THIS IS A CREEPYPASTA MEANT FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE 11 AND UP, IF YOU AREN'T 11 OR UP AND YOU STILL READ THIS I AM SORRY IF YOU ARE SCARED!!!!!! By FrostyChupacabra I am asking a huge favor, Community, finish this story for me please


The Aj Stories Wiki had been getting many new users. A user named Wikisrfun came one day. Wikis was very suspicious having every wiki existing on his list, except for the AJ Stories Wiki. Diamond welcomed him but he just said "I DON'T CARE!" Diamond was a little upset that he was rude like that and ignored him. He then made a story where everybody on the wiki dies and he conquers it. Many people were mad at him telling him to stop but he ignored and made more and more like this. What they did not know was that he was a hacker. He made a new button on the wiki that only he could push. This button allowed him to bring everybody into the website where he could actually kill them. One afternoon he decided to push it. Suddenly everybody transported into the Wiki universe. Now not only was Wikis planning on bringing contributors to the wiki, but he was also bringing made-up monsters to hunt down the contributors. These monsters were very dangerous.


Chupacabra opened his eyes, he found himself in a world very dark. "Where am I," he said. "WHERE YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!" said a strange monster. The monster was about to bite his head off when the beast flew in the air. "You need to be more careful!" said a voice. Chupacabra looked up. "NunyaPie!!" "You saved me!!" "No time to chat, hurry!!" "What is going on Nunya?" asked Chupacabra. "A war." "No fair, I don't join wars!" Chupacabra complained. "Well your in one now!" appeared Diamond. "So what do we do?" asked Chupacabra. "Well, right now we need to make base-camp before your head gets swallowed for reals." said Nunya. They found an abandoned house from the beast Nunya killed and they stayed there.


On the other side of the wiki, there was Cody she was just waking up when she saw something familiar. The Jamaa Derby!! Cody went into there thinking it was safe, for there were many horses being kind. She forgot a very important thing she read in a Creepypasta. Suddenly, a golden jackal appeared. It was covered with bloody wounds in a pack of even more brutally wounded animals. The jackal said, "You thought I was a simple Creepypasta, but you were wrong!" suddenly the animals charged at Cody. She grabbed a horse and started to ride on it. It completely turned it's head around and showed it's face, which revealed a bloody skull. 'AAHH!!!!!!" Cody screamed. Suddenly the head was bit off. Cody looked at what had saved her to find that she was saved by The Ultimate Chimera! "I usually do not save humans but for once, we are on the same team, sadly." Cody jumped on him and flew from the derby. "Thanks for that back that back there" she said. "Just thank me that you are not my lunch or you would have already been digested!" Cody and Chimera laughed.


Rags and Elise walked by a river. Ever since Wiki's devious plan, they had been grouped together looking for other survivors. They still had no sign of survivors, except for their fallen team member, Raven. Rags did not really understand what was going on, though Elise did. They suddenly heard a noise. "AHH!!!!" screamed Rags. Suddenly out of the bushes came a cute bunny. " You soo cute!" Rags told the rabbit. She picked it up. Suddenly, the rabbit became mutated and bit off Elise's hand. "YOU ALWAYS DO THIS!!" Elise screamed. Elise took out her knife and stabbed it. "Oh no!" Rags yelled. "This is excactly why Raven was killed by that cannibal! You are insecure and stupid!" Elise cried in pain. Rags wept. "We have to find something to stop the........ uhhh blood." She said calmer. Rags panicked, she did not know what to do. "UHHHH, THERE'S A HOUSE OVER THERE! LET'S GO THERE!" "Ohhhh.......k" Elise said silently. Rags hurried her into the house. "We need to find something for your hand!" Rags panicked even more. "HERE!" Rags grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around Elise's hand. The blood stopped draining. Elise opened her eyes,"Promise me one thing, you won't forget me." Rags started crying, I I I.......... I won't." Elise didn't reply. Rags buried her body in front of the house and traveled towards another house that had a light, hoping to find survivors.


