Knock, knock. Knock, knock. Knock knock. "Who's there?" The arctic wolf called again. No response. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. "I SAID WHO IS THERE?!" The arctic wolf howled at the door downstairs and there was no response. A few moments later... Knock, knock. The arctic wolf lost his temper and barged down the stairs and opened the door. The town never heard of Major Rockypaw ever again.

The mother wolf closed the story book, sighing as she heard her pup's whimpering. "Calm down, little one, it's just a story!" Suddenly, something knocked on the door. "Stay here, I'll be back!" She called as she leaped down the stairs towards the door. She was never seen again, a bloody smear left on the door mat.

The pup lay in his bed for several days, waiting for his mother to return. She never did. Something knocked on the door, compelling the pup to crawl out of bed downstairs towards the door. He had almost starved.

Knock, knock.

"WHO'S THERE?" The lonely pup wailed.

"Your doom..." The door burst open as a pink tiger leaped in, sinking it's fangs into the pup's neck and snapping it. The tiger was gone the next day, with only a bloody smear left where the pup was.