There was a story told by the elder wolves that was passed down to each generation after another.. The story of 'The Haunted Spike'. The Haunted Spike was said to have once belonged to a beta Jammer, by the name of Sword. He was a dark wolf, with evil prominent in his soul. He was believed to have owned two spikes that were both black as night, and sparkled greatly in the moonlight. He planned to enslave the Jammers of Jamaa. He did this by striking a terrifying appearance every now and again. No one knew who he was, or what he was. It was said that he got found out by the light in the sky, and was forced to possess his own spike for all eternity - Or at least until an animal wore it. If said animal did so, he would be possessed, and Sword would be the antagonist once again.

"...Then the great light from above saw of his crimes against the animals of Jamaa, and forced his soul of his body-" The mother wolf foretold, waving her front paw around, pointing to her heart. "-and possess the one possession he loved the most. His black spike. They say his spike is encapsulated in one of these very trees!" The mother barked, as if making a boo sound. Two of her three pups scrambled away in terror, hiding behind a small rock, shaking violently. "That's nothing but a pup's tale!" The other wolf roared, he didn't seem to be the least bit shaken up or scared. "It's not true, it's just to scare us!" He screamed, stubbornly.

"Stop these words right now!" The mother growled. "My mother told me of this tale when I was a pup, and I will not have you disrespect her traditions!" He added, baring her teeth, clearly agitated. She got up in a flash and took two steps of her other two wolf children, and motioned them to go to sleep as she laid on her side once again while the lone rebel wolf was still sat in that position, and slightly disprove of her reaction. It was true, it was a pup's tale, he thought. It wasn't real. "Go to sleep." The mother wolf growled at him simply. Suddenly, he hatched a great plan.

"I'll show them who's right.. It'll be me. I'm no fool!" He muttered, as he started to lay down and close his eyes until the others were truly asleep. Ten minutes passed, and the snoring of all three made him completely sure they were out like a light. He giggled slightly before venturing off, silently scratching into the bark of numerous trees looking for a hollow channel. He'd scratched about three until he spotted a nice short tree. It was small, but had a thick trunk - Surely a great place for a spike to be hiding - he thought.

He began scratching into the trunk and felt what he was looking for, a nice hollow channel. He dug in deeper at a slow rate as his paws were no the strongest. He dug into it for about half a minute, and finally made a decent sized hole in the chamber. "There it is!" He sang with glee. "I need to show mother!" He added, cheerily. He grabbed his spike in his jaw and padded to his mother. He dropped it on an angle and swiftly got it around his neck. I look good in this, he thought. "Mother!" He shouted, his tongue lolling out of his mouth's side.

The mother slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to see her own son wearing The haunted Spike around his very own neck. "No! Put it down!" She screamed, her eyes bulging.


It was too late, as the tiny wolf pup transformed into something dark and mischievous - Sword! The mother panicked loudly and woke her two daughters up and made them scream in return. "...No!" She shrieked, tears welling her eyes like a waterfall. Alas, it was too late. He had turned. There was no going back. "Thank you, dear pup." The wolf growled, smirking clearly. "I am reborn!" He howled as he ran into the undergrowth, never to be seen again until his next appearance. The pup she knew and raised was gone, because of a pup's tale that was true to its name.

**First one**

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