The Backstory

In the vast, deep forest of Jamaa... Long have I served as the guardian spirit... I am known as Cosmo's Tree. 

(Baron is seen sleeping in his den, shaking.)

The Jammer's of the forest, the Sarepians, live here with me. Each Sarepian has his or her own guardian fairy. 

(Baron shakes more, starts kicking in his sleep.)

However, there is one boy who does not have a fairy... 

Baron's Dream

It's storming, loud thunder clashes constantly. It's night. A drawbridge is seen coming down. A white horse is seen running from the bridge with 2 Jammers on her back. 

Lighting flashes, the symbol on the bridge is shown. Lighting flashes again. The horse is seen from a different angle. Thunder clashes again as the bridge fully comes down. 

Baron is standing in front of the bridge, a fairy flying near his head. The horse comes speeding out with the 2 Jammers on her back. She's neighing loud as ever. 

The small she-wolf looks back at Baron in agony. The rain pours harder. They disappear into the darkness.

Baron turns around, he's shocked to see what's ahead of him. A black horse covered in armor, a tall, grim man on it's back. Smiling evily ahead. He laughs.

Part One!

"Rosy... Rosy, where art thou? Come hither...", Cosmo's Tree says.

Rosy is seen floating in front of the Tree. She patiently waits for him to speak. Dawn is near.

"Oh, Rosy the fairy... Listen to my words, the words of the Great Cosmo's Tree... Dost thou sense it? The climate of evil descending upon this realm... Malevolent forces even now are mustering to attack our land of Jamaa. For so long, the Sarepia Forest, the source of life, has stood as a barrier. Deterring outsiders and maintaining the order of the world. But... before this tremendous evil power, even my power is nothing. It seems the time has come for the Jammer without a fairy to begin his adventure! The youth whose destiny it is to lead Jamaa to the path of truth and justice. Rosy, go now! Find our young friend and guide him to me. I do not have much time left. Fly, Rosy, fly! The fate of the forest, nay, Jamaa, depends upon thee!", Cosmo's Tree explains.

Rosy nods. She charges all the power she has and flies as fast as she can through the forest. She sees Jammers' going about their daily business. She flies up high to see the whole forest. 

"Hello!", Rosy says to an owl perched above the Sarepia Store.

She flies higher again. Swoops down and watches the new fox kits play. She goes near the hill and looks at a den that seems a little more isolated than the rest, surrounded by a fence.

"That has to be it!", she says excitedly.

She zooms excitedly to his den. She bumps into the fence on the way there.

"Ow!", she says. She goes back through the hole slower and goes into Barons den. 

Baron was still asleep and fussing. She flies by his head.

"Hello, Baron! Wake up!", Rosy complains. Baron just tosses. Rosy starts flying up and down rapidly. "Hey! C'mon! Can Jamaa's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?", Rosy complains again.

Baron tosses, yawns and sleepily rolls from his den.

"You finally woke up! I'm Rosy the fairy! The Great Cosmo's Tree asked me to be your partner from now on, nice to meet you!", Rosy says happily.

Baron smiles and watches her excitedly bounce in the air. 

"The Great Cosmo's Tree has summoned you! Let's get going!", Rosy says.

Baron rolls out of his bed all the way, unphased by what Rosy just said. He makes his way from his den and looks around. He squints, he sees his friend Sparkle DaisyGem running to his den.

"Yahoo! Hi, Baron!", Sparkle calls while waving.

Baron smiles down at Sparkle. He slides down his ladder and greets Sparkle.

"Wow! A fairy! Finally, a fairy came to you, Baron! Wow! That's great news! I'm so happy for you! Now you're a true Sarepian, Baron!", Sparkle cheers.

Baron explains to Sparkle his situation with the Great Cosmo's Tree. Sparkle was shocked!

"Is that right? The Great Cosmo's Tree has summoned you? It's quite an honor to talk to him! I'll wait for you here. Get going!", she says.

