Eliza stepped up to the ceremonial podium. As she stood on it, she wondered what type of rider she wanted to be. Griffin? Griffin would be pretty cool, as long as it didn't screech her ears off. Pegasus? Maybe too girly for her type, but a Pegasi would be ok. Chimera would rock, and same went with dragon. She waited for the princess to step up and hand over the Necklace of Destiny. The princess appeared, walking over the red carpet with the necklace in her hands. She finally reached Eliza. "May this girl walk among good," she chanted, her voice echoing throughout the palace. "And with the powers invested in me, may I give her the power to harness a creature, and to become it's partner throughout her life." She put the necklace onto Eliza's neck. It felt cold. Eliza looked up hopefully, and the next second, a blinding flash of light had appeared next to her. It slowly shaped into a...


Eliza stared at the bird. It's wings flashed and bloomed scarlet, letting out a glowing light. The eyes were glowing gold, pupiless. It's feathers were bronze. Long golden talons scraped the ground. Eliza opened her mouth and shaped it into a smile. The princess gazed at the phoenix. "What will you name him?" Eliza took a moment to look at the bird. Then, she turned and looked the princess in the eye. "I think I'll name him Blaze," she said.

The only reason Eliza woke up earlier than 8:00 am was because if she didn't, Blaze would screech until she did. He would also claw the floor, set chairs on fire, knock over plants and stuff, and make a lot of commotion to the neighbors, who complained. That morning, she climbed out of bed to find Blaze eating a large dead rat. This was normal for Saturday. He squawked and threw his wings up in a find of greeting. He scratched the floor with one foot. Eliza walked over to the window, looking out into the sun. Blaze would need exercise, especially on a beautiful day like this. She went to the saddle room and let him look at the saddles. "Which one?" Blaze screeched, raising his wings and beating them. His talon came down and knocked the saddles out of the shelf. The fell onto the floor, unwanted. Eliza sighed. "No saddle today, huh?" Blaze screeched and hopped out of the closet. Eliza went out too. "Where should we go then?" Blaze grabbed a map in his bed and bobbed his head up and down excitedly. Eliza took the map and looked at it. Blaze smacked an island with his beak. "Eagle island? But that ones swarming with evil birds!" Blaze let out a crowing sound that obviously meant, "Not evil birds, delicious birds." Eliza gave Blaze the map. "Fine."

The township was swarming, making it difficult to find a good field to use for takeoff. Once they did find a big open one, Blaze ran to the far end of it. Eliza ran after him, even though he was faster than her by 5 times. He reached it first, and patiently waited for her. When she reached him, he picked her up with his foot and placed her on his neck. She held on for dear life as he spread his wings and charged across the field at full speed (242 mph). She felt her ears popping as he leaped into the air, flying high above the earth. She was the smallest bit afraid of heights.

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