Hello. My name is Blooming. Blooming Strongpaw, to be exact. I'm just a Nonmember, and a homeless Nonmember at that. Don't know why a rich Member like you would have time for me. I was named Blooming because my parents wanted me to survive, to flourish, to bloom like a tiny spark of hope, a flower in this land where all that matter are rares, fashion and updates. They were permanently both falsely arrested and banned for scamming. I never knew them. I live at that little river, below Club Geoz. When you cross the river you will see the bank where I live. Why's that? You ask. Aren't Members and Nonmembers equal?

Hah, no.

Behind the screens, our lives are different. I stay away from other Jammers. Did you know there are multiple universes? Sometimes, very rarely, upon exiting an adventure or a den portal, you could end up in another website or game. Dangerous, I'll tell you. I was almost killed by someone because of these unnatural catastrophies. Someone I love. Someone I hate. Someone who confuses me. An interesting, fascinating, in fact, Jammer. He is a murderer. He is a scammer. But is it possible that he is also maybe lacking love and sympathy? But he is so admirable, too. Let me begin.

I was feeling positive. I trotted down Jamaa Township, and came to the bridge. There were two large, strikingly similar and beautiful arctic wolves. I changed into my wolf, previously being a bunny, and said hello. The first one ignored me entirely, and continued gossiping about rares... Or something like that, anyway... to her friend. The second glanced at me.

"Ehh, hi?" She said, disapproval coating her tone.

"Want to trade?" I asked. I began to pull out my fox hat and two spiked wristbands from my satchel.

"Nah." She whipped around, not bothering to look at my rares.

"Oh, please! My black wrist will look really nice with your short collar," I offered.

"Give it here then."

"B-but... It's for trade, not free.." I stammered in confusion. The two arctic wolves burst out laughing, rolling on their worn-coated backs. I trudged away dejectedly. I was dragging my paws, kicking up stones, staring hard at the ground. As my mood faltered, I changed into my bunny, as I did when I felt small or sad. Suddenly, I felt warm fur. It wasn't mine.

"GAAAH!" A fox yelped.

I leapt back.

"I'm so so so sorry, so sorry!" I showered the fox with apologies.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE DEVIL DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING, LASS?" He exploded. I looked up. My jaw dropped, I couldn't help it. He was the most handsome fox I had ever, ever seen. He had entirely purple and glossy fur tinged on the tufts with jet black prickles, giving it a sharp edge. He looked as shiny as a raven.

"I didn't look where I was going. Sorry, Member."

"Member? Member?! I'm Hector, not Member!" He exclaimed, swishing his tail in rage.

"I'm so sorry, Hector. I-I'm used to adressing people in a more... Well, I'm a... Peasant." I said, spitting the word. That's how most people see me, if they bother to know I exist..."

"I've never seen a purple fox, let alone purple animal, before..." I continued.

"I've never seen anybody with enough courage to bury their lil' face so hard into my pelt, then call me 'Member'!" Hector replied.

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