Baron waves to Sparkle as he takes off. On his way, he earns 42 gems through running through grass, throwing rocks, cutting grass.

When he arrives, he sees Mister PoshBoy standing there. Mister has been bullying Baron since they were very little. Mister pushes Baron back.

"Hey you! Mr. No Fairy! What's your business with the Great Cosmo's Tree! Without a fairy, you're not even a real Jammer!", Mister taunts.

Mister looks next to Baron. A fairy?! He widens his eyes in disbelief.

"What?! You've got a fairy?! Say what? The Great Cosmo's Tree actually summoned you? Whaaaaaaaat?! Why would he summon you and not the great Mister? This isn't funny!", Mister says as he starts tapping his paw against the grass. Hd turns his head from Baron.

"I don't believe it! You aren't even fully equipped yet! How do you think you're going to help the Great Cosmo's Tree without both a sword and shield ready?", Mister taunts.

Baron flattens his ears and slowly turns away. He heads to the store and purchases a shield for 40 gems.

"Hey, listen! I heard a rumor about a sword in the tunnel atop that hill!", Rosy points out.

Baron climbs into the tunnel. He sees a large boulder rolling around, guarding the sword. He times it correctly and runs for the Sarepian Sword.

Baron ran back to Mister, fully equiped. Mister rolled his eyes and stormed off, letting Baron in. Baron was nervous to hear what the Great Cosmo's Tree had in mind for him. He was curious as to what Rosy was letting on about this whole "Save Jamaa" stuff. However, he notices something off about the plants around him...

The flower had turned into a disgusting blue and purple shade, it also had a mouth. When he got closer to it, the flower sprouted out and lunged it's head at Baron! Baron jumped back in shock, he swung his sword at the flower. It disappeared into nothing.

Baron looked confusingly at the spot the flower once stood. What on Mira's green Earth was that? Oddly enough, the flower dropped a large stick. He would carry these with him from now on just in case. Ahead, there was the Great Cosmo's Tree.

"Great Cosmo's Tree... I'm back!", Rosy said flying away from Baron.

"Oh, Rosy. Thou hast returned. Baron, welcome. Listen carefull to what I, the Cosmo's Tree, am about to tell thee. Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless and full of nightmares.", Cosmo's Tree says.

Baron sits and nods in agreement, looking confused up to the tree. 

"As the servants of evil gain strength, a vile climate pervades the land and causes nightmares to those sensitive to it. Verily, thou hast felt it.", he says.

Baron continues looking up at the tree. He puts his paws under him and sits. This is obviously going to be a long talk.

"Baron, the time has come to test thy courage. I have been cursed. I need you to break the curse with your wisdom and courage. Dost thou have courage enough to undertake this task?", Cosmo's Tree asks.

"Yes.", Baron replies sternly.

The Great Cosmos' Tree opens his mouth. It stands as a large gateway.

"Then enter, brave Baron, and thou too, Rosy. Rosy the fairy, thou must aid Baron. And Baron, when Rosy speaks, listen well to her words of wisdom", Cosmo's Tree finishes.

Rosy flies back to Baron and dances excitedly in the air. Baron raises his sword into the air and runs into the Cosmo's Tree to free him of his curse.

Part Two!

Baron enters. He looks up and down. He looks all over the inside. It was much, much larger than he was expecting. He steps forward. He notices a hole, it's covered in a thick spider web. He slashes at it, jumps on it, but to no avail. He looks more. He sees more of those strange flowers, large spiders all over. 

Baron climbs up the vines and slashes away at the flowers. This time, a flower dropped a nut looking thing. It had gold on the inside. Baron had no idea what it does. He threw it on the ground, it blinded him for a few seconds. He was frozen as well. Appearently it stuns an enemy....

When he climbed more vines, he saw...only more vines. 

"Hey, listen! These growing vines give a rough surface, maybe you should climb more, Baron!", Rosy suggests. 

