Credit to the original author and the creator of the Wires series - TechSaur

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Due to personal problems, there is a chance this won't be continued. I'm starting to get very inactive in this wiki. There is a chance this will be canceled. But I promise that in August I will continue this. Thank you!


By TechSaur :)

I'm Cloudclaw. Cloudclaw the sand cat. But I don't even know if anyone is even listening to me. I'm apart of the sand cat tribe that's lead by Sahara... but that's not important now. We were banished from Jamaa. We're just wandering around a place called the Outskirts. It's horrible. It's like a sand cat death trap. Where are we going? We don't know. We are just roaming around, having no idea where we're heading to. There are many wires... and they're deadly to us. It's like every 5 minutes, there's 1 sand cat that gets caught in them. I was so scared. There were many dead bodies and internal organs everywhere. I was very disgusted by this. I then one day decided that I was leaving the tribe. I didn't want anyone to know though. So I pretended that I got caught in the wires. Sadly, the sand cats were starting to get used to the dead cats everywhere and just ignored their dying lives. Possibly souls. Luckily, they all passed by me. Well, it's maybe because I was hidden deep inside a building. I then ran out of the building with all the cats gone. I looked up into the sky and it was black. Wait, it was always like that. I looked around trying to find a way out of the Outskirts. There were 5 paths that lead to some kind foggy area. When I looked behind me, it was foggy as well.

I just took the path in front of me and started running. The only thing I could hear was my own breathing and my footsteps. But while I was running, I heard a meow. Not just any meow. A sand cat's. And it sounded like a kitten. My ears twiched as I heard the meow. Then I heard it again. Then again. The kitten meowed over and over. I then yelled out, "Where are you? I-I'm a sand cat too! If you tell me where you are I can help you!" I then heard a long meow. I followed where it was coming from. I ended up running into a building with lots of light in it. Then, I saw a sand cat kitten tangled in wires. They were sinking into her body and her bones were sticking out. I slowly padded to the kitten. She yowled and screamed out, "PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE! IT'S HORRIBLE! TORTURE! THE MOST PAINFUL TO DIE!" I examined the wires trying to make a plan. If I just pulled them out and untangled her, they could seriously injure her. Well... even more. "Ok... I'm going to try to get you out in the least painful way possible. I'm sorry if I hurt you. Just hold still." I mewed. First, I slowly took out the wires out of her body. I then untangled the wires all over her legs and neck. After about 40 minutes later, she was freed. Believe me, it was very hard trying not to hurt her.

"T-thank you!" She mewed happily. "I'm Sunnyheart. I got my name because everyone knows that I'm the happiest kitten in the tribe! Well... at least I used to..." I smiled at her and I responded, "I know who you are. I'm Cloudclaw. I got my name because... well... I actually only like this name. But I got the claw part from my sharp claws. But I'm not exactly a fighter." "Oh, ok! Say, where's the rest of the tribe? Did you RUN AWAY?" She mewed louder. "A-actually... yes... because-" I was going to say why but then she interrupted me. "OOOH! MEE TOO! The tribe was HORRIBLE! They were all mewing sadly and now all my FRIENDS ARE DEAD! Except for you! Hey, did you find any food, and how are you still alive?" I was surprised. A few minutes ago she was screaming for help and trapped. Now it seems like I'm talking to a completely different cat. I then answered, "Well... I haven't find any food yet. I normally don't eat much so my body is used to shortage of food. But if I stay hungry for a long time, that's when it gets bad." "Oh that's nice! Say...want to travel with me? We can find a NEW LAND TOGETHER!" She mewed excitedly. "O-oh, sure! That seems nice. Let's go right now." I replied.

About 1 hour passed by after that. We were walking around trying to figure out where we're heading to. I looked at the sky as we were walking. Then, as I looked to the right of us, I saw sunlight... and a few trees! I gasped in delight as I tried to get Sunnyheart's attention. "SUNNYHEART! LOOK!" She turned around as I showed her the land. Her face then lighten up and she ran towards it. "LAND! LAND! EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT A DESERT... LAND!" She mewed happily. I followed behind her as we got closer and closer. Then we eventually got there. I heard laughing and whistling. I then stopped myself and grabbed Sunnyheart. "Sunnyheart.." I said nervously "I hear animals... or people. We should check before we actually enter." I then ran into the bushes and slowly raised my head. What I saw... Jamaa... the Summer Carnival. I saw that it was packed with many animals that bullied us. Then, I saw an arctic wolf slowly turned his head to me. I gasped and hid myself. Then, I heard footsteps. It got louder and louder. I jumped out of the bushes and grabbed Sunnyheart with me. "W-what's going on?" She said frightened. "NOTHING! WE JUST NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" I yelled out. Then, I saw the arctic wolf run after us. But then he stopped himself and examined the Outskirts. He gasped and ran back to the Summer Carnival.

I kept running and running until I was sure that we were far away. I started to pant like a dog. Sunnyheart raised her head and said, "Why did we have to escape?" I looked behind me to check if there was anyone.. or anything. "Because that was JAMAA! The town that hated us! The town that bullied us! THE TOWN THAT SENT US TO THIS DEATH TRAP!" I yelled out angrily. Sunnyheart's eyes widen and she took a few steps back. I then took a few deep breaths and looked at Sunnyheart. "I'm sorry for that. I just really hate them."


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