It would be fun, wouldn’t it?


AnimalJammer342x, or Mitchell Walker, sat at the computer in his room. He had just finished developing a hack for Animal Jam, and was planning to unleash it out on the servers that night.

Mitchell was dragged into playing the game by a friend. It didn’t seem too bad until he really looked into the community.

The community disgusted him. All the mate beggars and item beggars, all the stupid 10 year olds treating it like a dating website. The role-plays were atrocious, they were all pointless gore. He knew that this site was supposed to be a nice place where children would learn about animals and the natural world, but it was far from it.

So he set out to purge the site of the people who had corrupted it. And 3 months later, here he was.

“Here we go,” He mumbled, logging on to a random server.

His tiger stood in the middle of Jamaa Central. He opened the chat box and began typing:

“Attention all of you: I’m sure that you don’t know me. But oh, I know you. I know what stupid sick little kids you are. So tonight, I’m fixing this website for good. Goodbye, children.”

The users were quite scared at the words. Mitchell read them, and then released the hack with a smile.

Immediately, his screen flooded with incoming information. A hacked gamer card popped up:

Flufffire21- Amanda Waters

Age 10

Location (as IP shows) - Detroit, Michigan, USA

"Well, well, well, the first one. Let’s play a little game, Amanda.” He said to himself.

Mitchell, using the information about the children, was able to stalk them. He watched their accounts, and would often send them things.

The things he sent were awful to say the least. He would send disgusting photos of animals, saying “Look at how the animals mate kiddo! You still want one??”

He also sent many messages that were cruel, such as “You don’t have any items? Well, isn’t that the sweetest little thing! How would you like to be out on the street, you *****! Then you’d really have nothing! Huh? You want to be a ******* beggar? Well, I CAN ARRANGE THAT!”

After a month of the attack, he mysteriously disappeared. Mitchell Walker’s current status is unknown, meaning that he is still out there.

The Jammer Kid Attacks, as they have been named, were hidden from the public’s eyes for fear of hysteria. At this point, you’re probably wondering why I even know this.

Know this?


I created this.

-Mitchell Walker

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