Now, before you read this story, you must read this one first. After you do, this story will make A LOT more sense. Please, or else you will slog on confused. THIS IS A COLLAB EVERYONE AND PARTICIPATE, NO CHANGING OTHER PPLS PARTS Oh well. I'm not giving an introduction. I WARNED YOU

Ahh No, LEP!!

After Andy went back to sleep, his story continued.

"Noooooo!!" Andy cried hopelessly after LED ate LEP. Andy pulled out LES and charged, but slipped on the lime-juice covered ground. LED reared up and tried to eat Andy, but Andy rolled away just in time so that LED ate the lime-floor. Again and again, he struck, but he kept on accidently eating his lime-castle. Finally, all that was left was them surrounded by a lime-moat. LED was heavy with limes, so he fell over into the line-moat.

"WUT TIME IS IT?" Andy cried triumphantly, holding LES above LED'S stomach. He swung LES down and pierced LED's Belly open. LEP stumbled out. "ADVENTURE LIME!!" Andy yowled. "Let's get outta here." They were about to leave, when LED reared up, magically healed, and ate LEP again, whole. Andy managed to roll away in time. He unsheathed LES again and charged. He tracked LED all the way from Lime-Coral-Canyons to Lime-Mt. Shiveer, but something bad happened.


"You ate Mt.Shiveer? You're a lime-cannibal?" Andy cried. Mt. Shiveer was gone, and LED's tummy bulged.

"Yup. I'm gonna eat all of Lime-Jamaa!!" LED responded proudly. He opened his mouth wide and started eating. Andy ran, and LED followed him, eating. A Lime-bunny fell into his mouth.

"NOOOOOOO!!" Andy yelled. He galloped all the way to Lime-Liza and informed her.

"I know one person who can change LED." She pointed to a wolf. "This is Callie."

Callie followed Andy to LED. "yyggghc drtgknkbv hcgtyhkjuyyyyyyyaaaaaayyyyjhguijbsnj," she howled.

"Really? I guess you're right. I can use my powers for good." LED stammered.

"hbbltdxerdzs4wq234qg9ho oiyh8bijbkvolihlbuh j,blbuybyybgk86558bgngdbgxmbmvmv!!" Callie cried happily.

"So, how do I start?" asked LED.

"drhnd bkmcvcmbdzk,bklfjbnxfnxf,bntkuyyuudtij]p``` kernvss yololololollknnbvfrfc ycygcHJUYVFYUKBJJB TEDRTFVGGFYGJLN HDGTYGDFTSQQQTKHBBKLLJIKOJHCDETdhdfvratehyyggffddsxtyuycygfyufufy7fyybguy8vhfhjfdxfbhjbhugyg@@!2!@%^$^**(&^$)))" Callie explained. LED spat out everything he ate. Then he ate Callie and flew away.

"What just happened?" LEP asked. Andy shrugged.

"WUT TIME IS IT!?" He cried randomly. "ADVENTURE LIME!! Now let's go save Callie!!"

Saving Callie


LED flew to another lime-castle with a lime-moat with lime-crocodiles in it, lime-walls, lime-flooring, lime-decoration, a lime-prison and even a lime-launcher.

LED barfed up Callie, and threw her into the lime-prison. "adfagdfuayegOIA7ERHQ487EP0IURJUFIUQIHGUYKQHUHUWE'Y\]IOUHIAYGHGUilihro87gf" she howled.

Andy ran into the lime-castle with LES in his hand.


"What did you say??" Andy asked, conbaffled.  "What did you say??"



Um... Can I Have a Lime?

