Young Mira.

It was a clear, bright and enchanting autumn day. A young stork had been busy delivering children across Jamaa, and now it was her turn to bear a blossoming child. Storks are known to be devoted parents, returning to the same nest each year, but the father had failed to come. For during his hunt for fish, he feathers were torn, and was later killed by an alligator. The mother, after bringing her child, Mira into the world, awaited her husband. He did not come. Days passed, and the mother stork had to feed her child herself. However, after much exhaustion her wings failed her, and she dropped to the ground and dissolved into the earth. A young boy, Zios, found the abandoned Mira, and fled home with her. He took such great care of her, and after a while Mira wished to be a woman. Zios went out to retrieve fish for her, but failed to return. This brought Mira memories of her mother and father, what if Zios would suffer the same fate? She cried tears, which fell to the ground, growing into dark areas of pollution. She flew in search for Zios, but there he was, crashed to the ground, blood flowing out of his arms and legs as the pollution dragged him to the ground.

A single tear emerged from his eye.

Mira stared, speechless. Years passed, and she grew more and more depressed. She decided to turn herself into the land, and into the sea. She left clues along the ruins of Jamaa, and as time passed, animals started to move in. The only things they noticed were statues of Mira, and, after close examination, the lost spirit of Zios burried into the ground. Soon the pollution-or Phantoms, ruined the high spirits of the happy animals, invading the almost perfect land. 

Then they came.

The Alphas, that is. Liza, Greely, Sir Gilbert, and the others. Courage arrived, and they fought the phantoms, driving them out of Jamaa. And from then on, Jamaa has been the happy world where all animals alike come together, and join the fight against the phantoms.

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