On an dark night in Jamaa, a pair of koalas arrived at four graves, A cheetah, A wolf, An eagle, and A raccoon. the text engraved into the tombstones reads "The spirits of Ice, Earth, Air, and Fire: they protect the forest and the land." The first Koala laughed at this. He grabs Mira statue from the wolf's grave. "There no such things as ghosts" as they crept closer to the graveyard with shovels in hand, they laughed the warnings. They didn't notice a pair of green, glowing wyw watching them.

"These graves should be loaded, this is the "Rich Dump". Said the first koala, laughing as he dug the shovel into the grave. the other koala was on look out for the caretaker. He said "Hey Joe, did hear that?" Joe turned at his friend and told him to stop being a coward. Bill then saw said to duck as he spotted something move. Joe dives for cover and sees nothing, and slapped Bill. "Dude you are so paranoid". "ARRROOOOOOOO" Bill jumped.

Joe hands Bill the shovel and stats for him to get digging. Bill gets an icy chill as he grabs the shovel, and starts digging, he dug as Joe stood watch, as Joe watched, he saw a feather on the ground, a green feather. he tossed the feather aside and shrugged. Joe shouted for Bill and but got no response. he went over to where Bill was digging and saw nothing but a red feather, Looked the same as the green feather but red, Joe then Called for Bill and still got silence, the noise he heard was a snarl, like that of an angry puma. Joe looks around trying to locate they sound when a icy chill greets him, he shivers slightly and keep walking, looking for Bill, he calls againd but this time feels an unnatural heat under his paws. He panics and runs as a howl is heard as he ran, he feels vine wrapping around his legs tripping him once, he hits the vines with the shovel, snapping them. Joe then runs for the exit of the graveyard, but he is blown back by a sudden and cold wind.

"Return what you took and leave" said a voice. Joe ran quickly and away from the voice. "I didn't take anything important, just this statue of Mira" Joe ran and to the four graves they saw when they came and engraved in the stones were "Leave now" "Get out" "Return the statue" and "Joe and Bill" Joe's blood ran cold. "Bill and Joe?" what does that mean? Vines wrapped around his body as he was dragged underground, Never ti be seen again. The Mira statue was returned by a fire wisp, the dirt dug up was blown back on to the grave, the gates slammed closed by vines and ice froze the ground over that night. Two lone graves now covered the hill, they read "Joe and Bill"

Nobody dares steal anything from the grave

Earth Wolf
Ice Cheetah
Fire Raccoon

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