Baron examined the wall. It was covered in spiders much bigger than him. He would have to find a way to get rid of them without getting too close. Baron continues exploring the tree. Ahead, he sees strange creatures unknown to him. They're made of wood and have orange and yellow glowing eyes. They have leaves and moss growing all over their heads and they hop around.

Baron looks closer, he sees one carrying what looks like a slingshot. Suddenly, the creature notices Baron! It doesn't have a mouth, but a long nose type thing with a hole at the end. It shoots out those blinding nuts he found earlier. Baron takes out his shield and reflects it back to the strange creature. The creature begins rapidly hopping around. Baron approches out.

"Ow-ow-ow! Forgive me, master! If I give you a clue, will you let me go?", the being asks.

Baron nods.

"When you jump off a high cliff, roll on the ground when you land. You won't get hurt from the fall! I can't guarantee it will work, though, if the cliff is really, really high. Heh heh! Well, try it if you are feeling bold! Hahaha!", the being says as he hops off. 

The creature drops his slingshot. Baron picks it up and goes back to the spider infested vines. He takes his ammo, loads the slingshot and shoots at each spider individually.

Baron begins climbing up the vines and drops off onto a platform to his left. When he got up, the walls were entirely made of that thick web he saw at the bottom of the tree. The spiders were much, much larger up here too. They were much more aggressive and actually noticed Baron right away. Baron took out his slingshot again and shot it. It took two shots before the large spider collapsed. 

Looking down, Baron sees the large web at the bottom and remembers how strong it was. Seeing his distance up from it, maybe if he jumped it would break. He took a deep breath and ran for the edge. He was screaming the whole way down. When he reached the web, it stretched and broke. Baron fell further. Suddenly, he landed in the water.

Baron looked around. More of those annoying, vicious flowers were about. He quickly went to slashing away at them to take care of them now. It would be less of a pain to deal with in the future.

"Hey, listen! Those flowers you're seeing are called "Deku Baba's". They're a weak enemy, so no need to worry about them", Rosy says.

Baron burns down another one of those ridiculously strong webs. Inside the other room, there was another one of those wooden creatures.

"I believe that's a Deku Scrub, Baron!", Rosy says. "They're very stubborn and quite rude. Very sensitive, though. Don't get too close!".

Baron reflects the blinding nut back at the Deku Scrub.

"Please forgive me, master! I'll never do it again! If you spare me, I'll teach you something cool. You will never beat my brothers up ahead unless you punish them in the proper order. The order is 2, 3, 1. Twenty-three is number one! Do you think I'm a traitor?", the Deku says as he hops off.

Baron remembers the number. In the next room, it was filled with water. Some spike stick was rolling around over the water, making it impossible to pass. At the bottom, he noticed a switch. Baron dove down and hit the switch. The water level went lower and he got to the other side. 

Baron shot down anothe large spider and pushed a block to reach the next place. Inside, he shot down even more spiders. Then... something weird started dropping from the cieling. They had one eye and two huge legs, hardly a head. The beasts seemed confused and moved around frantically.

He killed them off and entered a small tunnel. Inside, he saw another web. Just like the first one he broke through. However, he realized there was no distance to jump through. He hopped across onto another platform and lit the stick on fire from earlier and lit the web on fire, which sent him down further. When he landed, he landed in water. 

Ahead, he saw 3 of the Deku Scrubs. 

"They must be the brothers the previous one told me about...", Baron thought.

2,3,1. That's the order to deflect on. They all noticed him right away. 2 was shot, 3 was shot and then 1. 

"How did you know our secret?! How irritating! It's so annoying that I'm going to receal the secret of Queen Gohma to you!", one said.

Baron looked curiously at one.

"In order to administer the coup de grace to Queen Gohma, strike with your sword while she's stunned. Oh, Queenie... Sorry about that!", one said as he hopped off with his brothers. 

