Lets take a small moment to consider, there must be alot of roleplayers!

For example;

-The ones who use sophisticated speech to baffle the opponent. Please don't be that guy who says, "Snaps achilles tendon and stretches lower extrimites."

-The ones who use nn, which is mainly something to take up chat space, in my opinion.

-The ones who use bad spelling and grammar. I have nothing against it, but it bothers me alot.

But then we get to those people, who roleplay like any other, but never uses the ones listed.

One of those people call themselves the Jester. Her name is Sir, but she prefers Jester or Crow, because hey, Crows are awesome.

But back to the story.

In reality, and by reality I mean behind the screen, shes a simple girl with an ordinary life, her friends consist of annoyance, strictness, and stupidity. Shes not fond of socializing, and she spends most of her time alone instead of hanging out with friends. She just prefers that. She loves bands that aren't popular, and games that not alot of people like to play, or they just loathe the girl for liking it. It bothers her and hurts her at the same time, but she tends to get payback. 

She plays animaljam like its no tomorrow, and she often forgets the time by playing the silly computer game. When shes online, she gets an overdose of the people on other sides of screens. She prefers these people, instead of those outside.

"Hi, Candy!" Sir greeted in the game, using the smiley emoticon. The multicolored wolf replied with a brief hello, and Crow smiled behind the screen. She quickly typed into her computer, "What'cha doin'?"

"Being bored XD," Candy replied, "You?"

"Same :T," Sir responded, sitting with her friend. "Wanna do an adventure with me?"

The wolf took a while to respond, until the bubble above her head replied, "Not now, I have to go soon, anyways."

Crow frowned slightly. She typed into the keyboard slower than her usually hasty pace. "Oh. Do you wanna go trade random people?"

"Sure," Candy replied, and flashed out of her sight.


After 15 minutes of trading, her friend had gone offline without warning.

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