Rags ran up towards the door. She couldn't wait for a survivor. She burst open and in her face, was a dagger. "Ahhhhh!" she screamed. "Wait, is that you Rags?" asked Chupacabra. "Yes don't kill me though!" Rags told him. "Phew, i'm glad I didn't kill you" He said relieved. "Hey diamond and Nunya, I found Rags!" Chupacabra yelled at his friends. "Just what we needed, another survivor to cook!" Nunya joked."What about my food?!" Chupacabra said. "Your fish tastes bad!" Nunya replied. "Well," Diamond appeared,"I'm sure Rags can cook well, right!" "Uhhhhhh........... I guess?" "Great, now cook something!" "Stop Nunya! she looks tired and spooked enough for the night. Now it's late, it's best that we get to bed to find food tomorrow." "Good night everyone!" Chupacabra said. While they were sleeping, Chimera and Cody were still flying. Cody was growing even more tired and tired and began to drift off to sleep. Suddenly, She fell asleep and fell off Chimera. "CODY!" Chimera screamed. He flew down to get her and also became very tired. Suddenly, he also fell asleep and fell along with Cody. Chimera suddenly woke up. He saw that Cody would fall on sharp jagged rocks near a few houses if he didn't do anything. He thought and thought and he knew what he had to do.Since he was weak from his sudden sleep, he went under Cody, and he fell into the jagged rocks while Cody fell off of him. Cody fell to the floor. She opened her eyes to see she was in a bed.


Cody got out of the bed. She was still hurt from the fall. "Chimera!" she called. Chupacabra came up and brought sausage and eggs. "Good morning Cody!" he said. "Chupacabra?! Where are we?" She asked. "At a monster that tried to kill me's house!" Chupacabra said happily. "Umm, are you ok Chupacabra?" she asked. "Sarcasm" he said. "Oh my head must hurt from that fall."

" WAIT! WHERE IS CHIMERA!?" she yelled. Chuppacabra was silent. Cody started to cry,"No........ It can't be...." The entire group paused for a moment. "H-He..." Chupacabra whispered. Diamond was about to finish her sentence until they heard the quietest laugh. "Shh.." Cody whispered, choking on tears. "Hmm... Are all of you here? I heard... Pain..." The voice laughed. "Everyone is here except Ra-" "Shush it, you idiot!" Diamond hissed as Cody was about to say Rags. She was the most unknown of the group, and often wasn't at their shelter. The group paused for a moment, and realized that Rags could be very useful to bring down Wikisrfun. No one knew who she really was, including Wikisrfun, or his army. But there was two problems, where is Rags, and will she accept the plan?

The voice started coming closer, and closer, until it sounded so close, it was right next to them. "Well, I will give you one more chance to answer..." The voice said, sounding more serious. But the entire group stood their ground, and kept silent. A few moments passed by, and the group became anxious, and obviously wanted to fight off whatever was threatening them. "Hmm, it appears you are all cowards..." The voice sneered. "I DON'T LIKE COWARDS IN MY FOREST!!!!!" The voice screamed, strangling Chupacabra. The entire group stared in horror, knowing they couldn't fight something they can't see. But the voice swallowed Chupacabra, and it's true body was visible.


He was a HUGE white figure wearing a black suit with a red tie, with large muscular arms and hands... The claws on his hands stretched at least 4 feet long, and his teeth were stained with blood, but were 2 feet long, as well. He had pitch-black round eyes, making him seem emotionless. "Are you going to answer me now, or will I have to pick off every single one of you?" The creature snarled. "Well, if you want to be an ass, first let us get to know you, first." An angry voice roared. The group looked around, wondering who said it. They all stood silent when they saw someone with pride, and ready to fight...

It was Kosh Naranek.

The creature narrowed his eyes at Kosh, but it wouldn't dare challenge someone who was nearly as big as him. "Kosh, you're alive?" Cody said, nearly paralyzed. "B-but I saw you in the forest... You were swallowed by a ground dweller!" She cried. "Heh, you think those are scary? Simply saying you had sharp teeth would make them piss themselves!" Cody was still doubtful, but knew he was trying to help. "Well, Slenderman, will you tell us who you are? Because right now, it seems like you are the only coward!" The creature growled at Kosh, but decided to answer. "I am Okronix. You're on MY territory, so you are MY slaves."

