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The JPD-Cover


NOTE:This is my first time writing a story here, and it's based off of a roleplay my friends and I are currently doing. Some things are changed to make it fit the more story like format.


Characters: (Pictures in the order of this list) 

Officer Finch (Member of the JPD precinct 4) 
Officer Bigs (Member of the JPD precinct 4) 
Officer Leaf (Police chief of the JPD precinct 4) 
Officer Leaf
Officer Blaze (New recruit of the JPD precinct 4) 

??? (Criminal mastermind currently targeted by the JPD, yet to be apprehended) 


guess who's back

back again

Chapter 1 : Disrupted Peace

Finch padded into the precinct, ready for another day of paperwork at the Jamaasian Police Department. Nothing much ever really happened. Though they had a few cases of scamming here and there, and the ongoing searches for dupers that they rarely got any information on, Jamaa was relatively peaceful, and paperwork was really all that needed to be done. She saw Leaf sitting in a chair by a computer, talking to Bigs. Finch was just about to sit down for paperwork when Leaf spoke.

"Officer Finch, we have an assignment."

Finch stared at Leaf, shocked.


"There's been reports of a mysterious gray and brown tiger in Crystal Sands doing Mira knows what and we've been sent to investigate." 

"Yeah! Something's actually happening in Jamaa for once!" Bigs exclaimed. "Apparently they have some mysterious potion looking things that haven't been approved by Jamaa's authorities, so now we have to go catch them!"

"This is great!" Finch barked. "It's been so long since we've gotten to go out there and do something this big, potentially saving Jamaa! We haven't done this since..." She trailed off, remembering what had happened before.

"The Rare Jammer Association..." Bigs finished Finch's thought. Hah, that's my Bigs, always being so in sync with me, she thought.

"The Rare Jammer Association was nothing compared to what this could be." Leaf barked. "We have no idea what potions this tiger has and what they can do."

"Either way, we'll do what we have to, to fix this and keep the peace in Jamaa." Finch spoke confidently.

"That's the spirit, Finch! Let's get going." Bigs squeaked.

They left the precinct, ready for whatever they had coming.

Chapter 2 : Goofing Off On Duty

Bigs, Finch and Leaf walked down a path, through the temple of Zios to get to Crystal Sands. Bigs lept into the sand and started to eat some of it.

"Bigs, I've been meaning to ask, WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR OBSESSION WITH EATING SAND?!" Finch barked.

"Ift tafes good." Bigs replied, beak full of sand.

"Bigs, you know sand is tiny rocks, right? Tiny rocks broken up by water that's been Mira knows where."

"WHAFF?" Bigs spat out most of the sand in his beak and repeated more clearly, "WHAT!? TINY ROCKS!? Pleh!" He brushed the sand out of his feathers and continued spitting it out of his beak.

"No more eating sand, Bigs." Finch laughed.

"No more eating sand." Bigs repeated. "Never again! Augh, I can't believe I've been eating tiny rocks all this time and I didn't even know it!"

Leaf growled. "Both of you, get it together. Remember why we're here. Jamaa is in danger."

"Sorry Officer Leaf..." Finch and Bigs spoke in unison.

"Wh- We just-" Finch and Bigs spoke in unison, again.

"Said the same thing-"

"At the same time!"

"Ok stop that." They pointed at eachother. Leaf rolled their eyes. Finch squeaked and pointed her bow at Bigs.

Finch relaxed and put her bow back on her back. She and Bigs both laughed.

"Ok, I'm going to go look in Zios to see if the tiger's wandered beyond Crystal Sands. You two stay here, split up, and look for them. No more goofing off. Got it?" Leaf growled.

"Got it, Officer Leaf. Sorry." Finch replied.

"Yeah, got it." Bigs said. 

Finch and Bigs split up. Bigs looked up near the water slides and Finch checked near the shore.

Suddenly, Bigs' voice rang out on Finch's walkie-talkie.

"Uh, Finch, I think I found him! Over."

"On my way, Bigs. Stay where you are and make sure he doesn't see you. Over." Finch replied and rushed to where Bigs was looking for the tiger.

And then she saw it.

Chapter 3 : Bigs

The tiger wore a smug expression, and readied a strange gray potion. Finch snarled and aimed her bow directly at the tiger, but they quickly threw the strange potion at Bigs and ran off cackling.

"Bigs!" Finch barked. No response from him.

"Bigs, are you alright?!"

