Aye, The names Infinity, as you may of known! Sorry for any typos, And comment if you have any ideas, And thanks to Shystar for inspiring me to make my stories here!

Major Characters:

  • Infinity ( Sportsgo )
  • Ash ( Shadowwolf33 )
  • Spirit ( Moolilly )
  • Myst ( Panthera )
  • Violet ( Miriam2006 )

The Beginning of it All

The purple wolf curled around the tiny pup as it wailed out in the cold rain, A tall dark figure of another wolf would sigh sadly and cover the two with a sheet. The purple she-wolf looked up and nuzzled the figure as it slowly stepped out. The royal blue/gray wolf would suddenly speak "I must go now.." The she-wolf replied quickly "You will be back soon, Correct?" He nodded and looked to the pup, He sighed once more and spoke in a soothing voice "I will be back, My Infinity, For you hold the code to the secrets of Jamaa."

( By the way I have no idea when a wolf turns 15 so i'll just put it like dis! )

Roses are red, Violets are purple { 9 Years Later }

A purple wolf would fix a flower in her hair and walk out of the room and downstairs. A large arctic wolf would be playing video games with wolves and other animals. The purple wolf spoke to the gray arctic with the black splotches and lighter gray underbelly "You don't want to miss your football practice do you Infinity?" The wolf looked up and smiled. "C'mon guys, You can watch me Spirit and Ash play!" They all got up and shut off the TV and gaming systems and raced to the purple wolf's van. They all got in the seats and spoke about a big game coming up, "I heard that the Dragons have won 18 games in A ROW!!" A Cyan fox yelled out. "I heard at their school, They make them go to football boot camp!" A twin to the fox said. "I don't even think that's a thing Echo.. Wait.. Which one of you is Echo? Oh, nevermind!" A dark gray and black arctic wolf responded.

Time seemed to flash as they were already at the field, They got out of the van and Spirit, Ash, And Infinity ran to the lockerroom while the others and Infinity's mother Violet headed with the others to the stands to watch. A short while later they cam outside and ran to their coach, A giraffe named Slate, and their teammates, Otto and Oscar, While their coach yelled, "What took you so long?! Oh, nevermind.. Let's start off with some dodging maneuvers. Infinity, You'll be chased by Otto and Oscar, Try your best to dodge your way to the other side of the field." Infinity nodded and gulped. Oscar and Otto were some of the fastest cheetahs in town, Sons of Olive they were. The cheetahs smirked as Slate yelled for Infinity to run, She had a half minute headstart, Just enough for her to get halfway across the field but Otto and Oscar caught up quickly, Getting ready to leap, He quickly sprung onto Infinity's back, Or so he thought.

He pawed the air as he suddenly landed face-first in the ground. A purple mist had emerged from the crystals on Infinity's necklace and bracelets and it had pushed her 12 feet forwards, Helping her reach the other side of the field. She quickly skidded to a stop and ran back to Otto, "You ok? Sorry about that.. I just.." "Shut up and leave me alone dogbreath! I can get up myself.." The cheetah growled in disgust. "Sheesh, Mr.Groanington, I thought cats always landed on their feet, You landed on your face. YOUR FACE!" She replied easily, Laughing in his dirt-covered face. Soon her mother and the rest of her friends had run down from the stands, yelling things such as, "How'd you do that!? What happened?! You ok!?" Infinity calmed down her friends while Ash just stood there, His jaw dropped all the way down.


, Walking over to speak to them. "Uh.. Hey guys.." She spoke softly, "Oh hey Infinity! Can't wait for the big game tomorrow!" "Well.. I don't think I can be there.. Sorry.." "But why?!" They said sadly, "I have.. Something important to do.. Sorry.. You can let Dawn fill my place." She spoke and suddenly walked from Sarepia to the Hidden Hollow while a wolf behind her murmured something. She suddenly saw a little village and turned out of the woods and into the small area in which Jammers were watering Chomper plants. She walked through the tall grass and into the village, Looking at a tall wolf talking to a rabbit. She paused for a moment while remembering that he himself, Were her father. She took a few pawsteps and the wolf finished talking to the rabbit and slowly turned around, Then freezing for a moment, Looking at the amber eyes looking back at him. He seemed to be in a loss for words, But he then spoke,

"Infinity.." He stammered a bit, Scanning the wolf slowly. "It's been awhile.. Heh.." There was an awkward silence between the 2 for a moment. "So are we gonna research these phantoms or what?" Infinity suddenly said eagerly. Greely smiled and motioned his tail to Infinity to follow him as he got up. Greely stood by a chalkboard describing the Phantom, He spoke a bit on it's anatomy and stopped for a second. He went inside a building and pulled out a phantom in an iron box with rubber gloves. "I want to test a theory..." Greely spoke, "Sure, What do you want me to do?" "I want you to try and use that magic of yours to do something to this Phantom." He replied. Infinity nodded and the mist suddenly released again and it slowly slithered it's way to the box, It quickly flashed black and blue and the phantom inside turned into a ugly creature.She stepped back a bit and Greely wrote something down in a journal.

