Warning: Contains Blood-Don't Read If Below 10

I can remember it all like it just happened. One day, I logged on into Animal Jam. I decided to see what animals I wanted to buy but I noticed that I didn't have enough gems. I didn't want to sell any of my animals or items so I sighed. I had to go to Sol Arcade. I have played every game and the games weren't really that good anyway. As I made my way toward Jamaa Derby, I spotted something new. Sitting behind the store was a new arcade game that appeared to be shut down since the screen was dark like night.

"Weird, AJ must have done some April Fools trick or something..." I whispered. I clicked on the screen and it popped up something. "Darkrising.Exe" it was titled.

"Wow, this game is really an April Fools trick to pull up the .Exe trick." I laughed but I clicked Play. When I did, it sent me to a dark and chilling plain. Dead trees covered the area like a graveyard. The music behind it sounded like wind after a tornado, slowing down but filled with warning that the tornado might come back. Then the 3,2,1 GO appeared on the screen but it glitched out as if it was a error.

I moved my animal throughout the area, not knowing what to do. I began to walk forward, entering deeply into the madness world. I thought it was never going to end until something appeared.

A masked fox.

The masked fox stared at my animal, it's eyes were black as coals and filled with misery and sadness. It turned it's head as it began to speak.

"Exit this place.... You don't need to deal with my torture prison..." The voice was sad with a lonely tone.

"You'd go crazy if you get trapped in here..." It spoke again as I noticed it's head rise up slightly. I was about to speak but my animal moved closer.

"You won't listen like the rest of the people.... I can free you myself." The fox stood up, it's colorless fur appearing to drift through the wind in the background. It started to walk forward but it's steps were slow and almost strange like.

"I'm sorry, you can't be here anymore...." It spoke one last time then something happened. The computer screen went black as I jumped from it. I began to click on the space bar a bunch of times so I can turn it back on. No answer from it.

Then the computer flashed on. But instead of the normal screen, it was a colorless fox with soul-piercing black eyes. It's face was covered in scars like it went through a war and I can see blood on it's scars. I noticed words at the bottom etched out like it was clawed.


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