I'm sure most of you have heard in Year 3 about the infamous hope diamond (if not, look it up) that brought bad luck to all its owners. Well, I was one of them - well, indirectly.

You see, my week was normal, with the regular up's and down's. My grandmother was over, and it was a clear night with a half moon in the sky. I was clicking around the Internet, and came across a video on YouTube of this guy who was quite possibly 15 years old playing this video game called Animal Jam. What was his name again? Aparrel? Parallel? Aparri? I think it was Aparri. Something like that.

Anyway, I was curious, so I typed in "" into my search bar. This game was nothing new - My grandmother spoke often of online games for children, and I'm pretty sure she's mentioned it before. She used to be a game-developer, and while Animal Jam was not around when she was a game-developer, she still knows a lot of the modern games being created today.

I clicked 'Create Animal' and found myself having to create an avatar in order for this to work. I created a wolf, and my username was "Xxhalfmoonxx" after that one night I created my account.

I know it sounds kiddish, but I would tell my mother about all the adventures I had on that game. It was the only fun thing to do, to talk about, to do anything with.

I have two brothers - one already plays Animal Jam, the other does, too, but he was a hacker and scammer.

The nice brother donated me an Animal Jam gift card, which granted me membership. The hacker brother donated me a bunch of rares, which, really, I didn't need, but I still wore them as a sign of gratitude. Plus, I don't think hacking and scamming is really all that bad - it's hilarious to see people getting so sensitive over it, but I don't think it's something you should do.

Animal Jam Headquarters

Melissa punched in the last few letters and symbols of her code, and then pressed 'Enter'. There! She had officially created the Animal Jam HQ Log. It will now be the new chat site for discussion via online.

She quickly typed in a message into the log:

"Hello AJHQ members, welcome to my new AJHQ log! Please enjoy. The main purpose is for our next big project, so, let's go."

She told the woman who was sitting next to her, sketching in her notebook some designs for a new pet they were planning to release soon - the skunk. Marissa told the sketching woman - Renee - about her new chat log. Word got around the Headquarters fast, and in no time flat, all sorts of AJHQ members were on the log. THE CHAT LOG:

Melissa: Guys! We need something A.S.A.P!!

George: Look, I don't know how to draw any freaking diamonds!

Melissa: George, can you draw anything?

Renee: I highly doubt it.

George: HEY!! :( You 2 always find a way to hurt my feelings...

Melissa: Renee, can YOU draw something? Pretty please? :)

Renee: Sorry Mel, I'm in a dilemma with these two almost-perfect sketches of the pet skunk! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Melissa: George?

George: Fine! It's not my fault if it comes out terrible though!

Melissa: Use reference photos. Please hurry.

  • 1 hour later*

George: Look, Melissa, I got a sketch. Come here please

  • 1 week later*

George had sketched their new 'Hope Diamond' item, and Renee had sketched the skunk pet. The two chief graphic designers on the team, Claude and Bianca, agreed to split the team in two so each half can work on both. Bianca and her half worked on the skunk pet designing, while Claude and his half worked on the Hope Diamond designing. All was well, and then the digital colourists, Michael, finished the final models for the Hope Diamond and pet skunk, while the layout artists, Sam, Tahliah, and Sally worked on the Jamaa Journal newspaper.

The team all high-fived. Their update was ready to release!

The Update

I crouched down next to my nice brother, Hector, and huddled close with both him and my other hacker brother, Blake. I was on my laptop, at midnight, logging in onto Animal Jam. And there, right in front of my eyes, was an update! My eyes widened in excitement, while Hector squealed in delight and Blake eyed the Jamaa Journal with a mischievous twinkle in his orbs.

On the first front page was a huge ad for their new item - 'The Hope Diamond'. Next was the new pet skunk, an announcement about double gems added to a game, blah blah blah...

"Let's see who can get the Hope Diamond first," Hector challenged. "Ready... Set... Go!"

I clicked into the shop, ran down the winding staircase, clicked on the table filled to the brim with gold jewels and accessories you can never buy in-game, and at once I clicked onto the Hope Diamond and selected 'Buy'.


"Look, it disappeared from my page!"

"Don't do a thing!"

"Georgia, did you get it?"

"Yes." I said plainly.

"High five!" Blake shouted, shooting his hand in the air for mine to meet his.

I went on my item inventory, and clicked on the Hope Diamond. Strangely, it replaced one of my virtual eyes. I no longer had an eye on the left side of my avatar's face - but I had the Hope Diamond there.

"What the frick frack?" Hector yelled.

Blake smirked, "I'll hack an account soon to see how they made it."

I went to my den, and in my inventory, was the Hope Diamond. Huh? It must be a clothing and den item, I guess. Curious, I clicked on it, and my den morphed into the Hope Diamond. I gasped; in awe at the stunning beauty.

I apologise for not taking the time to describe the Hope Diamond earlier, but its centre was a dark midnight blue that almost seemed to reflect the dancing lights from the fairy lights and lamp I held close by. The edges of the precious diamond were adorned with petal-like cold silver shaped pieces of diamond.

Anyway, back to the den. The floors, the walls, the doors, everything was the Hope Diamond.

This was seriously the best item ever.


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