Bigs shook his head as if disoriented, then just stared at Finch. He looked alright but something was... Different. Finch couldn't quite put her paw on it, but she was concerned nonetheless.

"I am fine, I have simply become void of all emotion." Bigs replied in a monotone voice.

"B-Bigs, you are NOT fine, we are going to get you to the doctor RIGHT NOW to figure out what the heck that tiger did to you." Finch grabbed her walkie-talkie. "This is Officer Finch, requesting backup. SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH BIGS, I REPEAT, SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH BIGS. Over!

Leaf came rushing as soon as the message was recieved. 

"Is he ok?!" Leaf barked.

"He's not injured, but..."

Leaf stared at Bigs. 

"His eyes!" Leaf barked suddenly.

"That tiger made a grave mistake when he messed with us." Finch snarled. "When he messed with Bigs."

"Finch, I know you're very defensive of him," Leaf barked. "But we need to stop focusing on that and fix Bigs if we want to continue this mission."

"Yeah... You're right, Officer Leaf." Finch said. "C'mon, let's go, Bigs. We're taking you to the doctor, maybe they can fix this."

Finch flustered, Leaf in disbelief, and Bigs showing no emotion at all. The three left Crystal Sands.

Chapter 4 : Doctor Bean

Leaf led the group, Bigs in the middle, and Finch in the back of the group making sure Bigs could keep up. They ran to Kimbara Outback to the Medical Center.

"Welcome, welcome!" A small blue koala sitting in the Medical Center spoke. "I'm Doctor Bean, how may I help you today?" 

"I'm Officer Leaf of the Jamaasian Police Department, this is Officer Finch, and that's Officer Bigs and-"


"I told you, nothing is wrong with me." Bigs said, but he was wracked with a hacking cough afterwards. "I am simply- COUGH- void of- COUGH COUGH- all emotion. COUGH."

"Oh, that cough can easily be fixed. For the 'void of all emotion' part, er... Tell me what happened and when he started showing these symptoms." Doctor Bean said. They walked upstairs to the room, and the three officers sat down on the couch inside.

"Well, we just got assigned to find this mysterious tiger in Crystal Sands who's probably doing something crazy illegal." Finch began.

"He will not hurt anyone. COUGH- We should call off this- COUGH COUGH- mission entirely and get- COUGH- back to paperwork. COUGH COUGH COUGH." Bigs spoke in the same monotonous voice as before.

"See, this is what I meant! This morning when I came for work Bigs was excited that we were going out to do something! Anyway," Finch continued. "We found the mysterious tiger, and he had this strange gray potion looking thing. He threw it at Bigs and ran off, and that's when this started. He didn't start coughing until recently though, I think it's getting worse..."

"Well, I'll just do a blood test to see what that gray 'potion looking thing' was and how we can fix it." Doctor Bean adjusted her white lei and grabbed a small syringe, attaching a needle at the end. "Just a little poke in his flipper, it'll only hurt for a second." 

"It will not matter, COUGH. I will not feel it. COUGH COUGH." Bigs said.

Doctor Bean put the syringe in Bigs' flipper and extracted some of Bigs' blood. Bigs didn't react or even flinch. There seemed to be tiny gray particles in it. Doctor Bean took the blood out of the syringe and into a small glass dish. She placed the dish into a strange looking machine and waited for a few moments. A small paper came from the machine and she took the dish out.

"Hmm... It's..." Doctor Bean paused. "it's unlike anything we've ever seen."

"What!?" Finch cried.

"I'll give him medicine for the cough but that's all I can do for now. We'll need to do research on this, and possibly tests and observations..." Doctor Bean said. "You should consider-"

Finch cut her off. "NO, you are NOT going to take Bigs away and do tests on him, and if you even try to I promise YOU WILL REGRET IT." 

Bigs coughed. 

Doctor Bean stared at Finch. "Nevermind, jeez. Here." She grabbed a small bottle from a cupbord. "Give him a dose of this medicine. That'll help him not cough himself to death."

Bigs seemed reluctant to take it, but Finch shoved the pill into his beak and gave him water. Bigs gulped down the water and shook his head.

"Wh-what happened? Did we catch the-"

"BIGS!" Finch cried, hugging Bigs and sobbing heavily.

"Finch!" Bigs returned Finch's hug.

"Wow," Doctor Bean spoke. "You two must really care about eachother. Are you sure you're just coworkers?"

Finch shot a glare at Doctor Bean. "Don't interrupt our moment." She growled softly. 