The group snarled and laughed, but Okronix wasn't joking. "What makes you think we'll back down when we've come this far?" Diamond snickered. Okronix Grabbed Diamond by the neck, nearly popping her head off. "Is that a challenge I hear?" Okronix snorted. Diamond was trying to answer, but all that came out was gasps of air, and she simply shook her head. "Very well then. Follow me..." Okronix whispered. Chupacabra started to cry as their journey that would save the wiki, was about to fail because they were cowardly. Oh, Rags... Why didn't come you yet?


The group marched through the woods as the new slaves of Okronix. before they reached the castle however Kosh stood his ground. MOVE SLAVE!!! yelled orkonix. No, in fact I would like to shock you in a way never thought possible. Said kosh boldly grabbing the silver fender esquire with metal disks on his back. What is that damn thing!?!? said Orkonix. This is the guitar of Syd Barrett and I would like to summon three things older and more shocking than you with it. Said Kosh. Ha ha ha, and what would those things be? Laughed Orkonix. Just wait, they will come soon. Said Kosh as he tuned the guitar. You will all bow down to me!!!! Stop messing with that thing!! Yelled Orkonix as Kosh finished tuning and began playing something. Far, far, far, far away, way. People heard him say, say. "I will find a way, way. There will come a day, day. Something will be done".  Sung Kosh. The group was confused as they never heard him sing this type of music before, much less play a guitar. Then at last the mighty ship descending on a point of flame, Made contact with the human race at Mildenhall. Sung Kosh as 3 shadows appeared in the background, all of different shapes. There they are Okronix, awaiting my command to destroy you. they are called by the names of The Doctor, Jaga and Shadow! sung Kosh as the three shadows revealed themselves to be The Doctor, Jaga and Shadow. Now my orders to you three, destroy this figure by the name of okronix!! commanded Kosh.


        The group stared in disappointment as all the 3 figures did was simply fade away by the snap of Okronix's finger. "Heheheh... You thought you could be a savior, I see?" Okronix snickered, grabbing Kosh's legs, him dangling upside down. "Well guess what... Everything you bring into this world disappears... Now, if you disobey my orders, it's time you d-"

"Does anyone want a cookie?"

Okronix turned around in confusion, just to roar in suprise as Emerald Pup took a cookie blade and sliced it at Okronix's neck. "Leave my friends alone, you big meany!" She roared, stomping Okronix to the ground, immediately letting go of Kosh. The entire group joined in until all that remained of Okronix was blood, skin, and bones. The group stopped and narrowed their eyes as they heard strange laughing. It was less of an evil or taunting laugh, but more of a happy, amused laugh. They heard something come out the bushes, and noticed a blond headed girl with 2 long pigtails, and a Raggedy Ann dress. She had strawberry red lips, and crystal blue eyes.

Rag Doll had returned.

"Mother of Graystripe, where the hell were you?!" Cody roared. "Duhr, are you clueless? I was picking berries! Did you even listen to me?" Rag Doll replied, trying to stop laughing. "I told you last night I was going out to get food!" Cody facepalmed and growled in fury. "I was SLEEPING." She snarled. "Cody, leave Rags alone!" Chupacabra argued. "We were extremely low on food, and she was looking out for us."

"Ha, then where was she when Oxtronix came? Heh, "Looking out for us""

"I-I was just trying to help..." Rag Doll flustered. "Well, sorry if I wasn't allowed to!"

"You're not allowed to, you always mess up, even murder!" Cody yelled. She immediately held her breath, and her entire face lit up to white instead of read. What the hell were you thinking, Cody? Cody thought to herself, wishing she could take back what she said. Rags new she was refering to when Elise died because of her own mind being off-guard and distracted, as usual. "Well, fine! Go join Elise for all I care!" Rags yelled, crushing the berries she spent 12 hours looking for & picking. She ran back into the forest, her tiny footprints from her black buckled shoes being the only thing that remained. "You idiot!" Diamond yelled. "Rags was our only chance to easily beat Wikisrfun! You don't think, do you!?" The entire group walked back to camp, but Cody just sat on the dirt, kicking the rocks.


