There was once a hacked server in Animal Jam called "Horror". You may think "What a lame name!" well, You don't know what dark actions await you in that server. I have a tutorial that will teach you how to access this server. You need to log onto Animal Jam on 1 AM, And you need to go right to the Adventure Base Camp. You'll notice nobody is there, since your the only one on you'll notice a black wolf appear behind you. He'll grab you and fly off in the direction of the...Sky? You'll notice after flying beneath the clouds the sky is red with the clouds now black. He'll put you in this weird spaceship thing, this wolf will tie you up in a chair. He cuts your stomach as you yap trying to break free, Alas, you fail and he is started to pull your organs out. You cough out blood, trying to reach for fresh air as he claws his way to your lungs. He pulls out your heart, you try to breathe but fail, your mouth is overfloating with blood. He slashes your hand open, You are now howling barely, you are still coughing out blood but this time also organs. He slices your neck and takes the vains and bones, you decapitated leaving your beloved ones with this organ-slicing monster. He feels a pain in his head, crounching on the floor and striving to survive. He manages to fall out of the spaceship, he falls down breaking his skull and leaving his blood splattered on the ground.


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