Ahead, a door opened. It was dark and covered in fog. Baron heard a strange noise, but couldn't see where it was coming from. Rosy looked around, she was frightened. Above, Baron noticed something rapidly moving around and glowing. It was enormous. Baron looked all the way up. The glowing was an eye. He locked eyes with it... 

The creature's eye rotated all the way back and to the front again. She screamed and fell from the ceiling. This must be Queen Gohma the Deku Brother warned him about! She was at least 12 times the size of Baron!

Gohma started to approach Baron. She attempted to pin him down with her claws. Her eye turned red and she raised her arms, screaming. Baron shot her in the eye with his slingshot. She screamed louder and fell over. Baron slashed at her eye with his sword several times.

Gohma got back up and went back onto the ceiling. She froze. This was an oppourtunity! Baron shot her again and she fell from the ceiling. Baron slashed at her eye again. Gohma got up and hit Baron across the chest with her claw. Just as the Queen lunged at Baron, he thrusted his sword into her eye. Tears of blood went everywhere.

She fell over and vanished into flames and smoke. The fog didn't clear up. A blue portal opened. Baron approached the portal. He was trapped in a blue crystal and sent back outside of the Great Cosmo's Tree.

"Well done, Baron.", said the Cosmo's Tree. "Thou hast verily demonstrated thy courage. I knew that thou wouldst be able to carry out my wishes.", he continued.

Baron sat down again. He needed a break. He was tired from his battles.

"Now, I have yet more to tell ye. Wouldst thou listen?", asked the Cosmo's Tree.

"Yes", Baron replied.

"Now, listen carefully. A wicked being of the darkness cast this dreadful curse upon me...", he explained.

(Fire is seen, a being of shadows escaping through it on the horse from Baron's dream)

"This evil man ceaselessly uses his vile, sorcerous powers in his search for the Sacred Realm that is connected to Jamaa. For it is in that Sacred Realm that one will find the devine relice. The Triforce, which containts the essence of the Alphas."

(Gray skies are seen with crystal blue droplets coming down, three beings of light shoot down in pink, green and blue flames. The beings are made of gold)

"Before time began, before spirits and life existed, Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Jamaa.", he says.

(Focuses on the pink light)

"Peck, the goddess of power", he explains. 

(Focuses on blue light)

"Mira, the goddess of wisdom", he continues.

(Focuses on green light)

"Liza, the goddess of courage", he finishes.

(Peck releases a flame that spreads over Jamaa)

"Peck... With her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red Earth.", he says.

(Mira darts through the sky)

"Mira... She poured her wisdom onto the Earth and gave the spirit of law to the world.", Cosmo's Tree explains.

(The sky turns blue, life is starting to form on the ground)

" Liza... With her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law", he says, lost in deep thought.

(The three dart into the air and collide, finishing making Jamaa. The Triforce is formed)

"The three great goddesses, with their labors completed, departed into the Heavens. And golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world. Since then, the sacred triangles have become the basis of our world's providence. And, the resting place of the triangles has become the Sacred Realm.", the Cosmo's Tree finishes.

(Backflash ends)

"Thou must never allow the shadow man in black armor to lay his hands on the sacred Triforce. Thou must never suffer that man with his evil heart. To enter the Sacred Realm of legend... That evil man who cast the death curse upon me and sapped my power... Because of that curse, my end is nigh. Though your valiant efforts to break the curse were successful, I was doomed before you started. Yes, I will pass away soon. But do not grieve for me. I have been able to tell you of these important matters. This is Jamaa's final hope.", he says.

Baron stands up, he's grieving even though he was told not to. He hides it behind the will to save Jamaa.

"Baron, go now to Jamaa Castle. There, thou will surely meet the Princess of Destiny. Take this stone with you. The stone that man wanted to much that he cast this curse on me.", says the Cosmo's Tree.

(A bright green light suddenly appears)

Floating above Baron is a green emerald and wrapped in gold. It's known as the Sarepian's Emerald. This is a Spiritual Stone of the forest. 

The Great Cosmo's Tree starts to turn gray, he is running out of time.