Rag Doll ran into the forest, her tears staining the grass she ran through. "Ha, what a jerk!" She roared, accidently tripping on a tree root. She fell on a sharp rock, cutting her knee. "That's how I feel because of YOU, Cody!" She grunted, sitting on a nearby boulder. "They don't care about me..." Rags started whispering, her eyes turning from crystal blue to blood red. "They're traitors... They're ALL traitors..." She argued, her teeth starting to sharpen into razors. "They can stay with filth and endless traveling..." Her dress changed from a cute, Raggedy Ann dress into a long, black wedding dress with a 6-foot long train. "I'll follow me own path..." Her lip-stick turned into a dark-bloodshot red color, and her hair became stiff instead of silky, the elastic bands snapping, releasing all her hair, which, instead of a dirty-blond color turned into endless strands of black. "AND THEN WE'LL SEE WHO WINS!" Rag Doll formed from a cute, cheerful girl into a dark-sided, evil monster.

"I see your trouble..." A low, male voice whispered into Rag Doll's ear. Rags turned around to see Wikisrfun right in front of her.

Wikisrfun was actually very handsome, and Rags immediately fell for him, despite her knowing how evil he was. He had black, split ended hair with many gray highlights, a long, cut dark grey cape, and a ripped wedding suit. "I had the same thing happen to me." He whispered. "H-How do you know what happened?" Rag Doll asked suspiciously. "Right now, you are in my universe. I see everything that happens everywhere." Rag Doll had so many questions, but she was too tired to ask all of them. She simply cried and layed in his arms. "I may seem like a bad guy..." Wikisrfun started. "But I do have feelings." He said as he started smiling. Not a sinister or plotting smile, but an actual delighted smile. "Come with me... I'll take care of you." Rag Doll stopped crying, and she looked into his eyes. "I will." Rags said, excited to finally be wanted.


"I can teleport to my true universe, grab my hand." Wikisrfun said, unknown whether or not Rags would actually come with him. But to his delight, she did, and she was smiling, too. Wiki smiled, too, realising that it wasn't just her own trick, but was actually willing to come. He closed his eyes, and teleported from billions and billions of code to a universe like no other.

It was a HUGE glass dome with white quartz floors, and computers beyond the eye can see. To Rags suprise, many people were there, at least hundreds. And they didn't look like jail walkers or slaves, but instead looked happy and cheerful. "This is my real world.. A world that I think is better." Wikisrfun cheered. A huge crowd gathered around Wikisrfun, confused why he had a dirty, evil looking girl. "Welcome, Wiki Surf Funs!" Wikisrfun yelled. The entire crowed cheered, and immediately grew quiet, wondering what he wanted to say. "This is Rag Doll, the girl we have been searching for. She shall be my assistant!" The crowd clapped, but their eyes showed disappointment and anger. Rag Doll even heard someone murmer,"I've been kissing up to his ass for 10 years, and he chooses HER?" Wikisrfun ordered everyone to stay quiet, and also continued about the daily news, new threats, etc. Rag Doll slipped away to travel around.

She noticed that many of Wikisrfun's creations were also here, but weren't hostile like they were in the forest. Even the bunny that attacked Elise and Rags ran up to her, and nudged her chin, to quickly bounce away to the snack bar. Rag Doll was still in shock by how nice Wikisrfun actually was, and how everyone here was so happy. "I know he's done very sinister things, and that's why they were hunting him down..." Rag Doll started. "...But is it really worth it?" She noticed a large diamond wall with 2 gigantic emerald doors. She pushed one of the doors open, and found 2 thrones, and a 120-inch laptop. One throne was made completely out of diamonds and pearls, and the other one was made of rubies & garnet. "This is where we will spend our days." Wikisrfun said, nearly giving Rag Doll a heart-attack. "I-It's beautiful! Thank you!" Rags cheered. "Haha, yes. It's very delightful, especially when you first discover it. Now, my other assistant Icefern will lead you to the dressing tower, I shall set up our room. 

Rags nodded and ran started following Icefern. Out of everything I did this month, the worst thing I could've done turned out to be the... Right thing?"


