The prehistoric battle of Jamaa, wasn't enough. Nothing can quench the Phantom's mischievous thirst.. Nothing I say.. They'll strike again. Thank god, we've got Alphas to protect our lands.. But.. What if they Capture them? Like they did to Greely? What if they captured them all? What would we do without them? That's for the Jamaa inhabitants to decide..

Chapter One: The beginning..

One glorious morning, the sun was at it's beautiful peek. The birds were chattering and the Ladybugs swarmed gently on the flowers. Butterflies flew around, and migrated so an unknown land to get discovered. The den was as warm as a rabbit hole in Summer. The floor was beautifully met by cool-to-the-touch rugs, and on top of those were several tables leading to a Animal Jam Birthday Cake. The cake was in a gold circular plate, and had a '4' on the top with a candle on the left side, burning indefinitely. All was good with Jamaa, and all was good with Acelerate. A dark grey bunny with glowing blue markings across the sides of his body, and on the right eye. His eyes were a hazel brown, and he wore a light blue Ribbon Scarf that dangled every so often while the wind gently pushes warm air around.

Acelerate pushed himself up, and hopped out of his den. He delicately sniffed the air, and took a carrot out of his many patches within his playful garden. He then padded to Jamaa Township. The place of beauty, and grace. Many animals were there, meeting friends, chatting, or just having a great time. Once Ace got near the center. He saw many animals chilling. A Hyena, lying under a bush, hiding him from the basking sun that was carefully pleasant many seconds later. The Hyena, was too tired to get up and got a friendly nudge from a penguin who was carrying a clay bowl with fresh blue water. The hyena thanked him, and drank the water often. There was also two bunnies like him. Though they were both white, one having dark brown spots over his body. They were chatting with eachother as a wolf joined in and soon the same caring penguin. Everything was good with Jamaa Township, and all was good with it's folks.

Chapter Two: The Phantoms..

Acelerate was on the verge of doing an adventure, but at the last second. There was screaming and screeching from a variety of animals, and soon enough. Mischievously laughter from sparking levitating monsters, with one eye and a black slick body. It's tentacles were dripping with dangerous electricity. As it lunged for an animal, but it narrowly dodged in time.

"Guys! Over here! In the Diamond Shop! Quick!" Acelerate wailed so loud, that his throat stung for a few seconds after. Fortunately the animals all heard, and came running to the Diamond Shop. Once they were all inside. Some animals took some items from the benches, are some items were boarded to the doors and windows. While others, were worn by the less experienced animals.

"The only thing the Diamond Shop was ever good for.." Acelerate heard the bunny from before half whisper, half whimper to a panda who was gently hugging her with great compassion. Everyone was scared out of their wits. What would happen to the other animals that were outside, or ever worse. Not in Jamaa Township? Surely the monsters only attacked this part? And not the other places? This thought made Acelerate's eyes water. Those poor animals.. I need to get this group safe, and sound.. I need to.. For the sake of my soul.. Acelerate's wonders were stopped in their tracks, due to a loud eagle's screech.

"The Phantoms are swarming at the door, they'll get in soon.. What will we do?" His words pricked Acelerate's heart like a needle. That's what they're called.. We need a plan.. Wait, I got it!

"Animals! I got great plan! You'll need to listen though!" Ace's words were gentle, and he looked at the big groups of animals scattered around, and carefully picking his words out before he spoke once more.

"If anyone has two Swords, or Bow and Arrows. Give them to the Animals who need them. Same thing for armor. surely Animal Jam HQ won't care if we wore stolen clothing for the sake of our lives? So let's get ready. And stage a full on attack. No animal left behi--" His words turned to mush, as a little Wolf pup, barely able to walk, came up to him and muttered terrifying words in his attentive ears.

Chapter 3: The Plan..

"Eagles, please knock a window out, and lift me out of the Shop. I need to scout outside, before we do anything.. And please, come outside too, and stay in the trees. High ones." As his words were spoken, many animals were horrified, and somehow, the compassionate panda that was tending to the bunny before, was surprisingly calm. The eagles soon broke the window, with a black and grey Legendary Glove that they'd found in the item staches. One eagle lifted Ace carefully by the body, and lifted him up to the window.

"Good luck! By the sake of Mira, be safe!" Acelerate heard a Mother Tiger yowl out before Licking her cub, that was sitting patiently while the licks soothed him. Acelerate grabbed his Black clothing, and a Ninja Mask and put it on, he would need it, sneaking into Jamaa Township. Please let me find her.. His words gripped his fur like a thorn, as he was lowered onto a strong tree he would be able to jump off.

Once he got off the tree, he was simply speechless, the whole town was wrecked! The shops were completely destroyed. Many bodies of past-living animals were lied across the center. And the air stunk of Pollution. He hugged the wall without a sound, and began moving quickly before any phantom saw him. The whole Town was full of them.

Finally, Ace got to Jamaa Furniture shop. And as he predicted, had animals making a ruckus inside; Crying, whimpering, yowling. Ace, bounced on some vines, and trees and soon got to a strange broken window that led to the shop's entrance room, where the animals were held up. As he got in, many animals panicked. Ace soothed them quietly.

"Please! Keep it down.. The phantoms will hear you. I am hear to help.." As ace explained what he was going to do and where his group was. A pair of Gentle pink eyes met his. The female wolf's face was stained with tears.

"Do you have my son? In your Diamond Shop? P-please tell me you d-do..?" Her words brought his doubts to rest. He simply replied Gracefully "Yes, he's there. He was the one that told me you lot were held up here, so I scouted. Which led me here. So here's what's going to happen.." As he explained, an eagle came into view. Thankfully, it was the eagle that lifted Ace before, and as he recognized her, the eagle beckoned the other eagles to her side.

