WARNING: MAY BE SLIGHTLY SCARY VIEW AT OWN RISK! (Note: This is my first creepypasta so you may not find it THAT scary) It had been a normal day for me. I had gotten home from school and decided to play some Animal Jam. I logged on and picked my server. Then I was in Jamaa Township but it was empty which was very strange.

For some reason I decided to go to the Mira statue. Then I noticed that it was pushed over and there was a hole where it normally was.

"Cool" I thought when I saw it.

I went down it then noticed that everything in the place was made of animal bones. It was cool to me since I had been down in the paris catacombs. I continued forward and noticed what seemed to be some plaque. It said "ALL WHO COME HERE ABANDON ALL HOPE."

I was slightly disturbed by it but I continued onward. I began to hear what sounded like banging noises. Then I found myself at a fork in the road. I noticed the banging noises were coming from the right side. I then decided to go down there and find out what was making these noises. When I got closer to it I heard a mysterious screaming sound. I finally made it there and I noticed some graves.

Behind them was a plaque reading "TURN BACK NOW OR BE SENT TO YOUR DEATH."

"This is getting rather dark" I thought.

Then a paw sprung from one of the graves. Out of the graves came heavily decomposed animals. I ran so fast back to the entrance I dind't even look to see what animal they were. But the mira statue was closed.

"I'M DOOMED" I thought. Suddenly my screen went black. When it went back I was by the mira statue and I was surrounded by my friends.

One of them said "We found you outside the labyrinth".

I asked them what the labyrinth was and he said it was a burial place for some animals and that many were buried alive. From that day on I never looked at the Mira statue the same.

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