 Rags settled into her throne, and started scrolling down MooTube. Wikisrfun quickly noticed, and shut down the laptop. "Umm..." Rags stumbled, obviously confused. "Oh, erm... um... You were, uh...." Wikisrfun struggled to give an accurate answer, but could not tell her the truth. "Umm, hm, erm, you...y-you were on my.... you were on my account, ah, yes!" Rags laughed awkwardly. "Heheh, um, why exactly would it matter?"

"Well, erm, you know... I have almost 10 subunnys.... And uh... um... I have a reputation.." Wikisrfun was obviously bamboozled on what to say, but he stuck with whatever he blurted out.

"Haha, what kind of reputation?'

"To........ uumm.... not listen to music...?"

Rags obviously knew Wikisrfun was lying, but she nodded, and walked away.


Back at the camp the all of the remaining members but one were shocked at the sight of Jaga, Shadow and the doctor at the base camp. Why are they here? said Emerald pup. Because they can't be destroyed. They have a special enzime in their blood that prevents any supernatural force from destroying them. Dont worry they are on our side. said Kosh calmly. 

Jaga walked over to Kosh slowly and stopped right in his face.

So these are the rest of the group. I'm glad that I got to see the remaining survivors. Said Jaga.

Why are you fighting for us instead of wikisrfun? asked Cody.

Because we know he is crazy. said the doctor.

Heck as soon as he knew that me and Jaga were a couple he called us various things that I would rather not repeat. said Shadow.

The doctor then walked over and grabbed a small roll of 35mm film.

You will all have to see this to talk to both jaga and shadow properly. said the doctor calmly as he loaded the reel onto the projector. 

What followed was the debut itself of Jaga and Shadow. 

Wow. That was interesting. said Gray.

Now you can speak to me and Jaga properly. said Shadow.

Chapter 14: NOT DEAD

Elise opened her eyes and saw she was in some kind of laboratory, along with a few other wiki users "What the... The last thing I remember is getting my arm bit off by a bunny" she thought and looked at her arm. It was mechanical from her elbow. Elise looked around. All users were trapped in some kind of creepy looking machine.

"I see one finally woke up" a voice said. Wikisrfun walked in the laboratory, with a smirk on his face. Elise had to admit, he was handsome, but that only made her want to smash his face even more. "Prepare the Vexum for the experiment." he said and the machine was surrounded by a red glow. "Soon, you will be on my side, and the wiki will fall in my hands" Wikisrfun said and laughed evily.

"Wake up everyone!" Elise shouted to the other users in the machine. One by one, they woke up. "What the..." Chimera said.

"We've gotta get out of here!"

Elise started thinking, then she was struck with an idea. She took out her laptop and went on AJ Stories Wiki. She started typing, while the lazers got closer and closer... Finally she pressed publish and a giant sword appeared in her hand. The other users also got some amazing weapons and destroyed the machine. They ran out of the laboratory, slaying any monster that came in their way. Suddenly, Chupacabra ran into Rags.

"Rags! You're alive!" Chupacabra exclaimed. "We've gotta get out of here!"

"No." Rags said. "I'm not leaving Wikisrfun. He is the only one that cared about me, he helped me. I'm not going back into the wiki. They left me. Go, return to them, leave me alone. Or else I will kill you."

Behind her Chupacabra noticed Wikisrfun. "You! You made Rags your mindless slave!"

"No. I chosed to leave the wiki on my own. Wikisrfun is the good guy, I know it"

"But..." Chupacabra said with terror as Rags took out a knife and smiled a creepy smile...

"No! Stop!" a voice yelled as a figure jumped in front of her, shielding her from Rags.

Rags didn't have time to think as she plunged the knife into the figure's body, aiming for her heart.

Chupacabra's eyes widened as she saw the figure fall to the ground, blood everywhere.

Rags turned back to normal as she realized she had murdered an innocent jammer in cold blood.


The figure coughed up blood as Chupacabra tried her best to save her.

Meanwhile, Wikisrfun had left, leaving Rags in the lurch.

She sobbed silently as she reflected on what she had done.

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