Chapter 5 : Finch's POV

Bigs, Leaf, and I left the Medical Center and we all went home to sleep. I told Bigs about the effects of... Whatever the heck that tiger did...  While we went to our homes.

"Be safe, OK?" I told Bigs, still concerned after what happened.

"I will, Finch. Don't worry."

How can I not worry? After what that tiger did to him? Not worrying is going to be extremely difficult.

~ ~ ~

"Finch!" Bigs squeaked.

I woke up, startled. "Huh? Wha..." I said groggily. I opened my eyes. Bigs was right in front of me with a scared expression.

I wasn't in my home anymore. 

I saw a flicker of a blue armored tail through the bars of our cell and a voice growled.

"They're awake." 

"BIGS WHERE ARE WE ARE YOU OK DID THEY HURT YOU WHO DID THIS!?" I barked. If anyone did anything to Bigs, especially if it were like what the tiger did...

"Finch, calm down. I'm not hurt," Bigs replied. "But I have no idea where we are."  


"This is Officer Finch, requesting backup. LEAF HELP BIGS AND I ARE TRAPPED SOMEWHERE AND-" Bigs grabbed the walkie talkie from my paws. 

"We're somewhere and we don't know where. Finch is panicking, so for the love of Mira PLEASE come help us. I hate seeing her so upset." Bigs squeaked.

Leaf's voice rang out through the walkie talkie. "I was wondering where you two were, you guys always notify me if you can't come to work. Alright, describe your surroundings, I'll try and be there as soon as I can. Finch, do you still have your bow and arrows?"

"I store stuff in my quiver, do you think we'd be speaking right now if I didn't?" I growled.

"I don't appreciate that tone, Finch. Anyway, your surroundings?" Leaf asked.

"It's... Dark. And warm. I think we're pretty high up, because all around us there's a drop I don't think we'd survive if we tried to escape jumping." I spoke. "There's a few stone wolf carvings that kinda look like Greely."

"Sounds like a Volcano den." Leaf barked. "Not a very popular den choice, there are only 4 in our maps of Jamaa. Anything you could describe that might distinguish this den from the other 3?

"Well, I don't see a lot of lava, but there's a lot of smoke clouds. And... One of the wolf statues is cracked and falling apart. Must be a pretty old Volcano den." Bigs spoke.

"Lots of smoke, statue cracked and falling apart. Got it. On my way." Leaf said.

We waited for about ten minutes for Leaf to arrive and suddenly we heard a loud voice bark,


Chapter 6 : Tiger

"They're here!" Finch barked, relieved.

"Well, duh. Did you think Leaf wouldn't help us?" Bigs squeaked. "I don't think they'd be able to handle this case alone. Not with what that tiger is capable of."


A few moments of silence, then a loud crash. 

"Finch! Bigs!" Leaf barked. "Where are you?"

"Up here!" Bigs called from the cell upstairs.

Leaf ran up to the cell and pulled out a few small hair pins. "Never thought I'd have to do these, but I always kept them just in case..."

They picked the lock on the cell. It took a few tries; the lock was pretty tough to pick and broke a few of the hair pins, but it worked eventually.

Finch padded out of the cell cautiously. Bigs followed her out, but they both froze when they heard a low growl.

"Thought you could get away...? BOSS!" It was the same voice as before. They saw another flick of the same armored blue tail.

Finch, Bigs, and Leaf continued towards the exit. Finch dared a glance back to see if they were being followed out.

There it was.

The same mysterious tiger who's potion did something to Bigs. 

Finch let out a low snarl. She whipped around and quickly aimed her bow at the tiger. It did something to Bigs. It will pay. She thought. Nobody hurts Bigs.

Finch launched an arrow at the tiger, but they simply stepped aside before it hit them. They stared at Finch with the smuggest of expressions.

And then the tiger spoke.

Chapter 7 : Blaze (Finch's POV)

"Well, well well. I finally get to meet the famous 'Jamaasian Police Department.'" The tiger said. "I must say I am not impressed. B, bring me a large bottle of the same potion I used on that penguin at the beach. The gray one I told you about."

I growled and leapt in front of Bigs. 

"If you think I'll let you use your horrible little concoctions on Bigs again you're sadly mistaken!" I snarled. "Nobody, and I mean NOBODY hurts Bigs."

"Aww, how cute. The little orange hyena wants to protect the penguin. What, do you like him or something?" The tiger chuckled. "I guarantee any shared feelings will be gone by the time I'm finished with the two of you..."

A small blue paw reached out from a shadow, holding a large bottle with a strange gray liquid in it. That looks like...