"The future depends upon thee, Baron. Thou art courageous... Rosy the fairy, help Baron carry out my will. I entreat ye... Rosy... Good... Bye...", he says with his dying breath. The Cosmo'e Tree is now gone.

Rosy looks at the tree with sorrow.

"Goodbye... Great Cosmo's Tree", she says sadly.

Part Three!

Mister PoshBoy is blocking Baron from leaving again. Baron finally asks what he needs.

"Hey, Baron! What did you do?! The Great Cosmo Tree... did he... die? How could you do a thing like that?! It's all your fault!!", Mister says and storms away.

Baron doesn't respond. He just keeps walking. Baron runs through the tunnel that leads to the outside of the Sarepian Forest. He runs across the bridge, until he hears a familiar voice.

"Oh... you're leaving...", Sparkle says.

Baron turns around and walks to Sparkle. He didn't want her to find out.

"I knew... that you would leave the forest someday, Baron. Because you are different from me and my friends.", she says. "But that's ok! Because we'll be friends forever, won't we?", she says while clutching something.

Sparkle reaches the object out to Baron and looks him in the eyes.

"I want you to have this Ocarina... Please take good care of it", she asks of him.

Baron takes the instrument and examines it. He smiles a little and looks back up at Sparkle. He isn't sure the next time he will ever see her. Baron swears to cherish and take care of Sparkle's gift.

"When you play my Ocarina, I hope you will think of me and come back to the forest to visit", she says with a hint of saddness. 

Baron backs away. He isn't sure how to excuse himself from the situation. He continues running across the bridge into the more open world of Jamaa. Sparkle watches him go off.

Baron finally exits the forest. He is in awe once he sees the entire world of Jamaa. It's so green, so bright. Fresh air and new surroundings greet him. When he comes across a tree, a rather large owl greets him.

"It appears that the time has finally come for you to start your adventure! You will encounter many hardships ahead... That is your fate. Don't feel discouraged, even during the toughest times! Go straight this way and you will see Jamaa Castle. You will meet a princess there. If you are lost and don't know which way to go, look at your map. The areas you have explored and will explore will be shown there. Did you get all that?", the owl asks.

"Yes", Baron says with excitment.

The large owl leaves the branch and begins flying away. Baron looks at the sky again, the sun is finally setting. Has it really been that long? The day feels so short. He hears a wolf howl in the distance and something dig up from the ground! He turns around, a Jammer made of bones swipes at him. Baron cringes. He takes out his sword and slices the zombie Jammer through the ribs, and then the head. It disappears into nothing.

Baron runs towards the castle. He didn't want to be out here. When he reached the castle, the drawbridge was up! Baron would have to fend for himself for the night. On his way, he noticed something interesting. As long as he stays on the dirt path, the zombie Jammers don't come up. 

Finally! Dawn. It was a long run. The drawbridge came down and he bursted into the new place. Inside, it was a vast village. Happy music played all over. Jammers were dancing and kits were running about. Soldiers stood boldly with sharpened spears. Baron couldn't believe what he was seeing!

"Wow! This is so much more different than the forest!", Rosy said. She was just as happy as Baron.

One Jammer caught Baron's eye. She was ginger, white and yellow. She was standing near the town fountain and dancing alone. She seemed about his age.

"Hey, your fur! Your clothes! They're... different. You're not from around here, are you? Ohh, you're a fairy boy from the forest! My name is Miss CuteBelle! My dad owns the ranch. Dad went to the castle to deliver some milk, but he hasn't come back yet...", Miss says.

Baron thought he should help Miss find her dad. He ran ahead to the castle. Everything there was huge. The castle, the walls, the gates, the scene. He felt like an ant! When he looked at the tree, he saw the owl from before there.

"The princess is inside the castle just ahead. Be careful not to get caught by the guards! Ho ho ho hoot! On this ground, time flows normally. But time stands still while you are in the ranch on in a town. If you want time to pass normally, you'll need to leave town. Well, well, which way are you going to go now? Hoo hoo hoot! Do you want to hear what I said again?", the owl asked.

