Mira statue, Sparkle following. Countess sat down in front of Mira and gazed upon the blue sky. She suddenly heard a scream. Countess turned her head toward Sparkle. Sparkle's head was covered in phantom goop! Hovering near both of the girls was a phantom. Sparkle and Countess thought it was the nice phantom. "Hey, um, are okay from earlier?" Sparkle asked coolly. The phantom became mad. "AM I OKAY? NO, I'M MAD!" The phantom growled in an angry tone. Countess had to say something! "Are you the nice phantom?" Countess inquired, trying to cover up for a scared Sparkle. The phantom looked disapproving. "HECK NO! That goody-two-shoes? She's awful. We've always told her 'Be like us! It's better for you!' But she denies it. One day, she left us. Now she's somewhere in Jamaa. She comes back constantly though." Sparkle and Countess were wondering where and they asked. The phantom said. "In the phantom server, duh!" He didn't realize that that Countess and Sparkle would later go there...

"Here's the place... The portal to the phantom server!" Sparkle said. "Let's go!" Countess squealed. "Are you sure? Are we safe?" Sparkle asked, a bit nervous. "Of course. Our adventure awaits! I'll make sure everything is safe for you." Sparkle smiled, and off they went into the portal.

Part 3? Comment below! I hope you enjoyed! :D

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