"NO!" I snarled. Enraged, I launched an arrow right at the bottle. The arrow hit and shattered the bottle, it's liquid spilling onto the ground. There was a sizzling sound as some of it trickled into the nearby lava.

I returned my bow to my back. "Let's go!" I barked, then grabbed Bigs' flipper and ran for the exit as fast as I could. Before I knew it we were out of the tiger's terrible fortress. 

I let out a sigh of relief and hugged Bigs.

~ ~ ~

Back to work the next day. 

I saw that Bigs wasn't in the office. I panicked.


"Finch, relax." Leaf replied. "He's just helping out with paperwork at another precinct. Did you not see the note at the door?"

I looked back at the door to see a small piece of light blue piece of paper.


"Helping out at Precinct 2, be back soon. Don't worry Finch, I'm ok. -Bigs

"Oh, Finch, there's someone I want you to meet." Leaf barked. "Blaze! Are you done with the form yet?"

A familiar voice yelled back, but I couldn't quite put her paw on where I heard it before. 

"Yeah be out in a sec, lemme submit it!"

A few seconds later, a blue kangaroo stepped out from another room in the office.

"Hey, I'm Blaze." The kangaroo said.

"Finch." I replied.

"I know, Leaf told me about you." Blaze said.

"Blaze is a new recruit for our precinct." Leaf spoke.

"I figured, with the hat." I replied.

"Well, Blaze, you still have some paperwork to do before you go out on the field. Finch, do you think you can cover for Bigs' paperwork today?" Leaf said.

"Sure." I replied.

Chapter 8 : Distrust

The next day, Finch and Bigs were chatting in the office.

"Really though, I PANICKED when I saw you weren't in the office. You usually get here before me!" Finch laughed.

The door to the office opened and Blaze walked in. Bigs jumped at the sound of the door opening, not expecting someone else to be coming in.

"Oh, hey Blaze!" Finch barked.

Who the heck...? Bigs thought. 

"Ok, what'd I miss?"

"Blaze is a new recruit for our precinct. He just started yesterday. Isn't that cool? New coworker!" Finch answered enthusiasticly.

"Uh, yeah, cool..." Bigs replied in a tone that was as unenthusiastic as Finch had just been.

Leaf padded from the other room. 

"I've got some paperwork to catch up on, you guys can go patrol without me. Finch, you're in charge."

"Got it." Finch and Bigs said in unison. They exchanged a look.

~ ~ ~

Finch, Bigs, and Blaze came across an abandoned Tree House.

"Since we know where his Volcano hideout is, he probably moved somewhere else. Blaze, you check up inside."

"Got it." Blaze nodded and immediately hopped into the treehouse.

"I'll come too!" Bigs squeaked and waddled after Blaze before Finch could say anything more.

There was a loud scream, and then silence.

"Too little too late..." The tiger sneered as Bigs came to the top floor of the treehouse. "I already took care of your little blue kangaroo friend."

Bigs didn't see a trace of Blaze. Anywhere.

He growled in the unique way that only a Jamaasian penguin could, and wrapped his flippers around the tiger's chest in a tight grasp.

The tiger snarled and slashed his claws across Bigs' eye. 

"Agh! FINCH! HELP ME!" Bigs yelped.

Finch's ear twitched at the faint sound of Bigs' cry for help. She rushed up as quickly as she possibly could.

The moment she made it to the top floor, the tiger held a gray potion, poised to throw.

And then the tiger threw.

Chapter 9 : Arrows

Time seemed to slow. Finch leapt.

The potion hit her before she'd even hit the ground.

"Finch!" Bigs yelped as Finch landed. She was on her paws, but she soon collapsed, dazed as the potion began to kick in. The tiger ran downstairs and outside of the treehouse cackling madly.

"B-Bigs, I'll... I'm ok... I'll be ok... Just... Get the cough medicine..."

"CRAP! Leaf has them. I forgot to ask them for it before we left."

"I-it's ok, Bigs... I..." Finch let out a sigh before the potion took full effect. Her eyes glazed over.

"Finch, just stay here... I'll go get the tiger." Bigs squeaked.

Bigs rushed down after the tiger, tackling him before he was able to escape.

The tiger shook Bigs off.

"Just because you have Finch under your stupid potion's influence doesn't mean I can't stop you!" Bigs squeaked.

"Really? You think that?" The tiger slyly replied. "You just haven't seen the true limitations of my work. Oh, Fiiiinch!" He called in a singsong voice.

