The Hot Damned Awesome Adventure of a Gamecube!

This was a story made by a few people. It was a thread on the AJW, where we had random people join together to make one big story. Here are the epic people who contributed:



Mabel Pines







NOW, here's the story! :D


There was once, a little gamecube that was very lonely and had no friends. So one day he went to a second-hand shop and died in a coffin. Then revived and met an iPhone named Lily! Then he became friends with her! So then they started going on a magical adventure to find more electronics! So then he died again! But he was brought back to life by a anonymous octowolf and he came on their adventure. He made a magical rainbow to GameStop and died in GameStop but hugged a magical unicorn and was gifted eternal life! So, he went to fight monsters, and found more electronic friends named Ginger and Persian.


They encountered a colossal titan and hugged a parrot. And they slayed it, but Persian was killed because nobody liked her. Except Gray, who was eaten by a titan because he was being r00d and wasn't even in the adventure in the first place. So he cried. And cried. And then, he went to visit a frend in New Jersery. But, unfortunately, his friend was an iPad named Coco, who was insane. Coco took Gray into space and left him on the moon. Coco then joined Azur, Soie, the Gameboy, and Ginger. Then they ate Gray's body for breakfast. They were fueled and went on their adventure! They then found a person named Kyrus, who maimed them all but did not kill them because you are all spoilsports.


Ginger then maimed Kyrus and suddenly turned into a glitched mess of a headphone. Then they went to a doctor to see if he could fix Ginger but he couldn't. So they went to the all famous Doctor Dre. He couldn't do anything either. So Ginger died and haunted an octowolf. After that, they found the legendary Flufferanian, which gave them the ability to make magical waffles made out of ELECTRICITY, which tasted like sunflower petals and unicorn eggs. So then they used too much of their power and summoned Zeus. He charged them and let them continue on their quest. Then, for some reason, Bill Cipher came in riding on a pink fluffy unicorn and giving out free candy. Coco shot him and stole all the candy.


Bill Cipher couldn't die that easily, he played dead 'til one of the heroes, looked at his dead body and got scared and tried to kill him! Coco ate everyone, like king kong, and... ate children! The children tasted terrible, so he fed them to Ginger's ghost. Ginger's ghost was allergic, though, and she summoned an army of crows to kill everyone, but the heros killed the crows and Negro, a laptop, ate the crows and grew wings, which he used to take everybody to Alaska. There they started a pie business. They made terrible pies, though, and were kicked out of Alaska. Then, they moved to Canada. Where they met Kenny, but was killed by a teddy bear named Fluffy!


Kenny got revived by an Oompa Loompa. Fluffy hopped on Coco's back and rode him as a horse. He carried him to the Planet of Tomatoes! They lived there in harmony, until a giant rabid monster named Italy Veneciano attacked them and ended up fighting King Kong! The person who won was King Kong and he ate them all. But then the Octowolf broke out of King Kong's stomach. And Kenny turned into Mysterion and he and Coon and Friends fought King Kong! King Kong then summoned Bill Cipher, the Weezard of Oompa Loompas (AKA: Mabel Pines), Gray, and Cartman to fight back! They won, and moved to a mystical rainbow planet.


Negro then accidently pushed Lily the iPhone off a cliff. He was sad. " LILY! NOOOOO! " he yelled. Then, Azur walked over and killed Negro with the viruses he had. So then, Coco said some romantic junk and Lily revived. They were super happy together and got married. When they had their first kiss, the universe imploded and everybody died. Nunya woke up from her dream. She said: "HOT DAMN THAT WAS AN AWESOME DREAM!"


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