"I'm sure we can help?" One eagle ventured, then the one of the other eagles patiently replied "We know the drill. Ok Animals. Be ready for us to Lift you guys!" As they said that. The female eagle, and the other eagles gently lifted many animals to the Diamond Shop, three by three. Ace was the last one, which made him relieved, that no one was left behind this time. Not this time.. I'll save us all.. His thoughts wondered as the eagle picked him up and brought him to the Fortified Diamond Shop.

Fortunately, we got to see the Mother-Son reunion between the wolves. They lied down together, and his mother licked his fur clean. She caught Ace staring and Gave him a Meaningful thank you glance.

"Animals.. It's time.. We reclaim our Town!" Acelerate shouted, so that all the animals could hear. "The ones old enough to fight, will fight. And defend Jamaa with your lives! Our young must live on!" He shrieked to the audience, as many eyes felt unease, as few stared at their young.

"If something happens to me.. Remember me, as a fighter.. Not a hero" Acelerate heard the mother wolf mutter into the Young pup's ears, but unfortunately everyone heard it as he did as well. As animals were staring, a rhino was ready to stampede the door open, waiting for a Signal.

"To Jamaa!" Acelerate yowled as the door broke it's balance, and feel over the outside way. The animals stampeded out, and caught the phantoms by surprise.

Chapter 4: The fight for what's right..

The bunnies ganged up and whacked the phantoms with furniture like chairs and totem poles. The rhino that broke the door, kept stampeding at random undefended phantoms that no one was fighting, while the wolves and tigers were fighting teeth and claw, as well as Acelerate, the penguins, and koalas poked and jabbed the phantoms with Swords, and arrows.

The eagles all swooped down, and damaged the Phantom's eyes, making them blind. soon enough, most phantoms were destroyed, and motionlessly on the ground, not moving. Then out of no where. The ground began to shake. The soil turned purple and polluted as an earthquake-like rumble was destroying more than the phantoms did.

Once the figures were identified, they were the Phantom King, and Queen.

"Holy mother of Mira! Those things are huge!" Acelerate heard the Rhino shout, as the crowd stared breathlessly. The phantom royals, soon got to the group, and somehow dragged half of it, out to another small group. The phantoms were indescructable.

The bows just bounced off, and the swords didn't do much, while the Talons, teeth, claws and sharp things didn't even leave a scratch, and the Rhino's horn didn't even phaze the Phantom royals!

"We've lost! This is poin--" Ace heard a sudden stop in the mother wolf's voice, as 5 Alphas came into view. Greely, Peck, Liza, Cosmo and Sir. Gilbert!

The phantoms stared in disbelief, and the crowd cheered as the Alphas took their position next to the Animals. Greely's eyes glowed with violence, while he was soon surrounded by a dark aura. Peck taunted the Phantom by poking her tongue out at the phantoms, Gilbert's eyes were filled with fire, as his mouth flooded fire, Liza, kept her hands together in a Pose, and rocks rose from the ground.. And finally, Cosmo's eyes narrowed at the phantoms, as he raised his hands making Strong brambles grow under the phantoms, which stunned them.

"For Jamaa!" Liza yowled as the alphas frenzied into the battle.

"Finally!" Greely, and Sir. Gilbert Taunted while they ran to the phantoms.

Chapter 5: The boss battle.. Who'll win?

Liza, continued raising stones, and leveled onto harder, and bigger stones until he got a boulder and mentally threw it at the phantom, which weakened him, as peck bounced on it's head, while she evaded any and all tentacle strikes. Gilbert, and Greely were busy biting and clawing the Phantom Queen, while Cosmo was holding the brambles in place with his mind.

"Jammers! G-grab Boom S-seeds! Now!' As he said this, Cosmo grew a couple of Boomseed trees, which housed a lot of seeds. Ace signalled them to get the seeds, and Throw them at the Phantoms Royals.

Soon enough, the battle was over. It was over. The phantoms faded, and so did the mini-phantom soldiers. But something was wrong. Acelerate saw the Alphas stare at Cosmo in disbelief. It seemed.. Cosmo was dead.

"He gave us all his power.. To save Jamaa.. He's a true hero.." Liza said as teared streamed down her face, as gilbert touched Cosmo's flank with his nose, and Greely stood where he was. He looked proud as ever, but there was concern and sadness in his eyes, that we couldn't hide. Peck stared at Cosmo's body, eyes rounded, and mouth open fully.

"Cosmo can't be dead.. He can't! He's an alpha! He can't die! Please, Cosmo! Wake up! Please!" Peck kept wailing once she stopped staring. She gently beat his chest with her paws and begged for him to get back to life. Once it was unbearable, Graham, came from the Clothing store, with his paws and tail soaked with crimson red.

"Don't worry, if i got my calculations right.. I can turn him techno.." Graham muttered, as he grabbed Cosmo's body, and stampered to his den.

"You did it Animals, you saved Jamaa. We weren't hear because we were tending to the Phantom Dungeon, we half-destroyed it, before we saw that the Phantom King, and Queen were coming.. We thank you.." Liza said as her head knelled down, and the rest of the Alphas looked at the crowd gratefully.

"Well, Acelerate helped us the most! We led us to the Diamond Shop!" One animal spoke, than another. "He saved us from the Furniture Shop, the Phantoms were going to get us!" Then the whole crowd started on how Ace saved them and brought them to Triumph.

"Well Ace, you deserve this.." As Peck said this miserably, she handed him a medallion, that was pure gold, and had a Rabbit- Peck, Tiger- Gilbert, Panda- Liza, Wolf- Greely, Monkey- Graham and finally.. Koala- Cosmo. The one that saved us all.

May his soul be with Mira, and Zios. And may his spirit live with us all.