Finch ambled outside the treehouse with a blank expression.

"Attack, little lovebird."

Finch obediently grabbed her bow and an arrow. She took aim.

"F-Finch, no!" Bigs cried. "Snap out of it! It's me!"

Finch fired. "Why didn't I think of this sooner?" The tiger chuckled.

She missed what she was going for, but managed to hit Bigs' foot.Bigs plucked the arrow out, but it left a small, bleeding wound.

Bigs limped around frantically, shocked that Finch would do this to him despite knowing it was the potion controlling her. He'd even climbed a tree at one point, but he eventually collapsed into the grass, exhausted. Finch had already taken aim once again.

Bigs turned towards Finch, still on the ground.

Finch fired.

The arrow was headed straight for Bigs' chest.

Chapter 10 : Loss 

The tiger cackled. He snapped, and instantly Finch woke up from her trance. He ran off before Finch saw him.

"Bigs!" Finch screeched, running over to him.

"F-Finch..?" Bigs replied, dazed.

"Y-yes, Bigs, I'm here..." Finch was on the verge of tears.

"What happened?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

Blaze hopped into the area from behind the treehouse.

"Blaze! Where were you?! Did you see what happened!?" Finch demanded.

"That tiger..." Blaze panted. "He had me in some sort of weird cage. I don't really remember what happened, I just remember being really tired and confused. But then next thing I know I'm free, I hear him cackling and then you scream. So I ran as fast as I could."

"Uh.. F-Finch..." Bigs coughed. "Getting.. H-hard to breathe..."

Finch grabbed the arrow in Bigs' chest, pulling it out quickly. Bigs winced, but remained silent.

"Blaze, grab Bigs' feet. We're carrying him to the hospital." Finch barked before grabbing Bigs' flippers.

~ ~ ~

"Doctor Bean! You in here?" Finch yelled the moment she set paw in the Medical Center.

"That you, Finch?" Doctor Bean replied.


"Finch. Calm down." Blaze growled.

The two carried Bigs up to the room where Doctor Bean worked.

"Hey, you, blue kangaroo guy, bandages. Now." Doctor Bean commanded. Blaze delivered. Doctor Bean worked efficiently, wrapping the bandages around Bigs' chest and upper back area.

"Is he going to live?!" Finch demanded.

"Luckily, the arrow didn't puncture anything vital. It missed the lungs and heart. As long as the bleeding stops soon, it's likely he'll live." Doctor Bean reassured her. 

"Oh, thank Mira..." Finch sighed.

"Finch.." Bigs squeaked weakly.

"Yes? I'm here, Bigs, we're at the Medical Center, Doctor Bean is here, everything's going to be okay, we'll get through this.." Finch spoke in a panicky voice.

Bigs didn't respond.


Still no response.

"Oh, no..." Doctor Bean whispered.

"Finch, Bigs has gone into a coma."

Chapter 11 : Forgotten


Bigs seemed to flinch at Finch's loud bark, but remained unconcious in the hospital bed. 

"No, no... Bigs, c'mon, we're gonna get through this, you are way too strong for some tiger to take you down!" Tears formed in Finch's eyes as she said this. She gently pressed her muzzle into Bigs' neck feathers. 

Suddenly, Finch's eyes widened and she gasped as realization hit her.

The sudden foggy blackness that hit her, the color of the arrows, the sudden lack of weight in her quiver once she awoke...

She had done this to Bigs.

No, the tiger had done this to Bigs.

And so help her Mira, Finch was going to get her revenge.

Suddenly, Bigs' feathers ruffled and a feeble squeak came from his beak.

"Wh-where... What happened?"

"BIGS!" Finch barked so loudly that Doctor Bean and Blaze jumped. Tears of immense joy mingled with her previous tears of deep sadness and rage, and she pulled Bigs close in a tight embrace.

But Bigs did nothing of the sort. He simply stared, silent, confused.

"B-Bigs..? Are you alright?"

"Wh-where am I?" Bigs squeaked.

"Who are you?"

"W-WHAT?!" Finch barked. "Nonononono, this is just a nightmare, it has to be, wake up Finch, WAKE UP!" Finch was now sobbing heavily.

"Er.. Who's Finch? Who's Bigs? I'm so confused right now."

"Y-you're Bigs... I'm Finch... and... a-and that tiger.. He did this.. THIS IS HIS FAULT!"


Finch simply grabbed Bigs' flipper and ran downstairs, out the door, back to that treehouse, that cursed treehouse where Finch, no, the tiger nearly killed Bigs. Blaze followed closely behind.

