Allow me to introduce thyself.

Mephne Follower.

Yep, weirdest name ever.

I have a dad, and a mom. And a sister. And a brother.

They're not my family.

My friends are.


Let me introduce you to my pals. They're all don't expect too much. George, Nephlin, and Greg, and lastly, Brad. Every day we chill out together, the sun, the ground, everything about the outdoors. Forget the video games.

I remember how rainy and foggy that dreaded day was, how upset we all were when that day came. We were planning to do some nerdy things that day, like flying a kite. But NOOOO. We just had to stay indoors because Mom was worried I'd catch a damn cold. And you know what? That didn't happen. Dad always keeps the door locked, but that time he double locked it. And that top lock was all the way on the tippy top of the door. Thankfully, Greg helped me bust out of my dusty, terrible cage of terror and sorrow. I could suffer less. He "accidentally" broke the window with a baseball...which was good that everyone else in the family was downstairs watching television.

"Hey, Gregory!" I climbed out the window, ignoring the sting of pain rising around my left thigh.

"Not Gregory," he nodded his head. "Just Greg."

"Haha, okay!" I laughed and hopped on my bike. It was a shiny black color, with rain sprinkling on its handles. "Jealous?"

"Whatever," Greg seemed serious now. "

"Are you freaking kidding me? That cat again? Right now?"

"Yeah-just hurry up."

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