Author's Notes

Okay, let me explain some stuff:

  • This is set in the world of Tech's 'City of the Canines', and as such, is also in the same world of Dragonheart's 'Kitland'.
  • The Isle of Crocodiles is a tropical string of islands named after what they look like from a bird's eye view - yup, a crocodile.

Alrighty, I'm done with Author's Notes... LET'S BEGIN!


It was a sunny day in the Isle of Crocodiles. Crocs were splashing around, not giving a SINGLE CARE in the world. It was just bliss. We shall be focusing on one particular city on the island of Fantasticis Crocodilus (latin for Fantastic Crocodile, oddly enough). This city is called Terrarboris, and there - well, it's like Hollywood! Lots and lots of movies featuring crocodiles are filmed there, and practically all of them are big hits. Mind you, for any movies not involving sunny weather, they sometimes have to fake their weather. There's also shops. Shops everywhere. Fashion shops, toy shops, candy shops - there's practically every single kind of shop there that you can think of! ALL of which are crocodile-themed! Tourists are welcome, provide that they can get over the rumor that anyone that goes to the Isle of Crocodiles never come back. It's a nice place, really. But it's also infamous for some of the crimes that happen there. I'm a security guard at the Crocodile International Museum, and I shall tell you of a... rather fiendish and chaotic robbery that happened there. Did I mention my name's Roberita? Yeah, I'm a girl. Heard my dad named me after my grandpaps, Robert. Anyways, let's get to the point.

Chapter 1

As I said earlier, today was a sunny day all throughout the Isle of Crocodiles. Me being me, I was walking around waiting until work would come calling, munching on a slice of pizza. Since I literally had nothing else to do, this was what I'd normally do during me free time. My iClaw (brought to you by the creators of the iPaw) phone buzzed. Checking it, I noticed I'd gotten a text from my manager. Reading the text, I noticed it read as follows:

Roberita - there's been a violent robbery at the museum. Come ASAP! A valuable artifact has been stolen!

Robbery? Why would a fellow croc want to rob a museum? People nowadays - some are greedy, some are plan annoying and just want a good laugh. Me manager was the annoying, trollish type. Often, JUST as a joke, he'd send out messages like these on the security guard's break times, forcing them to come to the museum. I sighed, finished my pizza, and got in my car, driving towards the museum.

About ten hasty minutes later, I arrived at my destination and got out. Entering the place, me little croc brain realized that my manager wasn't lying. The place was trashed. Glass was all over the floor, mind you. Some of the display cases were shattered, some more stuff was missing, but most of all - the great Platinum Crocodilic Sword was missing. Now, let me give you some backstory on this thing. The Platinum Crocodilic Sword was forged as a means of defense in the early days of the Isle of Crocodiles. It's adorned with jewels and said to contain an otherworldly power, upping its value as a simple artifact. This is as clichè as hell, but it's a symbol for us as a whole and how we are all united as one. Hence, its extreme value.