"No thanks, I got everything!", Baron said.

"Hooo. You're a smart kid. Good luck, then! Hoo hoo.", the owl says. He takes off again.

Baron approached the guards at the gate.

"Hey, I've been sent here by the Great Cosmo's Tree of Sarepia Forest! I must speak to Her Majesty!", Baron explains to the guard.

"So, you say you want to see Princess ToughWolf, eh? You probably heard about her in town and decided you had to meet her... Well..", the guard says.

"Wh- no, I sa-", Baron interrupts.

"Go home! Get out of here! The Princess would never grant an audience to the likes of you!", the guard scolds.

Baron flattens his ears and slowly turns away. How was he supposed to carry out the Great Cosmo's Tree's orders if the guard wasn't going to listen? He had to think of a way in. He decided he would need to sneak in to meet the Princess.

Part Four!

Baron looked around for a way to get in. Looking to his left, he noticed some vines he could climb up and get around the gate. And he did just that. He stayed close to the wall so the guard wouldn't notice him. He got around the bridge and quietly snuck up the hill. 

Unfortunately, there were MORE guards to sneak around. He couldn't just go up the path because two guards were standing there. He looked up the hill and saw more. He decided he'd sneak by with the help of trees. He climbed up the side of the wall and jumped into the moat. He climbed the wall again and saw a secret tunnel he could use to get into the castle. He couldn't reach it alone. By the door, he saw some milk crates. 

When he moved them, he couldn't go much further. Some old sleeping man was in the way! He was distracted by sudden singing the distance. He followed the singing, which brought him outside of the castle. There was that Miss again! 

She said "Are you going to the castle, fairy boy? DId you seem my dad? Oh, he has fallen asleep? What a thing for an adult to do! Tee hee! Oh yeah. If you'll look for him, I'll give this to you. I've been incubating this egg very carefully.. Tee hee!".

Miss handed Baron an egg. He went through his route again to get into the castle. By the time he reached his original place, the chicken hatched! He took this chicken to wake up the sleeping man outside of the castle.

"WHAT IN TARNATION?!", the old man screamed.

Baron stepped back a little. He didn't mean to startled Miss' father.

"Hello, and you might you be? Yep, I'm Sir LargeBelly! The owner of the ranch. I went to the castle to deliver some milk. I guess I fell asleep.", he explains.

"I believe your daughter is looking for you, Sir.", Baron says.

"What?! Miss was looking for me? I'm gonna catch it from her now! I messed up bad leaving Miss behind to wait for me! She's really gonna let me have it!", he panics. Sir runs from the castle faster than you thought he could. From there, you push the rest of the milk cartons into place.

When Baron enters the castle, he notices a lot more guards inside than he saw outside. He steps from the tunnel quietly and observes more. Up ahead, he hinds behind a large bush and waits for the guard to be out of sight. He darted across the yard and saw two more up ahead by two fountains. He hid behind another bush and crawled past the fountains when they were out of sight.

When he moved forward, he noticed a trap. There were gems sprawled out and a guard would stop at each one and observe. He resisted the temptation to test his luck and continued forward. Two other guards were making their way around a large statue of what seemed to be an important person. Baron couldn't quite tell who. When he made it past there, he hid behind more bushes. These guards were much, much faster. He saw a large room ahead this area.

"Must be where the Princess is", Baron thought. 

He really took his time in this part. If he was caught, he would be done for. He ran all the way down as quietly, but as quickly as he could. He reached the giant room. Ahead, he saw a figure wearing a dress. It's definitely the Princess.

He entered the room. It was the Castle Courtyard. It was beauitful. There were butterflies, bushes, a pond, flowers and neatly kept grass. The princess was standing at a large window. Baron was more nervous than ever. He wasn't sure how she would react when she saw him.