The mist quickly did something else and the phantom turned into more mist that returned to the crystals, She suddenly felt a bit stronger and refreshed. "Amazing.. You can morph them into creatures and use them as an energy source.." Greely said in awe. He looked behind Infinity and over all the grass, Growling as phantoms began building more pipes. He told the animals that were watering the Chomper plants from before to go out and destroy all the phantom pipes that they made, "You know Infinity.. We could use some help out in the field." Greely said while Infinity jumped up, Putting on her shark-toothed sword A old shark who's teeth had fell out gave to her. She ran out the village and immediately slashed 2 phantoms who saw her. She ran to the nearest pipe and began hacking it insanely, A phantom that got near her got evaporated by the mist and Infinity finally cut through the pipe.

She hopped on top of it and slashed the phantoms surrounding her and puffed her chest with pride, Not noticing the somewhat 40 animals staring at her, Jaws gaping. A dark gray and black wolf caught her eye, So she looked at him a bit more. It was Ash, Her friend from home. She leapt down and ran to him, Yelling "Why did you come here?!" He growled and spoke back quickly, "You really thought I was just gonna let you go to some crazy place? You could die here! And, I come here in my free time to help." "Ugh.." Infinity groaned, Rolling her eyes, "Let's just act like this never happened, Kay bro?" Ash nodded quickly and ran toward a horde of phantoms, Cutting them with is Ice Gauntlets until their insides froze to ice and they stopped functioning. Infinity was leaning against a tree, Responding to a friend's text while phantoms surrounded her. Little did she know Greely was watching her, Inspecting how she fought.

As the phantoms neared dangerously she lifted her sword and held it up. The mist from her crystals held the phone for her while she motioned for them to come at her, They did so and Infinity spun around quickly with her sword, Killing all of them. Little did she ALSO, Know, That Ash was quietly admiring her from a distance. Until a phantom came, Of course, He yelped and try to swipe at it, But he fell backwards and onto the ground behind him. A flash of gray zipped in front of them as Infinity cut the phantom in half and absorbed it, Sighing in relief. "Whatcha daydreaming about?" Infinity said with a smirk while turning around, "Oh,uh..." Infinity rolled her eyes and continued to murdering phantoms. She knew Ash loved her and she did back due to his adorable clumsiness and all the trouble he got into. He would lay there for a bit, Doing nothing. His senses came back to him, So he quickly got up and destroyed a few phantom pipes and such. He began to head his way back to the town while Infinity and some others were finishing the last pipes, When a weird little creature crossed his path. He remembered from back in school what it was, A Draco Lizard. The little reptiles could glide across the tree trunks with skin stretching from their ribs, Sort of like a Sugarglider. He got down on his knees and let the little lizard crawl on his arm, Then saying, "Ima' call you... Kodi, Short for Kodiak!" Happily. He headed into the town again and bought a Phantom Trophy from the little shop A rabbit opened. Kodi would glide onto the wall of a building in the shade.

Infinity then walked in, A few scars and such. Of course, All the animals there were staring at her, In envy and due to few of them being pervs. She would set down her sword, heaving a bit. She'd shake her fur a bit and walk into the shade with Kodi and Ash. The mist released and seemed to have a conversation with her about Ash while the sun would peak on the horizon. She would get up as the first of stars began to appear, Glittering beautifully. She would drag her shark-toothed sword behind Ash who was leading the animals back to their homes boredly, Cutting any grass behind her. They quickly reached the Township and went their separate ways, Saying goodbye to their friends. She would walk alone, Tired and sleepy, Reaching her den after awhile. She opened the door to the massive den, Walking up the stairs weakly, Then flopping in to her bed. She heard a scratching noise at the front door and sighed, Reversing the process and opening the door for her pet snakes, Sly & Slick. She would go back to bed and slowly, fall asleep.

Infinity woke up to the sound of a hiss and the poke of a small sword. She yawned and looked at the two spitting Cobras looking down at her as they hissed more, "I'm up, I'm up!" Infinity huffed, letting the snakes slither out the bed and into the kitchen. She opened the freezer and pulled out a massive jar of frozen mice and threw 2 to each the snakes happily. "Now go play with the others." She said as she began making herself some waffles and preparing breakfast for the other 24 pets she had, A bat who's in the Pet Army, A artsy fox, A lovestruck tarantula, A grumpy turkey, A puppy, A reindeer, 3 cats, One of which a kitten obsessed with space, A duck, A potion-loving pet lion, A peacock who's ruler of A pet kingdom, A toad, A bee with a Youtube channel, And a gecko. She pulled out a jars of flies and pollen, Longgrass and sheep's blood, Cat and dog food, Caterpillars, Steak, And berries. She poured them into containers for the pets and got on her elf bracelets, pulled on her elf tail, Grabbed her hat and put it on, Tilting it backwards. She then pulled her tie-dye over her fur, "Oh! Forgot one thing!" She spoke to herself and clicked open her spiked collar with a joint and then closed it around her neck happily, "Now i'm ready!" Infinity said happily and walked out the door of her den, Walked her way to the Jamaa High School, Carrying a one-strapped backpack. She dipped her head to Spirit, Echo, And Moon as she leaned against her locker and thought, Waiting for t"fhe bell as well.

