The Last Cat is a member of the Wires series. All credit goes to TechSaur, the owner of the series. See bottom of page for character guide



The outlands can be a harsh, unforgiving wasteland. Strange structures rising up, out of the sandy ground. The sky is as black as night, but it is always as bright as day. As if it's illuminated by some unseen sun. I don't remember my name, even if i had a name. I'm no battle hardened warrior, i didn't fight against Jamaa in the great war. I was just a kit when we set out for Jamaa. It's been a few months, so now i would be an apprentice, back at the oasis, training to hunt, and fight. I watched other cats die around me, My sister, my cousin Desertflint, and my friend, Brightfur She left a daughter, Brighteye. She is just a week younger than me. It is now the two of us. The day after our last companion died, Brighteye and i decided to head back to the oasis. We started out the next morning. There was nothing to take, but an old compass. We went east, the direction of the oasis.

Day 1: We started out east, taking nothing but an old compass. After a few miles i noticed Brighteye slowing down, and panting. We rested an hour before continuing. We continued a little after nightfall, and made some extra progress.

Day 2: After about three miles of walking, we ran into a sandstorm and had to take cover, It lasted a while but soon ended. We then continued on. The sandstorm had delayed us, but not by much. We rested at nightfall, unaware of what would happen to us in the morning.

Day 3: We woke up to a suprise in the morning. I was tied up! Glancing to my side, i saw Brighteye was also bound with this strange form of wire. It seems familiar, i thought to myself. I instantly knew what to do. I rolled onto a sharp rock, cutting the strange substance off my paws. It was then that i looked around the camp, Scouts, from Jamaa sat around the remains of a fire. "Great", i thought. I noticed Brighteye starting to stir, so i instantly clapped a paw over her mouth. I took another look around the camp, it was five scouts against the two of us. i pushed Brighteye onto the sharp rock, cutting her bonds. We then got to our feet and got ready for a fight. I quietly crept forward and pushed one of the scouts forward. He hit his head on a rock, knocking him out cold. The others instantly looked at us. "Run", i whispered to Brighteye. And so we did, flying across sand and rocks, as i looked for a place to hide, i noticed that the structures had vanished during the night. Then, it happened, from the west, a huge sandstorm. A hundred foot high wall of sand, rushing to meet us at top speed! Blinded by sand, the scouts could not see well enough to find us, i took this to my advantage. "Come on!!!" i shouted to Brighteye as we dashed into a hollow log, sticking out from a sand dune. We curled up in the log, sheltered from the storm, and fell asleep.

Day 4: We woke up in the log and headed outside. There was sand piled everywhere, but we were glad to be safe. Two of the scouts were dead. As we approached them, one leaped to his feet, unsheathing his sword, and raising it above his head. Then, without warning, he fell over sideways. His breathing grew ragged, and shallow, and then stopped. A trickle of sand slipped from his mouth. We saw footsteps in the sand, leading away. "Good" i thought, "We don't have to worry about those scouts again". We continued east, the wires in our bodies slowing us down some, but we didn't care, we just wanted to get home. After a few miles, we heard a weird buzzing sound. We stopped to investigate, but then, a Phantom burst out of a sand dune. It's one eye was cloudy, and it had wires sticking through it."Take this!!!" Brighteye said, and tossed me the sword from the dead scout. I rushed forward and cleaved the Phantom. It's lifeless body fell in the sand, unmoving, in a puddle of black blood. I strapped on the sheath, and slid the sword into it's sheath. We continued on, shaken from the events earlier in the day. After a few miles, we stopped, and rested for the night.

Day 5: We awoke to no suprises. But, as we were walking, the ground caved in! Brighteye fell in, just barely clinging to a ledge. She pulled herself up and blacked out from shock. I tried to reach her, but slipped and fell, on to another ledge. I breifly heard voices, coming from above us, then i fell into the dark clutches of sleep...

Day 6: I awoke in a tent. The wires had been removed and in their place were stitches. A few hours later, i learned i was back at the oasis. Brighteye and i had been rescued, by a patrol of sandcats. Brighteye took longer to recover, but we were both fine in the end.

The End

Character guide:

Blacktip: Sandcat with black ears and front paws, Protagonist

Brighteye: Albino Sandcat, Future mate to Blacktip


Techsaur (Original idea and owner of the Wires series)

Hellcat 123 (Author of The last cat)

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