Callie stared at Andy and stuck her tounge out and crossed her eyes. "That's funny. Did I forget to say, That's funny?" LED roared and then exploded. Andy woke up and squirt Lime Juice on Cody. "WAKE UP! Also, WAKE UP!" Andy yelled. "OW!" Said Cody. "What, oh, did I not say: What?" Asked Andy. "You hurt my ears so badly! Did you want to make me deaf!?" Asked Cody. "Oh, of course not. Also, of course not." Replied Andy. He took out LES and randomly stabbed the cave. It came crumbling down and Andy ran around in circles. But it never hit Andy or Cody. "LIME! Did I forget to say: Lime?" Said Andy. "Lime? How can that help us?" Said Cody. "Oh, we can just fart. Also, we can just fart." Said Andy. Ninjuliacorn fox appeared. "IHAVEAPROPHECYFORYOUYOUWILLFARTANDDIE." She said. "But.. Why?" Asked Cody. Juliacorn was already gone. "Oh well." Said Cody. It suddenly started raining lime juice on LimeVille. LEP randomly came and died. "NO!!! ALSO, NO!!!" Yelled Andy. "What is it?" Asked Cody. Andy farted out a rainbow. It went outside and made the sun come out. "Really?" Asked Cody. "Yes. Also, yes." Said Andy. LEP reappeared.


"LEP! ALSO, LEP!" Said Andy. "AAHHHHHHH!" Screamed Cody. Andy ran over to LEP and KISSED HER ON THE LIPS. Lime spattered all over the ground. "You kissed the lime out of her!" Gasped Cody. He picked up a Lime Heart Beating signal. "She-" Began Cody. "She's alime, also, she's alime." Said Andy. Alime? Thought Cody. It started raining poisionous lime juice out of lime clouds. Cody and Andy went to the den. It was made out of limestone. (Get it, limestone?) Limestone, in LimeVille was green, slimy, rock. Andy suddenly ran over a lime statue of Cody. "No! My Limetue!" Said Cody. "SO SORRY, ALSO, SO SORRY!" Yelled Andy. Cody was about to snap. He pounced on Andy's limetue (witch had doubles of some parts.) And destroyed it. Andy yelled in grief, and said: "I'm out of here!"

I knew it was a lie

Andy walked out in the open. He opened his mouth in a snarl, but instead poisonous lime juice got in it. Andy fell on the ground. Cody watched in fear. Hmm..Thats what he gets. Thought Cody. Cody laughed. He knew it was a lie right? RIGHT?! Thought Cody. Cody replaced Andy's statue and ran out to where Andy was laying. Cody dragged him in the den. Thats when Cody took out Andy's lungs and guts and ate them. HE ATE THEM. Andy was gone for good now, and Cody was evil. HE WAS EVIL! WHAT ARE THEIR PROBLEMS?! Cody laughed and ran off to a new world. Empty. Next world. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. 1 person. 1 person on the ground. Cody ate that weirdo's lungs and guts and then Cody ran off, to a new world. A lot more people, but he didn't something different, something very different.

Andy Seeks Revenge

Andy was invincible for no reason at all. So he had a second pair of lungs and everything. He ran off to get Cody. He ran through tundras and forests and fought tigers with his limes until he saw Cody. Cody was ripping the lungs out of a tiger. Andy hit Cody in the head with a hoof, yelling: "CODY YOU BETRAYED ME! ALSO, CODY YOU BETRAYED ME! BECAUSE, CODY YOU BETRAYED ME!" And he knocked out Cody with his special hoof skills.

Cody woke up to find himself in a dungeon with Andy out of his cage. "I found this dungeon for you. Also, I found this dungeon for you." Said Andy. Cody tried to break out, but the medal bars shocked him. He whined and yapped and annoyed Andy.

Annoying Cody's DEATH, No, Andy, I mean Cough. *Cough*

Andy put Cody over a firepit. Cody was going to be lowered in, when suddenly a female deer pushed him in. Cody screamed and almost burnt to death when a female wolf saved him. "Go away Alia," said the female deer. Andy had hearts in his eyes.

Cody decided is was his chance to destroy Cody. "No, Icea. We must part." Said the female wolf. Cody yapped and bounced onto Cody and ripped out his lungs until nighttime. "Ugh! He has a second pair of everything!" Said Cody.

Andy ate Cody the next day; but his stomach rattled. CODY WAS CONTROLLING HIM! Suddenly, out of nowhere, a something came and saved Andy. It pulled out the almost dead Cody. "TOTRULYDESTROYHIMFINDTHELIMEOFDEATHBTWMYNAMEISCOUGH!" The big thing said.

"Thank you, Cough. Because, Thank you, Cough." Said Andy. Suddenly Cody ripped Cough's heart out and escaped.


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