As many jammers nowadays are, the wolf Mythical Spiritwolf loved rare items. Spikes and betas were the sole purpose of life for her. She had an entire room in her den full of glitched items. And yes, she did scam. Every day. She was a master at it. So naturally, you would think that the next announcement in the Jamaa Journal would elate her.

It did.


There has been an exciting discovery in Mt. Shiveer! For years Jammers have been wondering what in the world lies in the mysterious caves in the mountains! Recently, a brave group of explorers ventured into the tunnels and have found a great treasure! All Jammers may now explore the caves and find the treasure. But be warne

Mythical was so delighted that she didn't even finish reading the entry. She quickly headed from her den to Jamaa Township, where other Jammers were definitely obsessed with this journal entry.

"I'm headed there right now!"

"I wonder what's in there!"

"Has anyone else read the Jamaa Journal?!"

But there were a few jammers who were having second thoughts.

"Guys... It said-"

Another jammer butted into their sentence. "Don't be ridiculous! It can't be that dangerous!"

Dangerous? Mythical pondered that for a moment. But she brushed it off as she headed through the woods to the remote Mt. Shiveer.

Cold wind plastered her fur to her body as Mythical struggled to fight the winds and leap up into the tunnels. She found that the tunnels were really a maze. Groaning, she remembered what her mother had told her once when they visited the corn maze in the fall-time when she was young. "Always stick to the right wall, then you will find the exit!" Her mother had also been obsessed with rares and cheating, so she learned a lot from her.

Mythical started through the maze, her fur brushing the cold right wall. Her paws dragged her on for quite a few minutes before she felt an ice-cold water droplet fall on her left shoulder. "What was that?" she wondered as she looked up and noticed dozens and dozens of icicles above her. The strange thing was, they were slightly trembling.

Another drop fell on her tail, then on her nose, as Mythical started feeling the ground beneath her start to vibrate and quake. Fear shot through her from ears to tail as she saw an icicle fall to the ground, its sharp tip turning to shards when it fell to the ground. She started to run along the right wall, panic fueling her paws. An icicle fell and missed her muzzle by a hair. Finally, she came to an opening and ran into the cave, which was somehow sheltered from the earthquake. Before her she saw an enormous room full of rare items, everything from Cami's Frogs to spiked collars and wristbands to glitched rings. She was overjoyed! While she sorted through a pile full of den betas and rare item mondays, she didn't notice the seven shadowy figures along the walls, each holding two pointed objects. They moved closer to Mythical while she happily picked through the several stacks, and soon were surrounding her.

She felt another cold drop of water on her back, and looked up in curiosity. Eyes widening, she saw the seven Alphas, carrying a pair of icicles each.

"Wh-why are you here...?! I-i mean, its great to see you all!" Mythical stuttered as she dropped the items she was clutching.

"Don't pretend you don't know, Mythical Spiritwolf." Liza said with a wretched sweet smile.

"We have come to congratulate you on all the Jammers you have scammed and stolen items from," Graham sneered said.

"Then wh-why are you holding those... sharp... pointy... dangerous... i-icicles?" Mythical questioned nervously.

"Because we want them back."

The alphas proceeded to stab Mythical in the chest with the icicles, as Mythical shrieked in agony and surprise. Thankfully, the death was quick so Mythical did not suffer. When they were finished, Greely tossed the mangled body to the right wall of the room, with the other bodies. Bunny to cheetah to elephant, they were all there. All the greedy jammers in Jamaa, brave enough (or foolish enough) to embark in the caves...

Why do you think the alphas wanted the items back? Leave your endings in the comments :)!

Written by Nightflam35

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