Baron carefully, quietly and slowly approached the Princess.

"Your Majesty?", he softly said. 

The Princess turned around in shock. She gasped.

"Who?!", she yelped. "Who are you? How did you get past the guards?", she questioned. She was just as scared as he was.

The Princess looked closer at Baron.

"Oh? What's that? Is that... a fairy?!", she asked. "Them, are you... Are you from the forest?", she asked excitedly.

Baron nodded.

" wouldn't happen to have... the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, would you?! That green and shining stone...Do you have it?", The Princess wondered.

"Yes, yes I do.", he replied.

"Just as I thought!", she cheered. "I had a dream... In the dream, dark storm clouds were billowing over the land of Jamaa. But suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the forest, parted the clouds and lit up the ground. The light turned into a figure holding a green and shining stone, followed by a fairy. I know this is a prophecy that someone would come from the forest. Yes, I though you might be the one.", she smiled. "Oh! I'm sorry! I got carried away with my story and didn't even properly introduce myself!", she said.

"I am Miss ToughWolf. Princess of Jamaa. What is your name?", she asked.

"Baron. Baron ArcticClaw", he says.

"Baron... Strange... it sounds somehow... familiar. Ok then, Baron. I'm going to tell you the secret of the Sacred Realm that has been passed down by the Royal Family of Jamaa. Please keep this a secret from everyone...", she begs.

"Of course", he replies.

"The Three Goddessess hid the Triforce containing the power of the Alphas somewhere in Jamaa. The power to grant the wish of the one who holds the Triforce in his hands. If someone with a righteous heart makes a wish, it will lead Jamaa to a golden age of prosperity. If someone with an evil mind has his wish granted, the world will be consumed by evil. So, the ancient Sages built the Temple of Time to protect the Triforce from evil ones.", Princess ToughWolf explains.

Baron though he knew the whole story, but he was very wrong.

"That's right. The Temple of Time is the entrance through which you can enter the Sacred Realm from our world. But the entrance is sealed with a stone wall called the Door of Time. And in order to open the door, it is said that you need to collect three Spiritual Stones. Another thing you need is the treasure of the Royal Family. That's right! The Ocarina of Time!", she cheers.

"I understand.", Baron says.

"That's great!", the Princess says. She turns to the window ahead of her. "I was spying through this window here. The other element from my dream... the dark clouds... I believe they symbolize that man in there!", she points.

Baron walks to the window and looks. He has seen that Jammer in his dreams as well! 

"I told my father about my dream. However, he didn't believe it was a prophecy. What he must be after is nothing less than the Triforce. He wants to conquer all of Jamaa...", Princess ToughWolf says in an upset tone. She turns to Baron.

"We are the only ones who can protect Jamaa! Please!", she begs.

Baron agrees to this task.

"Thank you!", she cheers. "I have a bad feeling he's going to destroy Jamaa. But it's fortunate you have come. We must not let him get the Triforce! I will protect the Ocarina with all my power. He shall not have it! You go find the other two stones. Let's get the Triforce before he does!", says the Princess.

She turns and grabs a piece of paper and begins writing.

"One more thing. Take this letter. I'm sure it will be helpful to you.", she says as she hands him the letter.

Baron safely tucks it away. As he walks ahead, he sees a tall Jammer with red eyes and covered in armor. She looks down at him.

"You are a courageous Jammer. You're heading out on this big, new adventure, aren't you? My role in Her Highness' dream was to teach you a melody. Listen closely", says the Jammer.

She begins whistling a tune. It's called "ToughWolf's Lullaby". Only the Royal Family knows this melody. Baron repeats the song on the Ocarina Sparkle gave him.

The Jammer was named Imperial. She led Baron out of the castle safely.

Part Five!

Imperial leads Baron back out into the field of Jamaa and points east.

"That is Greely's Volcano, home of the wolves. They hold the Spiritual Stone of Fire.", Imperial says as she takes off in a blinding flash.


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