Chapter 1: Look it Up on Google


Bobby was back from school that day. He decided to go on Animal Jam. Bobby was the rarest(yet dumbest) jammer in Animal Jam. He was also dumb in real life. He thinks his life depends on Animal Jam. When he was typing "Animal Jam" on Google, he saw the worst thing EVER when he got to "anim". You know those little things that pop up when you're not even done searching? Well, instead of Animal Jam, he saw...


Anime this, anime that. Bobby HATED anime. Whenever someone even SAID anime on Animal Jam, Bobby would hack into the site and delete their account. So everyone was afraid of Bobby. But when Bobby saw this, he got ANGRY!!!

Since Bobby lives in LA, he decided to go to the LA Anime Expo 2014. He dressed up as Greeley and yelled in the lines, "I HATE ANIME!!!" An 11 year old girl wearing a DWMA shirt said, "Then why are you even here?" Everyone yelled and nodded in agreement. Bobby got VERY angry. "You like Animal Jam?" he asked a random guy cosplaying as Levi from Attack on Titan. "Animal Jam? What the **** is that?" he asked. Bobby got out his knife and stabbed the Levi cosplayer in the chest. People freaked out and ran away. A woman wearing a Kill La Kill T-shirt called the cops. But before she could even speak, Bobby cut off her head. Then Bobby's mom came over. "ROBERT HAROLD GUNDERSON!!!" she screamed, "YOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER!!!" All the survivors stared at her in shock. "You're JUST grounding him?!" A man yelled. When Bobby and his mom walked away, he flipped everyone off.

To be continued...

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