Remember those weird hybrid animals like the Bearfly, Uniwolf, and Trolleopard? Well, there's actually more of those species, but just a few, like maybe 5 or 10. That's not a lot. There's actually new animal hybrids in Jamaa, and I've made a list of them.

The List:

First of all, I didn't discover all of these by myself. Arctic4744 helped me find them (and come up with a few of them). Let's begin!

The list is not in alphabetical order.

Bearfly- Polar bear with angel wings.

Uniwolf- Arctic wolf with a unicorn horn (no normal wolves).

Trolleopard- Snow leopard with a Yeti mask.

Deercoon- Thinking of a deer with a raccoon tail? Think again, it's a raccoon with deer horns.

Firefly Eagles (or Fire Eagles)- Eagles with firefly necklace.

Horned Lions- Lions with gazelle horns.

Moustache Foxes (or Stache Foxes)- You guessed it, foxes with a moustache.

Fairy Foxes- Foxes with fairy wings, they're very rare though.

Jingle Bunnies( or bell bunnies)- Bunnies with bell necklace.

Spike-Horned Rhinos- Rhinos with spike on their horn.

Coon-Tailed Wolves- Arctic wolves or normal wolves with a coon tail.

Coon-Tail Hyenas- Hyenas with a Coon Tail.

Pigtailed-Koalas- Koalas with pigtails.

This is the list of weird creatures in Jamaa, you can add on to this list if you find any more :3

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