Out with the new, in with the old

8 Weeks Later

Infinity waved goodbye to Jackal and Fang. They had only been students in the school for four months, and were moving. Luckily, her squad of friends had heard their old members were coming back after a long, trip around the world. Her old friends would come back that day, and the squad had planned a great party for them. Cherry the deer, nicknamed Sardonyx, Raptor the snow leopard, also the Levitation Master, and Tesla the arctic fox and semi-punmaster were her old friend's names. Over the time after she learned of Greely being her father, she had made a band consisting of Jake the wolf, Echo and Moon the twin foxes, and Inga the polar bear. She watched as they left, backing up quickly and running back to the Band House. Afront the door was a stage, to the left of it a garden consisting of daffodils and petunias, to the right, there was a large stream and yard. As she walked in, Infinity raised her head to the twins, which were playing video games, of course. Inga was tending to the garden, and Infinity suspected Jake was in his room, icesculpting again. Winter Jake's favorite season, and ice was aplenty. It had not snowed, but there was plenty of ice. Infinity smiled as she saw Cherry and Tesla coming into view. She ran over and gleefully said,"Hey, guys! It's been so long!" She hugged Cherry and looked up to see Raptor, who was calmly hovering above them. "Awesome new clothes, Tesla! The white fits you alot better than bright pink." Tesla snickered, "I find this attire much more appeeling than what my mother dressed me up as." Just then, the arctic fox pulled out a banana. Infinity smiled and carried on to chat

"So, how's it been guys?" Infinity said cheerfully, "We've been great! The trip to the old volcano was fun, we even saw Greely. Well, a glimpse of him at least." Cherry dipped her head to Raptor, who floated down while speaking, "So i've heard of your.. 'Band Adventures' you call them?" Infinity responded, "Correct. Last week's was epic, we learned ALOT more about the pets. Heck, I didn't even know Clevercat our bee is the 4th most subscribed on Buzztube." She stretched out, "HEYHEYHYYYHEY. HEY. Infinity!!" Tesla squealed, grabbing a teal binder decorated with autumn leaves. "Hm? What is it, Tessie?" Tesla opened up the binder, showing a beastly blue spinosaurus, with beautifal markings and resembling the Jurassic Park 3 spino, only with a beige-ish stomach, neck, and chin. "Awesomeeeeee! ARE THERE MORE??" Tesla nodded exitedly, flipped the pages slowly, showing a allosaur, a dilo genetically modified with raptor and spino genes, and with a robotic tail. They hummed out the Jurassic Park theme as many beautifally drawn robot dinosaurs, normal ones, genetically modified ones, and even a SpinoRex and Archeyraptor! Who are obvious hybrids, OBVIOUSLY! Tesla had even drawn a few amazing sketches of her 5th grade best friend, Kuma. She had a trademark bandage covering the top of her muzzle, and pretty blue eyes, with white underfur and graphite-gray overcoat. Tesla was very proud, and has aspergers. Infinity did too, which made them incredible friends. Infinity had even skipped 4th grade because she was 'too smart'. And, she may or may not, of gotten in alot of trouble. She hated having to abandon all of her friends, and she would never see them again. 5th grade was hard, being just nine and having everybody think you're insane. She had few friends, only 4. With Infinity's tomboyish spirit and everybody in her science class encouraging her to lunge onto them, one day, she did. She snapped and pushed somebody onto a desk. It wasn't the first time ever she had burst. She bit someone years before in her old school. And punched someone, which everybody has at one point in their life. Her personality was unusual, though Violet always told her the other kids were jealous. She said the

things Infinity liked, such as science, dinosaurs, dragons and books, were too advanced for the others to understand. They didn't know what she meant, so they teased her because she was different. School was hard for the gray wolf. She had little friends, nobody understood her, she was intent on hurting if someone crossed a centimeter off the line.. She shook her head. Those things were past her now, and didn't need to be viewed again. Infinity growled a bit, then gently closed Tesla's binder. She thanked her for showing it, and mumbled something, crawling into a corner, cradling herself in her own arms, and sobbing about her life choices. Voices of the children chanted in a flashblack. "What's wrong with you??" One, brown-furred, green-jacket-wearing penguin snarled in disgust. Those were the most hurting words in the pup's life. A wolf, this time wearing sunglasses, shoved her a bit. She suddenly thought of an idea. The grasshoppers! Infinity thought, pulling the bugs out her pockets she smirked as she let them loose, freaking out all the boys around her. You'd think all the girls would scream, but only three did so while another four let loose 7 more. Infinity dashed for the kids self-promoted leader, Samuel. She grabbed the fox's shoulders, snarled with all her might, and threw him to the side, biting and scratched his arm and face while she was at it. The crowd went silent. Infinity looked at what she had done. It was over. Or, so she thought.. Infinity was taken by a reign of terror, thinking of what she had done. The shewolf's strength was incredible, despite her size. Many pups, kits, and cubs underestimated her, but many more adults and teachers overestimated Infinity. She began to cry as the world spinned. She looked around dizzily, and fainted.

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