"L-LET ME IN, YOU MONSTER!" Finch's body heaved with sobs and her paws banged against the sturdy wooden door.

Bigs stood in the yard, contemplating the situation.


"Oh, I know all too well, Finch." The tiger chuckled. "And you're in my way."


"Aww, poor thing..." The tiger began to cackle.

~ ~ ~




Why is she screaming about me? 

She said I'm Bigs. She's Finch. And that tiger is the reason I can't remember anything.

Why does my chest hurt?

And my eye?

What did that tiger do to me?

Why is this "Finch" so protective over me? Why does she care so much?

Why does she love me?

If I lost my memory, clearly I must be weak...

Should I feel the same way?

Is that tiger.. Ugh, why does this brown and gray tiger keep flashing in my head?

Is the tiger Finch mentioned the same tiger?

It has to be...

And Finch... She...

Everything came together.

Bigs waddled to the door.


"Bigs? A-are you... Do you..."

Bigs simply nodded. This time it was him that pulled Finch into a tight embrace.

"I love you, Bigs..." Tears streamed down Finch's face, not from sadness or rage, but pure, irrefutable love and joy.

"I love you, too..."

"I-I thought I lost you..."

"Me too, when he had you under his control.."

"You'll never lose me, Bigs. I care about you too much."

"Good... Because I don't know what I'd do without you, Finch."

Chapter 12 : Too Far

"Now, let's go kick some tiger butt!" Bigs squeaked enthusiastically.

Back to his normal self, Finch thought. The two chased the tiger back up into the treehouse to the top floor. They had him cornered.

Finch slowly padded towards the tiger, head lowered, back fur raised and snarling. 

"You're going to pay. You're going to pay for what you did to Bigs, what you made me do to Bigs, for what you're trying to do to Jamaa." Finch spoke slowly, and her tone low and grim. She took her bow off and sat it on the floor.

"Finch..." Bigs squeaked quietly.

Was that a hint of fear Finch caught in his voice?

She shook the thought off and lunged at the tiger, mouth wide open and ready to bite. She had him pinned down.

"F-Finch, don't you think this is too far?" Bigs squeaked louder this time.

Finch paused for a moment, then,

"I ALMOST LOST YOU TO THIS MONSTER, BIGS!" She screamed. "NOTHING IS TOO FAR!" Her eyes were wild.

"Finch, what's gotten into you?! This isn't like you!" Bigs cried. "Finch, calm down... Please..."

Finch stopped. 

That was the same fearful, concerned tone Finch had heard Bigs use while she was under the influence of the tiger's potion. She stepped off of the tiger and her ears flattened. 

"Y-you're right, Bigs." She said. "I went too far. I wasn't thinking. I-I just wanted to protect you-"

"I'm fine, Finch. I'm not hurt, well, for the most part. And I don't blame you for hurting me, you couldn't fight off the potion." Bigs squeaked. "But I'm not in a coma anymore. I've got my memories back, and I don't love you any less than I did before." 

I don't blame you for hurting me. Finch winced as Bigs said the words.

A silence hung over the room for a few seconds before pawsteps were heard.

"Thanks for distracting the lovebird!" And then the tiger was gone.

Finch let out a growl, but stayed where she was.

"Let's go back to the precinct and tell Leaf about what happened."

Chapter 13 : Leaf

Blaze rushed into the precinct the next day.

Leaf looked up from his paperwork. "Well, you're here early. Finch and Bigs aren't even here yet."

"I had to come right away. I saw him." Blaze panted. "I saw the tiger." 

"WHAT?!" Leaf barked. "Show me, take me there, quickly, NOW, before he leaves." 

"Follow me." Blaze hopped out the door.

~ ~ ~

"The Canyons Pathway?" Leaf spoke with a puzzled expression. "Nobody ever goes here."

"Exactly, which makes it a perfect spot to hide in plain sight." Blaze responded.

"So, where's the tiger?" Leaf asked, looking around. "I don't see him anywhere."

Blaze thumped his tail against one of the large rocks that lined the pathway.

And then, out jumped the tiger.

"What the-" Leaf yelped as the tiger pinned him down. Blaze smirked.

"Blaze, what are you doing just standing there?! Help me!" Leaf growled.

Blaze chuckled. "Hah, you idiotic wolf. Fell right into the trap."

"B-Blaze, you didn't!"

"I did."

"You.. TRAITOR!"

"I was never on your side to begin with."