Prolog There was a tribe of hyenas in the land of Jamma. They were rather peaceful but they also had a war with a group of cats, this clan was called by the Hyena Tribe, the Pine Clan, the Pine Clan would steal their food, smash their CD players, trade all their Pokemon cards, destroy all their Mario Kart records, and destroy their Christmas decorations. The normally peaceful tribe got sick of this and declared war. The leader Captain Icymoon, Lead the troops into the fray. Arrows were fired and the cats fled, they ran away. This how the legacy began, "Never anger the Hyena Tribe"


The next story is how the hyena tribe helped with Thanksgiving. Phantoms stole the food, and Mira was going cook it, but she and the other Alpha were out of town, on a plane or showing Jammers the ropes. Mira was inpressed that this tribe was able to defeat a clan without blooodshed. She called them to retrive the food. The Hyena Tribe agreed. They trecked into the forest, where the phantoms hid. They slowly and carefully followed one of the phantoms. Said phantom pulled out a drumstick and brought to his fellow phantoms. The phantoms gasped and then bowed and the they saw the food. Captian charges at one of the phantoms. The phantom carrying the drumstick bolted, and the other two darted up. Baron drew his swords and slashed at one of the phantoms. The phantom dodged, and fled. Sir ran at them with all it's pwoer to catch one of the phantoms. They cornred the phantom with drumstick, who whimpered at the thought. then Baron noticed something, "Hey guys what are those thing over there?". Captain turned and saw seven baby phantoms, all hhuddled in a corner. "So that's why they took the food" She put the arrow back into her quiver, and sighed "We can't harm an innocent creature, even if they are phantoms". Captain, Baron, and Sir went back to Mira and explained the whole thing. Mira pondered this for a moment, then she said, "Well how about we make extra and invite the little family over too" The Tribe then nodded in agreement. As it turned out, this Phantom Family wanted nothing to do with The Phantom King, they just wanted to be leaft alone. "This is why I have been higing my work from  you" Greely Said "But these three had more courage then I had" They learned the truth"

End of First Chapter

Chapter 2

It was a summer day in Jamaa the hyenas were enjoying a swim when, they were ambushed by Wolfaboos they tried to fight the wolfaboos, but they were too strong! (How else could a wolf win) The hyenas the crawled away, and found a mud puddle, and they played in the mud puddle. Wolfaboos were defeated! they didn't want other animals to have fun!!! Soon enough Tigers, Bunnies, Deer, Eagles, Owls, Lions, and other Jamaa animals were taking turns in the mud puddle. Even the Phantoms enjoyed the mud. Annoyed the Wolfaboos chased out the other creatures. The other creatures went to the river swim once again. The wolfaboos gave up and said "If ya can't beat em, join em" and swam in peace with the other animals.

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