(This is based off a true story, up to the part where she starts to hack Animal Jam)

Once There was a girl named Melissa. She was a non-member penguin named Magical CutePaws. Her username was MagicMel33, and she had somewhat great items she worked hard for.

One day, she was waddling around Jamaa Township. She received a Jam-A-Gram from Member Arctic Wolf named "Awesome TheWolf", His username being Jammer57564. The Jam-A-Gram asked, "Come to my den?"

She accepted the offer, and went to Awesome's den. Melissa had good items on trade, 2 Non-Rare Spiked Collars, a Rare Headdress, and more, but she had one necklace on trade. Awesome asked, "Want to flash? I PROMISE i'll give your items back."

Melissa, not wanting to lose her items, declined the offer. But Awesome flashed some good items for her necklace. He was too fast for her to accept. He smiled. Melissa started to flash him, too. Melissa Flashed him her rare Headdress. He asked her to flash it again, but slower. Awesome kept asking to do it slower and slower, but when she did it slow enough, HE ACCEPTED, blocked Melissa, and left, locking her out.

Melissa was furious. She tried to report him, Jam-A-Gram him, and just tried to get it back in general. It all didn't work. So, becoming a madwoman over pixels, She decided to do her worst.

She hacked into Animal Jam, and creating a glitch, so that every time a Awesome, or any Scammer in general logged in, it would show images of messily dissected organs and blood splattered all over the screen, and they were unable to play the game normally. It shows your avatar falling and dying in various situations. (Suffocation, Drowning, etc.) She smiled maniacally.

Awesome logged on, and instead of hearing Jamaa Township music, he heard screams, and saw organs falling apart. His face looked terrified as he immediately shut his computer down and restarted it. Except when he opened it up, all he could see is his dead animal, lying in the middle of the screen.


(c) Moon281

Only edit Grammar and Spelling. Unless you get my permission, you may not edit this story. I do not own Animal Jam. The only thing I own is the plot and the characters. Thanks for reading!

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